STRATTEC Ready for 2015 Vehicles

May 4, 2015
Changes in store for Ford 2015 models including F150, Lincoln MKC, Mustang, Escape & Focus Huf locks, Fiesta, Hybrids, Transit and Transit Connect

Ford is introducing 1- and 2-way transmitter fobs this year. The 1-way fobs do not have remote start while the 2- way fobs do have remote start.  The LED on the remote control provides status feedback of the remote start or stop commands.  A solid green means the remote start or extension was successful. A solid red means the stop was successful and the engine is off.  A blinking red means the remote start or stop failed.  A blinking green means the remote is waiting for a status update.

Ford F150 Trucks

The 2015 F150 trucks use many different styles of keys/fobs.  In general, the PEPS fobs that are 315 (5926057) and 902 (5926054) megahertz with panic buttons are for domestic vehicles where the 433 (5926061) and 868 (5926053) megahertz with no panic buttons are for export.  The emergency key for these PEPS fobs is 4223891.

The non-passive style F150 keys are flip keys (5923667, 5923694, 5923695, 5923696).  There is also a rigid key (5923293) that is a 90-degree offset high security key. All of the transponders for the new F150 are 128 bit encryption.

The whole compliment of locks for the new truck includes a console (7026863), spare tire (7026861), ignition (7026751), left (7026856) and right (7026858) hand doors and tailgate (7026860).  The tailgate lock also features a power locking mechanism (lock/unlock), as well as a remote release (opening) from the remote fob.  The ignition utilizes a 10-cut external two track key and uses all 10 cuts on a left hand and right hand high security keyway.  The door lock only utilizes 7 of the 10 cuts of the external two track key (positions 4 through 10).

Lincoln 'Embrace' Technology

The new Lincoln MKC uses a 2-way transmitter fob (5925313, 5925315) with “embrace” technology.  The “embrace” technology turns on exterior lighting to give you a warm return when it senses your approach from up to 8 feet away. The door handle pockets glow in soft lighting tuned to complement the vehicle’s color.  A Lincoln logo welcome mat illuminates the ground in front of the door while ambient lighting warms the interior in a soft glow.  This all works as the PEPS key wakes up the vehicle as you approach.  The emergency key fits inside the case of the PEPS fob.  The emergency key for these fobs is 4223891.

Mustang Goes Passive

The 2015 Mustang is completely passive. There is no mechanical ignition and the fobs (5926063, 5926056) feature a specialized galloping pony jewel.  The emergency key for these fobs is 4223891.

Edge & Flex

The Edge and Flex still have mechanical locks as standard and they both use integrated keys (5912512, 5912560). Some models do come with a PEPS option.

Escape & Focus Huf Locks

The Escape and Focus utilize the side mill or high security technology and have an integrated key (5921707, 5921709). They share common components. STRATTEC does not manufacture these components but distributes them to the aftermarket under licensing from Ford.  These common components are sourced from HUF.

A changeover is coming and the new integrated keys will be manufactured by STRATTEC and have the new unipad design. The 3-button part number will be part number 5926442 and the 4-button number will be 5922964. Both styles of keys can be used interchangeably, but for service and the aftermarket, the unipad design will eventually replace the Huf factory design for service and at dealers. Just to note, these are all 80 bit keys.

Hybrid Vehicle Changes

There are some major differences in the Hybrid Ford vehicles when it comes to the type of ECU on board.  They have a European system and therefore, different electronics.  The European architecture fob (5923790) looks identical to the surfboard style fobs that many other Ford vehicles use, but they are not cross compatible. It is important that you stick with the proper part numbers so you don’t run into programming issues. The 5923790 is not interchangeable with the 5921285, 5921286 or 5921288. The emergency key for these fobs is 5923267.

Fiesta Information

The Fiesta has not changed keys since it was introduced in 2010. It still utilizes a European version of a PEPS fob (5919918) which does not have a panic button.  The emergency key for this fob is 4212475.

In 2015, there will be a change necessitated by the need for a panic button in the United States.  The transmitter (5913139) and horseshoe (5912976) two-piece design will be replaced by side mill integrated keys (5922964 and 5926442).

There is one more non-button key change for 2015.  A new side mill 80 bit high security oval head designed key (5924628) is also manufactured by STRATTEC.  It can be used on any vehicle that has 80 bit high security side mill technology.

Transit & Transit Connect

The 2015 full size Transit Van, which will ultimately replace the Econoline, utilizes high security, side mill key (5925981).  The key is very specific to the Transit Van because it has a cargo button which is unique to this vehicle.

The 2015 Transit Connect Van is no longer using a Tibbe key.  For 2015, it uses the high security, side mill keys (5926442, 5922964).  No ignition or door parts are available for the aftermarket.

Police Vehicles

Some of the most widely used police vehicles are the Police Interceptor utility, which is essentially the Explorer, and the Police Interceptor sedan, which is essentially the Taurus.  These interceptor vehicles use more mechanical locks from a utilitarian perspective.  They all have a mechanical rear lock and a left and right door lock, unlike the consumer versions.

For more information contact your local locksmith distributor or: Strattec Security Corp.