The Back Page, June 2013

June 3, 2013


Decorative hardware was the theme in the June 1993 issue. Baldwin explained their high-profit line.  Jerry Levine reported on the Clark Security locksmith management conference.  A simple master key system was described which also included a short computer program for generating small amounts of change keys.  Details of the ALOA acquisition of SAVTA were described.  Glynn-Johnson showed solutions for solving door problems with overhead stops and holders.  Fred Steingold provided answers for ways to transfer business ownership upon the death of the owner -- just as important information today as when it was written. Fred Kosloske explained the modular ignition locks which first appeared on 1994 GM models. A Ledger World seminar was held March 19-21 in Cincinnati with very favorable ratings from attendees.  Bill Bower offered his ideas on aiming your marketing at the needs of your customer. Tom Gillespie showed how to unlock Chrysler products using Pro-Lok tools. Where is Tom Gillespie now? Jeff Rosen re-introduced the Keymac/Keypunch machine by City Lock & Safe Supply.  Jerry Levine described the decorative hardware line from Schlage.  Milt Wolferseder explained ways to open insulated fire safes from Korea.  They have many different names but the same lock construction.  An Assa article showed how easy it is to reverse their side-bar for quick change combinations. 


Kaba Mas safe deposit locks were the subject of an article by Jerry Levine.  Pro-Lok safes which use electronic locks were featured.  Hugh Curry reported on Net Changer, a cash handler safe by Corporate Safe Specialists.  Shelomo Barkan showed the merits of his ISM high-security safe line.  Locksmith Mike Foty took on the job of opening a Blue Diamond safe which was equipped with an outdated Bell sidewinder cam lock.  IR explained their LockLink Express software which manages electronic access platforms.  Tom Gillespie wrote an informative article on the basics if interchangeable core cylinders.  Rod Oden explained the outcome after the Best Lock Corp. vs. Ilco Unican lawsuit in 1996. A chart listed key blanks and code series used by large trucks. Since truck locks do not change key types frequently, the chart is still very usable. Jerry Levine installed a Kwikset Ultramax pocket door lock.  Tim O’Leary checked out the AC-Q44 access control system by Rosslare.  Gale Johnson reported on the heavy duty Bianchi 104 key duplicator.  Tiny showed how to make keys in five minutes for the twin models of Toyota Matrix or Pontiac Vibe.  Steve Kaufman interviewed Bill Neff, a successful locksmith in Lancaster, PA.


Mike Foty is a locksmith in Fairmont, Minnesota. A customer brought him a long board which has a row of "U"-shaped hardware. Each piece of hardware on the board contains a barrel key lock.  The lock is fastened to a hinge. When unlocked, the lock can be pivoted out of the way.

The brass or bronze hardware was covered with mold and the board was partially disintegrated. This seemed to indicate that this strange unit may have been submerged in water or perhaps was used on a boat at one time.  If a subscriber in our vast audience has information on what this hardware may have been used for, both Mike Foty and Locksmith Ledger would be very interested to learn more about this mystery hardware.