ISC West Roundup: ASSA ABLOY Unveils 46 New Products

May 2, 2012
Aperio wireless technology is available in the SARGENT IN100 and PR100 commercial and institutional locks, Adams Rite A100 narrow stile locks, Medeco M100 eCylinders, and HES K100 cabinet locks.

ASSA ABLOY is highlighting 46 new products that are new to ISC West 2012. At the heart of this year’s innovative and impressive array of solutions, is Aperio, a wireless technology that connects multiple door or cabinet openings to an existing electronic access control system.

Aperio is a global, wireless platform that provides an easy, affordable way to connect additional openings to an existing electronic access control system. It uses short-distance wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4) between the lock and an Aperio hub to link to an electronic access control system. This simplifies installation, reducing costs and complexity compared to traditional access control.

Designed for effective operation and quick, easy wireless deployment, the Aperio system requires minimal field configuration. With real-time authentication and alarms, Aperio uses AES 128-bit wireless encryption and supports HID® 125 kHz prox or 13.56 MHz iCLASS® credentials with full authentication in all formats. 

With over 75 access control partners that have already adopted the technology globally, Aperio offers easy integration with most manufacturers’ electronic access control systems. 

 “This year at ISC West we’re pushing the Aperio wireless lock system because it offers a substantial cost savings for people looking to expand their existing access control,” said Martin Huddart, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Architectural Hardware Group, ASSA ABLOY. 

Aperio has been deployed and successful in healthcare, government and business facilities, and is also applicable for K-12 classrooms, retail aluminum storefronts, food companies to meet FDA safety standards, server farm technology cages and to protect historical buildings without having to retrofit and compromise the establishment.

With the flexibility to address almost any application, Aperio wireless technology is available in the SARGENT IN100 and PR100 commercial and institutional locks, Adams Rite A100 narrow stile locks, Medeco M100 eCylinders, and HES K100 cabinet locks.

HES iCLASS and Prox-Integrated Products

HES iCLASS and Prox-Integrated Products are now available with any HES electric strike, all in a convenient, one-box package. These pre-integrated solutions combine the sophisticated technology of HID® iCLASS or Proximity access control with the physical security of HES electric strikes, providing a consistent installation experience—door after door.

Initially introduced with a limited assortment of HES electric strikes, these integrated solutions are now available with any product in the HES product line, including low profile, concealed, and surface mounted electric strikes, as well as the HES 660 cabinet lock.

 “The expansion of the product line comes in response to market demand for additional options,” states Baker. “Protection of the reader electronics in the frame and the modularity of the devices make this an attractive solution for environments with high tamper risk or anywhere ease of maintenance is required.” 

Each HES Integrated Product features an HES-designed, low profile mullion reader built on HID® 125 MHz proximity or HID® 13.56MHz iCLASS technology, plus a door-position switch, and any HES electric strike with latchbolt monitor. Each solution includes easy-to-use wiring harnesses for fast installation and provides standard Wiegand output for compatibility with

The unique HES design provides added protection for sensitive access control components by concealing them securely in the frame, increasing security, tamper resistance and durability. Only the modular reader antenna is exposed. 

AccuPower™ Switching Power Supplies

The AccuPower product line includes single-voltage, dual-voltage and multi-voltage DC power supplies with battery chargers in a variety of amperage levels that scale to accommodate simple single door deployments to complex, multi-door installs.

The power supplies are complemented by power distribution boards that can be purchased either factory integrated, or separately for maximum flexibility. The power supplies and distribution options together offer a wide range of solutions that provide reliable power and steadier voltage with interfaces to fire and access control systems. All AccuPower power supplies and boards are RoHS compliant, lead-free.

“AccuPower Power Supplies bring added value to the Securitron brand by extending our offerings, providing our customers with complete power management options,” states Scott Baker, President of ASSA ABLOY EMS&OEM Group. “These products are ideal for use with many access control devices, including electrified locks, card readers and more, offering better solutions for complex access control deployments.”

Energy-Efficient Sustainable Access Control

As part of its commitment to energy-efficient, sustainable access control, ASSA ABLOY’s intelligent Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Wi-Fi access control products operate over a facility’s already existing wired and wireless local area network (LAN), to conserve energy consumption, reduce installation costs and provide additional benefits.

“Whether building a new facility or updating an existing one, every aspect of energy efficiency has to be considered, and that includes the security system,” said Aaron Smith, Director - Sustainable Building Solutions, ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions. “One of the best ways to reduce energy consumption is by integrating the electronic access control system into a company’s IP network, using electronic locks and other devices that are designed for maximum energy efficiency.”

PoE technology allows facilities to utilize a single cable for power and data, providing a ready-made pathway for integrating electronic access control (EAC) components into the already-existing network. This reduces or eliminates the need for separate security infrastructure – such as wiring and disparate hardware components – reducing power requirements and the total amount of material used in a building as well as reducing the cost of installation. In addition, Wi-Fi security devices such as electronic locks and other devices can be readily integrated into an IP network. Additional energy savings can be achieved by reducing thermal and air leakage from locks, doors and hardware.

Integrated PoE locks including SARGENT Profile Series v.S1, SARGENT Passport 1000 P1 and Corbin Russwin Access 700® PIP1 combine all access control functionality into the lock and use existing PoE cabling for both power and data. This offers the lowest-possible power consumption – a maximum of 7 watts per lock, which is 50 percent less than typical PoE installations. Another energy saving option is the use of exit devices with electric latch retraction (ELR) such as the SARGENT 56-ELR device. Since the 56-ELR is driven by a motor instead of a conventional solenoid, electricity savings per activation can be better than 50 percent.

ASSA ABLOY Wi-Fi locks and exit devices like the SARGENT Profile Series v.S2, Corbin Russwin Access 800® WI1 and others reduce installation time by operating within an existing Wi-Fi network, and make it possible to provide expanded access control in locations where it would be difficult or impossible to install a wired lock. They are designed for efficient power consumption and long battery life.

ASSA ABLOY wireless access control solutions operate using the standard 802.11b/g Wi-Fi infrastructure for ready compatibility with many industry-leading access control systems, with the same reliable communication, advanced management capabilities and real-time alarm notification as traditional access control.