ABLOY USA introduces eCLIQ for Critical Infrastructure

Sept. 8, 2020

ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure believes that security integrators will have to rethink the necessity of a key after the U.S. critical infrastructure introduction of eCLIQ. eCLIQ, a completely electronic cylinder platform developed by ASSA ABLOY, is designed to be an alternative option for traditional masterkey systems used in critical-infrastructure applications.

We consider this to be an opportune time to offer eCLIQ as a comprehensive solution for the critical infrastructure market,” says Jerry Burhans, managing director of ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure. High-security applications for critical infrastructure are more important than ever right now. With eCLIQ, it’s a true, cost-effective access control system that gives you complete flexibility to manage access and protect all of your facilities.”

Burhans says whats impressive about eCLIQ is it provides the advantages of access control with all the benefits and security of a physical key system. Because its a total electronic system, there are no concerns about the bitting on a key. The only requirements are to download the app, activate the system by giving keyholders their keys then simply define their access rights and program the keys.

The electronic features associated with eCLIQ include audit trails, flexible access permissions and IP67 rated keys and IP68 padlocks. The intelligent electronics program itself includes a unique code embedded inside each key and cylinder core, so it can’t be altered or corrupted. Available in a variety of cylinders and locks, eCLIQ’s range includes door cylinders, padlocks and cam locks.

Watch the video and learn more about eCLIQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4cuYJ1qe5U.