Electrifying Existing Hardware With the SARGENT 56-Electric Latch Retraction

Feb. 1, 2007
SARGENT’s Next Generation 56 - Electric Latch Retraction 80 Series Exit Device and ELR retrofit kit is designed for use with the 80 Series exit devices.

SARGENT has introduced the Next Generation 56 - Electric Latch Retraction (ELR) 80 Series Exit Device and ELR retrofit kit designed for use with the 80 Series exit devices. As part of a complete exit device, the SARGENT 56 meets ANSI A156.3, Grade 1 and is UL Listed 10C. In addition, the 56- ELR is available for fire-rated devices that can be integrated into the building’s fire detection system.

The 56- Electric Latch Retraction incorporates a powerful motor rather than a solenoid to unlatch the exit device. The motor provides two advantages. First, it reduces the necessary size of the 24 volt filtered/regulated power supply as the current draw for the motor to retract the latch is only 0.9A@24VDC. Once energized, the current draw required for maintaining the push rail in the dogged position is 0.15A@24VDC. The second advantage of a motor over a solenoid powered latch retraction mechanism is the quiet operation. In fact, it is the quietest latch retraction on the market.

Hospitals, campuses, auditoriums and theaters are ideal applications. Next Generation 56- Electric Latch Retraction can be used with rim, concealed vertical rod, surface vertical rod, and mortise style 80 Series Exit Devices. This can be a plus in various institutional settings.

NOTE: The minimal current draw required to power a SARGENT 80 Series Exit Device using a 56- Electric Latch Retraction push rail enables the exit device to be wired using an electrified hinge instead of an Electrical Power Transfer (EPT).

When powered, the SARGENT 80 Series Exit Device equipped with the 56- Electric Latch Retraction push rail retracts, retracting the latching mechanism. This way, the retracted push rail provides visual confirmation of the unlatched door.

The 56- Electric Latch Retraction Accessory kit is of modular construction. The 80 Series Exit Devices (manufactured after 1995 only) can be upgraded in the field to have electrical latch retraction. The 56- equipped devices are also field-serviceable. Part of the field serviceability is the retraction position is adjustable to ensure proper opening.

The 56- Electric Latch Retraction is equipped with an internal unlock timer that retracts the push rail for up to ten seconds. When energized, the push rail and the latching mechanism are retracted, permitting the door to be opened for the programmed period of time.

Using a second method, the 56- can be wired directly using a momentary switch or maintained type of switch. When power is supplied to the rail, the push rail and the latching mechanism(s) are retracted and remain in this position until de-energized (power interrupted) and the push rail becomes undogged and the latchbolt(s) will extend.

To retrofit an existing 80 Series Stainless Steel Rim Exit Device, a part number (ED56J) Electric Latch Retraction Accessory Kit was installed. A McKinney QC12 power transfer hinge was installed prior to this installation to accommodate the electrification.

Converting an 80 Series Rim Exit Device to electric latch retraction requires the 56- Accessory Kit; part # ED56. You must specify the door width E (32”), F (36”), G (48”), or J (42”) when ordering the 56- Accessory Kit. An added plus is that there is no up charge for ANY size rail length. This kit contains a push rail assembly with mounted motor and wire harness, a motor controller assembly with shorting jumper installed, mounting screws and installation instructions. Only a Phillips Head screwdriver is necessary for this installation, which takes approximately 10 minutes.

The installation begins with the disassembly of the existing rail by removing it from the center chassis. Once removed, the insert and the push assembly are slid off of the rail. Four screws must first be removed from the bottom of the rail securing the push assembly to the rail.

The 56- push assembly can be slid onto the rail from the end cap end with the sloped end forward. The four mounting screws are installed, securing the push assembly onto rail. The wire harness, connector and spring clip are slid into position at the end of the rail. The rail is mounted to the center chassis making sure the lift arm is depressed when the push rail is pressed. The mounting plate is installed. The insert is slid into position. The electrical connector is connected. The system is tested. The final step is to attach the end cap to rail assembly.

The SARGENT 56- can be order to accommodate door widths from 26” to 48”. For non-fire rated openings, mechanical dogging is available using either cylinder dogging or hex key dogging. Some other features that are available for the 56- Accessory Kit are cylinder lockdown; pushbar without Lexan® touchpad and a signal switch (55-). The single pole double throw signal switch provides push rail monitoring for a variety of applications on non-rated and fire rated (12- prefix) egress doors. The signal switch may be used as a request to exit switch, sound an alarm, initialize a delayed egress system, or de-energize an electromagnetic lock.

The SARGENT 56- has five years mechanical and two years electronic limited warranty. The electronic warranty does not require the use of a SARGENT filtered and regulated power supply as long as the 24 VDC power supply is a +/- 10% regulated and filtered industrial power supply. The SARGENT 3520 or the 3540 power supplies can be used to operate the 56- Electric Latch Retraction equipped 80 Series exit devices.

The 56- equipped 80 Series Exit Devices can be ordered with the SARGuard™ anti-microbial protection. In addition, these exit devices can be order with SARGuide illumination. SARGuide is integrated electroluminescent or photoluminescent exit signage. ElectroLynx™ (a universal quick-connect system that simplifies the electrification of the door opening) is standard on the 56- device and accessory kit.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or SARGENT Lock, 100 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT 06511. Telephone: 800-727-5477. Fax: 203-821-5793. Web site:

Rich Franken is a Sales and Technical Support Rep for the Dugmore & Duncan Group in Corona, California. Rich has spent 24 years in the Door and Hardware industry primarily in the Southern California market.