2024 Corporate Profile: IDN Global, Inc.

Aug. 2, 2023

IDN Global, Inc. (International Distribution Network), is a provider of security products, access control solutions, doors and frames, locksmithing tools and related services to security professionals throughout North America.  IDN’s six business hubs and nationwide distribution centers are strategically located to provide same-day pick-up or next-day delivery across the U.S, and Canada.


National Strength, Local Service

With a footprint of over 50 stocking warehouses representing over 300 manufacturers, IDN offers their customers the strength and buying power of a national organization with local product expertise, availability, and personalized service. IDN’s branching network gives many security professionals the logistical option of same-day pickup service or next-day delivery.


Our Mission

We value our customers and their expertise, and continually strive to be their leading security hardware and door distributor, focused on value-added service.   


Our Service & Product Offering

Whether it’s security solutions, electrified/mechanical hardware, software, automatic touchless entrances, doors and frames, or other services, our goal is to deliver all orders on time with accuracy.  IDN believes in a day’s work in a day’s time, which translates into shipping 100% of all orders received during the workday.  IDN delivers technical support in multiple forms; in the field with site walkthroughs, counter consultations, over the phone and internet, as well as at our hosted product and business education events, held at low or no cost to our customers.  IDN customers have access to marketing support, referrals, as well as code compliance on a local level. Customers choose IDN because we know security, we can help them win business, and grow their profits.


Online Solutions

Our 24-Hour Web Store offers customers the ability to order any time of the day or night and to manage their account, build product favorite lists, view previous orders, invoices, track shipments and check pricing and product availability in real-time. 


Relationships Matter!

Trust is the currency of business, not money!  Sounds crazy, right?  But stop and think about it; if you don’t have trust, you’re not going to do business with someone, and you certainly won’t for any length of time.  IDN is fortunate to have many second, third and some fourth-generation customers.  We establish and keep these good relationships through consistency and care.  How? By saying what you are going to do and doing it, and fessing up when you mess up!  Everyone messes up once in a while.  When you purchase a product from IDN, you not only receive the correct product on time, but you also receive IDN’s ongoing support.


We Make Security Simple

To our large number of loyal customers, IDN is more than a distributor of security hardware and door products.  We are an extension of their workforce and many call their friend!  When you need security hardware, door products and services, call, email, or search IDN at www.idn-inc.com.