Corporate Profile: SECLOCK

Aug. 2, 2021

The leader in electrical and mechanical door hardware for almost 40 years, Security Lock Distributors recently enhanced their brand. Long referred to as SECLOCK, after the company’s web address, the company decided to make the name official. The name SECLOCK is quick, direct and memorable. Such enhancements represent the next stage of industry leadership for the company.

Visually, the brand features an enhanced logo, which introduces a mark called “The Path.” This design element represents all the ways SECLOCK is connected with its valued customers, getting them to their right solutions efficiently.

Although the brand looks new, all the qualities that make SECLOCK the go-to source for its customers remain as dependable as ever. This is their one-stop shop philosophy, offering everything their customers might want to complete any project, big or small. Pairing a massive inventory with technical expertise — along with sophisticated logistics and streamlined shipping — means that SECLOCK has all the products, solutions and tools necessary to finish jobs the right way. By making it all available under their roof, SECLOCK serves as a true one-stop source.

SECLOCK stocks the full range of electrical and mechanical door hardware — more than 100 premium brands, in every configuration. That unmatched in-stock inventory means that their warehouses stock every possible product. They’ve even been known to keep difficult-to-find items in stock for 20 years, just in case a loyal client might require a replacement part!

SECLOCK also delivers best-in-class customer service. Their team of experienced technical sales representatives provides support at every step. Big or small, mechanical or digital, no question is too difficult or obscure. From finding the right part to locating retrofit items that work perfectly with any hardware, they know what works for every project.

The Path isn’t just a marketing slogan, because SECLOCK’s simplified distribution means customers get everything they want, right on time. Along with the company’s sophisticated logistics and streamlined shipping, that means orders placed on the phone or online can be shipped out the same day.

Companies also can use SECLOCK as their personal warehouse and distribution center. With the blind-label drop-ship program, SECLOCK can ship orders with a company’s own branding on the shipping label and packing slip. And because SECLOCK is wholesale only, it never competes with its own customers.

In an industry experiencing rapid change, SECLOCK continuously stays ahead of trends in technology and innovation. This commitment is particularly clear at Their easy-to-use website makes search, filtering and support incredibly intuitive and accessible. Customers also can chat with a team of experienced technical sales representatives online the same way they do on the phone. Another instant-chat feature is SECLOCK On-Site, which allows a technical sales representative to remotely view a customer’s project firsthand and determine what exactly is necessary to complete the job.

With all these enhancements, visual and substantive, SECLOCK has positioned themselves for the future and is ready to lead the industry for years to come.