Distributor Profiles: Access Hardware, Southern Lock & Top Notch

May 4, 2019
Access Hardware Supply, Southern Lock and Top Notch share views on their successful businesses and industry trends

Each year for our Know Your Distributor issue, Locksmith Ledger profiles several distributors. This year, Access Hardware Supply, Southern Lock and Supply and Top Notch Distributors took the time to answer our questions. We thank them for their help.

Access Hardware Supply

Do you have a specialty direction? If so why was that chosen?

Access Hardware Supply is a commercial security distributor with a focus on electronics security. We chose this path since it allows us to use our technical knowledge to help customers get the correct hardware for their applications. Technology changes rapidly and we constantly train on new products to offer our customers the best solutions for their applications.

Are you full stocking? Which brands?

AHS: We proudly maintain a robust inventory of products from our premier manufacturers such as Allegion, Assa Abloy and dormaKaba. In addition, we stock a large selection of products from a variety of independent and specialty manufacturers.

Do you provide training? Manufacturer and independent?

Yes, we have our Access Academy for online and onsite training. We have manufacturer training and independent training. We strive to have technical training for our customers and have hosted AAADM certification, Door coring classes, Door survey classes and our Basic electronics and relay class.

Are you regional or national?

We are a national wholesale distributor with our corporate offices located in Northern California.

What product types are growing or in decline for you?

Wireless locks have become very popular. Our customers have told us that the limiting factor in this economy is trained technicians. The wireless locks allow the technicians to install more access control openings in a day.

What is your view of the distributor mergers?

Mergers and acquisitions are a natural and transformational aspect of business. If an opportunity makes sense for the participants and it strategically promotes the growth and strength of our industry, it’s a win - win for everyone.

Southern Lock and Supply

Do you have a specialty direction? If so, why was that chosen? Over the past few years we have exponentially grown our access control business and become our customers’ valued resource for all access control needs. Our Electronic Access Control Department specializes in troubleshooting the trickiest electronic solutions and integrating complex systems. We also specialize in governmental contract work, having held a GSA contract for over 15 years. We speak fluent contract officer terminology and can help unravel the most complex orders to help customers win business with military installations and government entities all over the world. With accumulated industry experience totaling 800 years, our team is ready to help customers solve even the most complicated security problems.

Are you a full stocking distributor? Which brands?

With product from more than 200 manufacturers, we maintain a large inventory of all popular lines including Allegion, ASSA ABLOY, BEST, CDVI, CompX, dormakaba, HPC/Hudson Lock, Kaba Mas, Kaba Ilco, Keri Access, Locinox, Lockey USA, Medeco, Master Lock, NSP, Sargent & Greenleaf, and more. From mechanical hardware to the latest electronic access systems — if we don’t have it, we will source it for you!

Do you provide training? Manufacturer and independent? We are proud to host an annual Trade Show and Learning Expo in St. Petersburg, FL consisting of two full days of class sessions and workshops presented by the industry’s top manufacturers.  We also frequently offer training opportunities throughout the Southeast, hosting counter days at our branches featuring hands-on trainings and installations instructed by manufacturer reps.

Are you regional or national?  We primarily serve the Southeast region with outside security consultants traveling throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and the surrounding areas to walk jobs and help locksmiths solve the most difficult problems in access control. Our e-store allows us to ship anywhere in the world.

What product types are growing or declining for you? Our recent acquisition of Silver Sales Inc. has created an exciting opportunity for us to expand our offerings in the safe lock and government hardware markets. This expansion has allowed us to become a premiere distributor of Sargent & Greenleaf, enhance our offering of Kaba Mas security products, and become a valuable resource for customers serving these segments of the hardware market.

Top Notch Distributors, Inc.

Do you have a specialty direction? If so, why was that chosen?

Top Notch Distributors has placed a large emphasis on an already robust Commercial and Electronic Access Control business. This includes subject matter experts with specific knowledge related to the Locksmith business, investment in respective products, website upgrades, enhanced training capabilities and an expanded outside sales force. Top Notch believes there are service gaps in these markets, and the goal of our enhanced team is to fill those gaps.

Do you provide training? Manufacturer and independent?

We have key personnel with superior product skills, plus many manufacturer connections.  With these we can help coordinate product training for you and your employees.     

Are you regional or national?

We are a national wholesale distributor, with product warehouses strategically located across the US for true national coverage (Boston, MA, Honesdale, PA, St. Louis, MO and Carson City, NV).

What product types are growing or declining for you? 

The enhanced focus has generated stronger relationships in the market and in turn has generated solid growth in both Commercial and Electronic Access Control.