Distributor Profile: Security Lock Distributors

April 2, 2012

Security Lock Distributors (SLD) is recognized as one of the country’s largest stocking distributors of door and security hardware. SLD has been servicing the needs of the lock and security industries with their product knowledge, broad and deep inventory levels and specialized VIP programs.  Fully stocked and strategically located warehouses in Massachusetts, Florida, Nevada and Illinois provide 1-2 day ground delivery to more than 80 percent of the country.

SLD has watched over a major shift in the locksmith industry. Not all that long ago, the everyday locksmith primarily specialized in mechanical locks. Today a new generation of locksmiths and lock shops are becoming Integrated Security Specialists. While mechanical locks are still a part of the locksmith business, electronics, and electronic access control are being added to the traditional mechanical acumen and offerings.

This shift has been seismic. A large group of former lock shops have evolved into complete Systems Integrators, installing complex access control systems. In other cases locksmiths have taken on sub-contracting sourcing and installations for national security firms. Others have added electronic commercial door work to their list of services.

However, along with new profit and market opportunities, entering the electronic door hardware space also presents its own unique challenges.  SLD is known for its expertise and specialization in electronic locking hardware, and brings a suite of value-added services to their customers to assist them in quoting and sourcing the right products for each application.

Security Lock Distributors has responded to the new demands for increased technical and applications support by evolving its role as a distributor.  SLD has created processes and programs to help their customers become more successful. The first step of the process is people. SLD provides customers with access to over 26 full-time Technical Service Representatives that man the phones from 7:30 a.m. Eastern to 7:30 p.m. Pacific. These agents are experienced in all aspects of the industry and assisting customers in all aspects of the product life-cycle.

SLD provides customers with a free online application suite, available 24/7/365. The www.seclock.com site enables locksmiths to become more efficient in their operations, providing them real-time access to over 88 manufacturers products and 1.75MM unique SKUs.

SLD has taken e-catalogs to the next level. Their innovative approach to commercial hardware distribution is demonstrated with the embedded applications within their site that locksmiths can utilize. Some of these include:

  • A digital quotation area that lets you quote yourself or send a quote to a customer
  • The largest online resource library with over 700,000 .pdf files
  • An online order history that helps you quickly track packages and look up orders
  • A private branded shipping program that puts your logo on every package that gets drop-shipped. It is as if product came right from your warehouse.

Later this year, SLD will launch a new program for locksmiths that will provide installation subcontracting opportunities to local and regional service providers. SLD’s customers include many of the nation’s largest access control and door service companies, who have reached out to SLD for assistance in finding qualified sub-contractors. Locksmiths will be able to complete an online registration form and skills overview that these integrators can access to locate service providers.

Security Lock Distributors is more than just a place to find products, or another catalog on your bookshelf. Their wholesale-only sales approach allows them to focus on bringing their customers better practices, more sales opportunities, and a partnership approach to selling.




Nov. 28, 2007