Oct. 15, 2004
Latest in locks for all your needs!

Push x Pull Door Handle
Adams Rite has introduced an operating Push x Pull door handle as an option for The RITE Door® integrated door system. Featuring heavy duty, stainless steel construction, it's a cost-effective alternative when exit devices are not required by code, such as on elevator shaft smoke doors. The Push x Pull door handle is small, fits flush with door, provides the convenience of a push plate and features Adams Rite's patented top-locking mechanism. For more information, call 800-872-3267, or visit www.adamsrite.com. Circle 410

Command Access PM-100
Command Access is offering a new product to be used with electrified latch-pullback exit devices. The PM-100 unit is a microprocessor-driven module that is compatible with leading manufacturers using "dual coil" type solenoids. It provides the needed solenoid switching along with a momentary current boost, eliminating the need for a special power supply to provide the current surge. With the unit, an exit device may be run up to 500 feet with 18-gauge wire. Circle 411

Folger Adams Mag Lock
Folger Adam's new magnetic lock offers traffic control, security and life safety with simple installation and wiring requirements. Features include a dovetail mounting bracket, splice chamber and removable terminal strip for ease of wiring. The FAM68 security mag lock, with a holding power of 1,200 pounds, is appropriate for exterior and perimeter doors, as entry cannot be forced without special tools. For information, call 888-466-8278 or visit www.folgeradamedc.com. Circle 414

DORMA Heavy-Duty Mortise Locksets
DORMA Architectural Hardware's ML9000 and MK9000 Series Grade 1 locksets, built with a heavy-duty mortise chassis, deliver premium performance and pleasing aesthetics for schools and universities, hotels, apartments, hospitals and nursing homes, municipal buildings, airports, retail complexes, offices and warehouses. Select components are manufactured with high-strength steel or stainless steel, providing a strong, highly durable lock. For more information, call (800) 523-8483 or visit www.dorma-usa.com. Circle 412

Schlage D-Lock
Since its debut, the Schlage D-Lock has become the standard in commercial Grade 1 cylindrical locks. The new D-Lock is engineered for strength, durability and value. It exceeds all ANSI standards and is available with Schlage's Vandlgard™ system for maximum protection from vandalism and forced entry. For more information, call 1-877-840-3621 or visit www.irsecurityandsafety.com.
Circle 415

Each component of the ElectroLynx™ system—the frame, hinge, door and locking hardware—comes pre-wired with plug-in connectors that snap together to create a fully wired electrical opening. The plugs and wiring are concealed within the components to preserve the aesthetics of the opening and facilitate future hardware changes. ElectroLynx is offered by CECO, CORBIN RUSSWIN, CURRIES, FLEMING, FOLGER ADAM, HES, McKINNEY, SARGENT and YALE. For more information, visit www.essexopenings.com or www.ysgsecurity.com. Circle 418

Yale eBoss
The new e5496LN Series eBoss (Electronic Battery Operated Security Solution) electrified keypad lockset is designed to provide the industrial, commercial, residential and hospitality marketplaces with a reliable and moderately priced keyless entry with mechanical key override. The attractive modular design features patent pending keypad blinders to keep unwanted eyes from viewing codes. Yale's 5400LN patented Freewheeling Lever provides additional vandal resistance. For more information, call 888-828-8349 or visit www.yalecommercial.com. Circle 413

Marks iQue Biometric Lockset
Marks USA introduces the new iQue Biometric Fingerprint Lockset. The combination of the standalone iQue lockset and a biometric fingerprint reader with RF transmission offers ultimate security with access through fingerprint reading as a credential that can't be lost, stolen or duplicated. Use of RF transmission allows installation that will not compromise the fire rating of the door system. The IQ1B Series Marks USA Biometric Fingerprint Lockset features 90 users, 1,000-event audit trail, easy installation and secure wireless transmission to the lock. For more information, call 800-526-0233 or visit www.marksusa.com. Circle 416

Olympus Cabinet Lock
The Olympus 777IC/888IC Series cabinet locks accept Schlage-style large format IC cores, Keymark IC cores, or Mul-T-Lock IC cores. The 777P/888P Series accept Schlage Primus or Everest large-format IC cores. Both the 777 and 888 Series cabinet locks are sold less core and are available with optional key-retaining function. For more information, call 800-525-0954 or visit www.olympus-lock.com. Circle 417

Code compliant SELECTRIC™ locksets from Security Door Controls stay latched even when unlocked, maintaining fire door integrity and eliminating the need for surface magnetic locks and REX hardware. The locksets provide electrification of Schlage, Corbin Russwin, Yale, SARGENT, Marks, Dorma, Falcon, Arrow and more. SELECTRIC™ locks retrofit mechanical locks and all features are field selectable, including selectable failsafe/failsecure, handing, voltages and functions. Applications include office, stairwell, elevator lobby, and exit doors. Circle 419

DynaLock Corp.'s new Model 3101B Delayed Egress Electronic Lock features a delayed egress sensor that is activated by door pressure. Exit doors secured by conventional locking hardware and the 3101B will allow delayed egress when an exit is attempted. An audible signal and red LED will pulsate during the 15-second unlock delay. The electromagnetic lock will them release the door. LED turns green while audible alert continues until the door is closed and the 3101B is reset by keyswitch. For more information, call 860-582-4761. Circle 423

The OMNILOCK RL100 combines the industry's most sophisticated code-encryption software and OSI Security Devices' proven electronics. The RL100 allows property managers, resort owners or realtors to control access to properties without check-in, card key issue or mechanical keys. For more information, visit www.omnilock.com or call 619-628-1000. Circle 426

Detex Hurricane Option
Detex Corporation introduces the "Dade County" hurricane option for its Advantex and Value Series brands of rim panic hardware. This new "H"-option hardware has been tested and certified to withstand the high wind resistance and load impact typically sustained in hurricanes. For doors that need to remain secure in high winds yet provide life safety, the code-compliant "H" option is ideal for all buildings in coastal areas. Circle 421

Markar Continuous Hinges
Markar introduces the 4000 Series Aluminum Continuous Hinge. This patented hinge has a concealed pin and barrel shape that will provide door support up to 150 lbs. It meets standards for ANSI/BHMA 156.26 Grade 2 and is UL rated for 90 minutes and classified in accordance with UBC Code Standard 7-2 for positive pressure. For more information, call 800-866-1688 or visit www.markar.com. Circle 424

Arm-A-Dor® by Sargent and Greenleaf provides high security against forced entry attacks, alarmed egress to prevent internal shrinkage, and enhanced durability for the most demanding environments ­ all in one. Arm-A-Dor combines locking bar security with a loss prevention alarm. Constructed with 12-gauge telescopic steel tubing, Arm-A-Dor withstands the attacks and abuse of countless openings and closings. It is now available pre-assembled for standard 36" and 48" doors. For more information, contact Gary Murphree at 757-259-2464. Circle 422

Trilogy Keypad
Alarm Lock's Trilogy PDK3000 PIN/PROX digital keypad can be used in applications of any size, from businesses and hospitals to retail stores and universities. Its Timed Egress feature allows any door to stay unlocked for 5, 10 or 15 seconds, ideal for receptionists and waiting areas. Alarm Lock also offers a full line of Trilogy standalone access control locks. For more information, call 800-ALA-LOCK or visit www.alarmlock.com. Circle 425