ABLOY Dust Covers to Protect CLIQ Cylinders

May 4, 2021

One of the things that keep security managers on high alert is the real possibility the security locks used to safeguard their properties might fail unexpectedly because of environmental conditions. The situation becomes more critical when it involves a remote location where it might be days before the failure is discovered. But a unique new solution from ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure provides high-performance reliability, peace of mind and more.

The IP54-rated Integrated Dust Cover with an internal shield is designed specifically for ABLOY mechanical and PROTEC2 CLIQ cylinders. It protects internal components with a built-in, spring-loaded shutter that blocks the key opening and reduces exposure to the elements. After a key is inserted and removed, the shutter snaps back into place.

I consider the Integrated Dust Cover to be a Cadillac-type solution, because it greatly improves the life, durability and functionality of our products for Critical Infrastructure,” says Jerry Burhans, managing director of ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure. We are making it available for nearly the entire ABLOY line, including our cam locks, deadbolts and water-tight padlocks. If you currently pay for a maintenance kit to clean your locks, it will save you money in the long run.”

Water and electronics don’t mix well, making it an excellent solution,” adds Raymond Marquis, vertical market manager – distribution & OEM, for ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure. With our Integrated Dust Cover, lock components are resistant to wear and corrosion that occurs due to dirt, moisture and freezing conditions. Powerplants, substations, water utilities and remote locations are some applications that would benefit from using it. So would facility managers who use CLIQ products to secure unmanned gates and doors that are exposed to the elements.”

Integrated Dust Covers are available for key-in-knob and key-in-lever applications, such as the ABLOY CYLP410T replacement cylinder for specific Schlage deadbolts and the CYLP412T complete deadbolt with thumbturn. This technology also is found in ABLOY CLIQ cam locks and all mortise, LFIC and euro din cylinders.

Learn more by watching the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A2DNpAht58&t=14s. You can also contact your ABLOY sales representative or distribution channel partner for more information.