School District Meetings

March 4, 2013
Schools must increase their level of security to protect children

Because of school shootings, school districts around the country are very conscious of their vulnerability. They are meeting with parents to get their input on how to make schools safe.

As a security professional, offer to present information on safe schools products. Ask for twenty minutes or so to discuss lockdown mechanical and electronic locks as well as key control cabinets and the importance of making sure locks are operable and door close.

Bring in mounted samples of lockdown locks and brochures. Contact your local locksmith distributor to borrow mounted samples of the locks and brochures. Make sure you have business cards.

Write a five to ten minute talk introducing yourself and discussing the advantages and realistic expectations of lockdown locks. Open the floor to questions.

If there is sufficient time, talk about lock safety in the home. Discuss the advantages of electronic locks for the home. Include information on how they operate and some of the benefits. Such as eliminating the need to carry keys, the deadbolt can be thrown from the exterior to lock the door without having to use a key and notification texts when each child has entered their user code.

Doing a presentation for a school or school district will give people first hand knowledge of you and your company.