2023 Corporate Profile: Codelocks

Aug. 2, 2023
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Founded in 1991, Codelocks is a global business with US corporate offices in California. Codelocks designs and supplies a wide portfolio of access control solutions for doors and cabinets, offering smarter access for everyone. Products include stylish standalone push-button mechanical locks, digital electronic locks, KitLock locker locks and innovative smart lock solutions that use the latest technologies. Convenience is at the heart of all Codelocks products.

The locks can be used for a variety of applications within the health, hospitality, education, office and recreation markets to help limit building and room access to selected staff members and safeguard confidential or hazardous materials. Programming options include remote code generation, audit trail code tracking, code-free mode, along with a variety of other functions to suit customer needs, making the locks cost-effective and scalable.

Codelocks has a dedicated technical team who take responsibility for getting things done and are on hand to respond to any questions or queries. The team draws on its expert knowledge to offer advice and support both pre- and post-sales, whether that involves specifying the right product for a specific application or providing installation instructions.


Codelocks offers an extensive access control range that allows its products to service a wide variety of applications. The locks can be newly installed or retrofitted, and many products can be re-programmed on the door, without the need to remove the lock. Product lines include heavy-duty locks that are ideal for high-traffic applications, locks with full-sized lever handles, and the option to choose between surface and mortice deadbolts and latches.

Codelocks is constantly utilizing and developing the latest technology to improve the functionality of its locks. It offers locks with a remote code generation feature; Codelocks NetCode® Technology, which allows codes to be issued remotely, using a web portal or smartphone app. Working in harmony with Codelocks and KitLock solutions, using NetCodes® allows for flexible temporary access.

KitLock by Codelocks is a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional key-operated locker locks. The KitLock range of products offer a more professional and smarter way to control lockers. With these modern and secure locks, hassle-free becomes simple. Various KitLock by Codelocks models feature NetCode®.

Offering comprehensive Gate Box Kits for gate and fence installations, Gate Solutions by Codelocks provides a simple and effective access control solution for fenced perimeters and outdoor spaces. Available with selected locks from the Codelocks Mechanical, Electronic and Smart Lock ranges.

Codelocks is excited about working with its clients to provide access to products in an innovative way. From bike storage to restaurant takeout, the self-service applications are endless. Codelocks is currently working on upcoming technology planned for 2023 that will help customers take the whole idea of integrated solutions to the next level, and for their customers, the experience will get even better.

Website: https://www.codelocks.us/

Phone number: (714) 979-2900