2023 Corporate Profile: ABUS

Aug. 2, 2023

ABUS is a renowned company specializing in safety and security solutions with more than a century of industry knowledge, maintaining our high ranking of being a global brand for security. The origin story of ABUS began in 1924 when August Bremicker and his sons first produced traditional padlocks.

Now, a century later, ABUS' comprehensive product range caters to various security needs and is designed to provide fundamental protective measures.

ABUS invests in extensive research and development efforts to maintain our excellent reputation. Our dedicated centers conduct thorough testing on all products to ensure they meet international standards and can fulfill individual customers' unique requirements.

This commitment to quality and innovation has solidified ABUS' position as a trusted and dependable brand in the security industry.

With a global presence, ABUS operates through 25 branch offices worldwide, including our U.S. subsidiary in Phoenix, Arizona. Our U.S. office reaches and serves customers across different regions, providing effective security solutions and reliable support.