Corporate Profile: Capitol Industries

July 3, 2019

Capitol Industries' story began in the late 1960s when its legendary founder and industry pioneer, Aaron Fish, purchased a die-casting factory in Montreal to produce and market his revolutionary new invention, the Push Button Lock, under the Unican Brand. This entrepreneurial spirit of development and innovation still informs the corporate culture at Capitol.

Capitol's Lock Division designs and manufactures a wide range of quality security products, from Cam & Specialty Locks to General Security products, including key safes, T-Handles, patio door and window locks, cylinder and latch guards, as well as their latest line of patented magnetic products. The unique features of their new magnetic products include the absence of a keyway, no moving external parts, a weatherproof design, keys that can’t be duplicated and thousands of possible combinations.

Although Capitol is focused on developing solutions for the locksmith market, they also work in close collaboration with clients designing and developing customized and proprietary solutions to meet the most exacting requirements. Capitol is a customer-focused company dedicated to providing new and innovative security solutions to the market, coupled with providing the highest levels of customer service, transparency and responsiveness

Although Capitol has a long and storied tradition of innovation, they don't dwell on their past and continue to design and develop innovative solutions to meet today's ever-changing challenges and security demands.

The real strength of Capitol, however, isn’t something you can find quantified on a spreadsheet or even in a corporate profile but lies in the expertise of its employees and their dedication to the company’s objectives. Employees play a key role in ensuring that quality products are produced and delivered to clients on time. At Capitol, the entire staff takes great pride in their work.