Capitol Introduces Magnetic Padlock

Nov. 2, 2018
Magnetism passes through the lock body to operate the locks – no keyway to pick

Inventors have tried and failed to create the ultimate pickproof lock for centuries. The one problem with key-operated locks is the keyway opening. When a keyway opening is available for the operating key to enter, then picking tools can be inserted in the same keyway to manipulate pins or levers to the unlocked position.

Capitol Industries began with the idea of finding a way to eliminate keyway openings and the result is a line of magnetic lock products. The 'key' contains magnets which are arranged in specific positions and patterns. Poles of Magnets located in the lock body are factory-set to be either attracted or repelled by magnets contained in the key. When the correct 'key' is used, the lock magnets are aligned properly and the lock can be opened. Lock bodies are non-magnetic, so no keyhole is required. Magnetism passes through the lock body to operate the locks.

Capitol Industries originally introduced a line of cam locks which are operated with magnets. Their latest introduction is a heavy duty, M-8000 padlock. Measurement between inner sides of the shackle is approximately 1 5/8". This extra width is designed to easily accommodate chains or hasp systems on gates. M-8000 padlocks have watertight construction and are rust-proof and pick resistant.

Operation of the M-8000 padlock is very simple. An operating key must be present. An indentation on the face of the padlock body indicates where the 'key' should be placed. Removing the existing shackle is a two-step procedure. First, place the 'key' into the key housing with the key chain hole facing the bottom of the padlock. When properly positioned, a light tug on the padlock body will release one end of the shackle from the housing.

A newly added feature allows longer shackles to be installed without any disassembly.

  • First, a new shackle must be available.
  • Second, unlock the padlock and rotate the installed shackle 180 degrees.
  • Third, insert the new replacement shackle into the remaining shackle hole. Both shackle holes will now be filled for a brief period.
  • Fourth, gently tug on the original existing shackle to release it from the lock body.
  • \Fifth, remove the new shackle from its temporary location and insert the new shackle into the lock body on the proper side.

Test locking and unlocking several times before final installation.

At the present time M-8000 padlocks are factory sealed and combinations cannot be changed. A combination feature is in development. Contact Capitol Industries for scheduled availability. Capitol Industries offers many other products such as door guard plates, cam locks and cylinder guards. For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Capitol Industries, 514-273-0451.