Healthcare Security Update: Safe and Secure Recordkeeping

Oct. 2, 2018
Safeguarding confidential patient records and expensive hospital equipment

Cabinet locks are physical barriers and access controls which are an evolving product group as demands for concise targeted protection increase in healthcare, residential, commercial, education and financial markets.

In the past cabinets office furniture and lockers were controlled with disc or the more secure pin tumbler cam locks, interchangeable key plugs or keyless combination locks.

But as more valuable assets require more extensive security, more exotic devices are coming into more common use. Across the healthcare sector, HIPPA requirements require secure storage of patient records. Audit trails and other access controls are also essential for narcotic storage.

For some insight into where security management is trending, you can check out what the government is requiring even if you are not currently involved in government security.

As it has always happened before, expect that these technologies and practices will eventually migrate down to the rest of the non-government security market.

Schlage 442S Electronic Cabinet Lock

Allegion’s Schlage® 442S is a compact and easy-to-install hardwired cabinet lock. It’s fail secure and driven by a dual voltage solenoid. The voltage is field selectable 12 or 24 VDC. This makes ordering easy and provides greater flexibility for technicians in the field.

The 442S can be mounted horizontally or vertically to control access to a wide range of swinging or sliding cabinets and drawers.

At just three inches by one inch by one inch, its small size and versatile mounting position allows increased monitoring and control for hard-to- reach applications such as pharmaceutical cabinets, cash drawers and display cases.

The 442S can be controlled by any kind of access control system that provides a dry contact output.

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HES K Series Cabinet Locks

The HES K20 and KP20 Cabinet Locks are ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware’s first cabinet lock products for both residential and commercial applications.

The stand-alone AAA battery-powered cabinet locks feature affordable, yet sophisticated styling and convenience for securing drawers and sliding or swinging doors for low to medium security applications.

ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware HES K Series cabinet locks are flexible integrated cabinet lock solutions for extending access control to secure lockers, drawers or doors. The HES K Series cabinet locks come standard with locked state monitoring, optional mechanical key override and over 150 lbs of holding force.

For a higher level of security needs, the line also includes the HES K100 Series wireless cabinet lock and the HES K200 Series Cabinet lock.

The HES K100-622 wireless cabinet lock with Aperio® technology makes it easy and cost effective to bring real-time access control to cabinets and drawers. The K100 uses local wireless communication between the lock and an Aperio hub to connect to an access control system, eliminating the cost and difficulty of physically wiring access control to the cabinet.

Control and track access to pharmaceuticals, prototypes, restricted documents, evidence, tools and high value materials. The K100 expands the reach of access control systems to drawers, cabinets, and lockers through the use of existing ID badges. 

The HES K200 lock makes it easy and cost effective to bring access control to cabinets and drawers where audit trail and monitoring are becoming increasingly critical. The K200 uses Wiegand communication between the integrated, multi-technology reader and an access control system to deliver full access control to cabinets and drawers. It installs easily, enabling real-time audit capabilities and door monitoring at the drawer or cabinet level. The K200 offers a convenient, single credential solution for compliance and safety throughout your facility.

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Codelocks KitLock

KitLock is a stylish and convenient alternative to traditional locks and keys that use a four-digit code rather than a key to secure cupboards, drawers, lockers and cabinets in gyms, leisure centers, spas, schools, hospitals, data centers, offices, warehouses - any cabinet and locker application!

The KL1000 is a compact digital lock ideal for replacing keyed cam locks commonly supplied on a wide range of lockers, cabinets and cupboards.

This neat lock is easy to fit, taking just a few minutes to remove the existing cam lock and making an additional top fixing.

KL1000 can also be fitted to a locker or cabinet that does not have an existing locking device – just drill another hole.

Once in place the lock will perform up to 15,000 openings on just two AAA batteries.

Features include:

  • 11-button keypad
  • 8-digit Master and Sub-Master Code
  • 4- digit User Code
  • 6-digit Technician Code
  • Private / Public Function
  • Easy to fit and program
  • 15,000 operations from 2 x AAA batteries
  • Battery Override
  • Vertical / right hand / left hand versions
  • Slam latch accessory available
  • IP55 rated when fitted with gasket
  • All parts / fixings / templates included
  • Two year limited warranty*
  • KL 1000 with NETCODE NetCode is the smart way to generate time-sensitive codes with up to 10,000
  • Four-digit user codes.

The KitLock 1550 SMART provides flexible access for end users and makes it faster and easier for operators to manage and control access to large numbers of lockers, cabinets and enclosures. The KL1550 SMART supports Private and Public Use, MIFARE-based smart cards and NetCode.

Use as a standard lock with manual operation or purchase the optional tablet to enhance and support advanced programming and Audit Trail.

Access control capabilities include up to 10,000 four-digit user codes, between 15,000 and 50,000 operations and three functions: Private, Public and Remote Code.

Features include:

  • Multiple functions and access methods
  • 12-button keypad
  • 8-digit Master Code
  • 8-digit Sub-Master Code
  • 4-digit User Code
  • 6-digit Technician Code
  • Private / Public / NetCode Function
  • Up to 50,000 operations depending on usage
  • Battery override
  • Auto unlock
  • Easy fit
  • Audible keypad
  • ‘Real time’ clock setting
  • Dual code mode
  • IP54 rated when fitted with gasket
  • All parts / fixings / templates included

Optional extras:

  • NFC tablet (with Audit Trail)
  • MIFARE-based smart cards
  • Slam latch and iButton options

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CompX StealthLock®

CompX StealthLock® is an innovative keyless cabinet lock operated by radio frequency technology, ideal for wood furniture applications in Education, Healthcare and Commercial settings.

Radio frequency technology permits the Transmitter Pad to be stored anywhere, leaving no trace of visible hardware or signs of being secured. This allows multiple (individually accessible) wood cabinet doors or drawers to be locked from a single transmitter pad within a 15-foot range.

StealthLocks install in less than 10 minutes and replace existing cabinet locks.

Features include:

  • Transmitter pad operates within a 15 ft. range
  • One transmitter pad can activate an unlimited number of receiver latches
  • Separate user and supervisor codes (four to eight digits) to operate the lock(s)
  • Receiver latch is easily programmed by user through the transmitter pad
  • Receiver latch mounts within 1⁄2”; drawer suspension clearance
  • Uses readily available batteries: 4-AAA (not included) for the receiver latch and a CR2032 coin battery (included) for the transmitter pad
  • Low battery indicator on transmitter pad and receiver latch
  • For interior use only – recommended temperature range of 50 ̊F to 120 ̊F

Standard Mode – Allows any transmitter pad to operate any receiver latch. Standard mode can be used in most general office or residential applications.

Dedicated – This factory programmed feature mates a transmitter pad to a receiver latch or latches by way of a unique transmitter ID, ideal for assigned lockers or when users are within close proximity of each other.

Modes available on both versions:

Self-Lock Mode – Allows the user to program the Receiver Latch to automatically re-lock after unlocking.

Passage/Manual Lock Mode (factory default) –User must manually lock.

Single Use Mode – Allows the user to choose their code at time of operation. Single Use Mode is recommended for shared or day use lockers or cabinets

CompX RegulatoR

These electronic pushbutton cabinet locks can be installed easily on new or retrofit applications. The RegulatoR is available in two versions: self-locking and manual locking.

Self-locking features SlamCAM, a spring loaded latch, which allows the user simply to close the cabinet door or drawer — no need to return the knob to the locked position.

Manual locking version requires users to rotate the knob into the unlocked and locked positions. Daily / Shared Use Mode allows for revolving user code; multiple users may use the RegulatoR without having to re-program the RegulatoR each time.

Applications: cabinet doors, drawers, lockers, storage enclosures, file cabinets, computer server racks. Markets: Healthcare, schools/universities, laboratories, office furniture, health clubs and retail display.

RegulatoR has 20 codes per lock: 19 user codes and one supervisor code. Code length is four- to eight digits

Available in two versions — self-locking featuring

SlamCAM and manual locking

Additional features:

  • 75,000 cycles; extended battery life reduces replacement and labor/maintenance costs
  • Battery compartment is easily accessible from the outside of the cabinet
  • Four different keypad configurations: left and right hand, vertical and top vertical
  • Install on new or retrofit applications
  • Uses 3⁄4” diameter mounting hole
  • Low battery indicator
  • ADA compliant
  • Satin chrome or matte black finish
  • Three cylinder lengths – 7/16, 1-3/16, 1-3/4
  • Shared/daily use mode
  • Technician Code
  • Easy to clean membrane keypad
  • Installs on wood or metal cabinet doors and drawers
  • Spacers provide additional latching dimensions

CompX’s new RegulatoR AT  is an electronic keyless pushbutton lock that has audit-trail capabilities. The audit trail can handle up to 1,500 occurrences. It also allows up to 20 users to be programmed into the lock.

CompX ecoForce

CompX ecoForce is a keyless, pushbutton cabinet lock that does NOT require batteries, which is good for the environment and saves money. ecoForce is always ready for use!

The pushbutton combination allows for one user code, from one to five digits long. Users can also simultaneously press up to five digits at one time. If a user code is forgotten, ecoForce has a code discoverable feature.

Key Override is included. Its unique key and keyway allow for access when combination is forgotten.

The ecoForce is available in two versions: Self-locking with SlamCAM and a manual locking version that requires the knob to be rotated into the unlocked and locked positions.

Applications: Medical supply cabinets, cabinet doors or drawers, storage enclosures, toolboxes, office furniture.

ecoForce is available in two mounting styles: surface mount and recessed mount. Surface mount requires ¾" diameter mounting hole with secondary attachment point for new or retrofit installations. Recessed mount requires installer to remove material from door/drawer to install.

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Healthcare Solutions from Olympus

Olympus Lock manufactures a full range of cabinet lock products for use in healthcare applications including medical carts, hospital casework, medication cabinets, nurse’s stations and employee lockers.

For MRI rooms, the 100M/200M ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 deadbolt cabinet door lock and 500M/600M ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 deadbolt cabinet drawer lock are made of all non-ferrous (nonmagnetic) material and components and include copper plated nonmagnetic keys. Optional key-retaining function and extended bolts are available.

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