Kevo Convert: A New World of Access Control

Nov. 1, 2017
Kevo Convert enables your residential customers to manage locks via smartphone without monthly fees. It is a simple way for locksmiths to enter the new world of electronic access control.

A companion article in this issue suggests beginning a career in selling and servicing access control systems. Kwikset has introduced their new Kevo Convert which is designed to replace the inner thumb turn assembly on popular existing deadbolt locks. This product is a good first step for entering into this exciting new market. Kevo Convert provides electronic locking and unlocking using a smart phone. Manual key operation of the deadbolt is still maintained.

Kevo Convert includes three packages of adaptor parts labelled A, B & C. Parts from one of the individual packages are used depending on the manufacturer of the existing lockset. Kevo Convert can be used with designated deadbolt and tubular entrance or handleset models made by Kwikset, Weiser, Baldwin Prestige, Baldwin Reserve and Baldwin Estate. Certain Schlage B series deadbolts can also be used with Kevo Convert.

A free Kevo Convert app is available on the internet. The app contains full installation and operating instructions. There are some requirements. Your customer’s smartphone or other mobile internet-connected device or tablet must have Bluetooth Smart Ready / bluetooth 4.0. Compatibility can be checked at Doors must be between 1 3/8" and 1 3/4" thick. Frame and door must be correctly aligned so the lock bolt can easily enter the strike plate when the door is in a normally closed position.       

Begin product installation by removing the existing thumbturn retainer screws and thumbturn assembly. These parts will no longer be used. Instructions detail which bag of parts to use according to the existing lock manufacturer. Parts include a mounting plate, shaft adapter and mounting screws. Place the mounting plate on the door and install two mounting screws through the mounting plate and into the outside cylinder housing. Test manual key operation. Loosen screws and re-align torque blade shaft if required.  

Remove the Kevo Convert interior assembly from the interior cover unit. A connecting shaft in the interior assembly has two grooves, one large and one small. The adapter has corresponding large and small interior projections and can only be installed in one position onto the interior assembly shaft. Finally, rotate the adapter so the rounded edge will align with the cylinder torque blade shape and firmly install the interior assembly into the mounting plate. Install furnished machine screws into the bottom holes on each side of the mounting plate.

Locate the battery pack on top of the interior assembly. Four AA alkaline batteries are furnished. Install four batteries into the battery pack carefully observing polarity.

With door open, press and hold down program button located in the interior assembly. While continuing to hold button down, install the battery pack.

Release program button. A status LED will glow red and green, followed by a beep sound. Press and release the program button. The latch bolt will retract and extend while learning the orientation (hand) of the door. A green LED light indicates that the learning cycle was successful. Further instructions will explain how to check for problems or how to use dip switches located in the interior assembly to solve a problem.

The final step is to install the inside housing. An interior cover is secured onto the housing with a retainer screw. This screw can be left in place to prevent someone from easily tampering with the Kevo Convert or it can be removed so a responsible can quickly gain access. Two furnished screws are used to anchor the housing over the interior assembly.

Kevo Convert apps are available for both Apple and Android. After the app is installed it is paired with Bluetooth. The app allows you to check the locked or unlocked status on your phone. You can also lock or unlock it remotely. Kevo Convert electronically connects users to their door lock system without monthly monitoring fees from a third party. It is a simple way for locksmiths to enter the new world of electronic access control. For more information, contact Kwikset at phone 800-327-5625 or online at