Cabinet Locks Go Electronic

Oct. 3, 2016

Electrifying Cabinet Locks

By Gale Johnson

Keys have been a staple of the locksmith business for literally hundreds of years. But when lock manufacturers themselves use phrases such as "The Future is Keyless" or "Go Keyless," it is time to sit up and take notice. 

Mechanical locks and metal keys will never completely go away. But emerging generations are being raised with cell phones, computers and a general expectation that everything can be accomplished by pushing a button.   Our job is to meet the requests of those customers. 

The latest addition to a growing amount of keyless lock products is keypad locks for cabinets. As with most other electronic locks, electronic cabinet locks are usually designed to fit into the same hole pattern required for key-operated cam locks. The following examples identify the latest additions to a growing list of keyless electronic cam locks. 


KitLock 1550 SMART is a multi-purpose electronic cam lock incorporating advanced programming capabilities and access control methods requested by end-users.  The NetCode function enables remote code assignment for a specified start and end date and time. Applications include lockers, server, storage, key, and drug cabinets, files, drawers, inventory cages, safes and gun boxes.

The lock utilizes NFC technology for easy data transfer. An Android device is placed over the turn handle of the lock and data is transferred to the lock. This is also a terrific way to program locks with multiple users. You can complete the fields and various permissions, operating time, etc. on the hand held, then transfer the data easily rather than key punching in all the data at each lock. Time is saved, accuracy is gained with efficiency enhancing operations.

KL1550 SMART may be programmed into Public (like a hotel safe) and Private (repeat code) mode functions. The program change is easily executed at the keyboard or by NFC transfer.

Up to 50 MiFARE based Smart cards may be used too. The apparent flexibility is cards may operate with parameters of date and time, specific shifts and so on with each transaction recorded. The lock will hold the last 200 transactions in memory and this information may be sent to the cloud, retrieved and printed or seen on the Android device.

Other great benefits: The lock is available with Multiple Orientation positions ‑ vertical or horizontal in any direction. A real time clock program may be programmed to automatically open after a set period of time. This is often used by 24 hour gym operators where there is no attendant.

An Android hand held is not needed. Program by keypad or by the optional Codelocks Smart Device, is a choice the end user can make. In the case of a gym operator and hundreds of locks in use, the choice is obvious.

KL1550 simplifies the process of managing and generating codes for multiple electronic cam locks and synchronizing with the Codelocks online portal to save and view audit trail data.

Combi-Cam E MiniK 10 by FJM

This Eco-friendly cam lock has an up to 10- year battery life saving the hassle of countlesss battery changes. This lock is more compact, easier to use and full of features including three code levels: user, service and master codes.  The MiniK 10 can be programmed for single user mode or locker mode, whereby any person enters in any four digit code to lock and unlock.

The MiniK 10 can be installed as a surface mount or semiflush mount and is great for lockers. All programming is controlled by the master code with no expensive key to lose or become defective. 

MiniK 10 model 7910 features include ability to retrofit any standard cam lock, a compact design, long battery life, one-time use mode (locker mode), audio/visual feedabck and warnings, flexibility of features w/program mode, low battery warning 100 cycle prior, battery override in case of dead battery, can be installed left or right handed, attractive design, five-minute lockout after three false code entries, knob is burglar/torque proof, durable and reliable and meets IP-55 standards for humidity.  A special order, horizontal model is available.

e900 Series Cabinet locks by CCL

e901 cam locks by CCL contain a four button screen for simple screen entry. The locks can be used on metal or wood doors having thicknesses of .6mm to 22mm. One year battery life is achieved using a single button battery cell. The e901 Series is made from UV protected ABS material. Combinations of 1 to 8 digits can provide 87,380 different possible codes. Audible alarm sounds when and incorrect code is entered four times. An audible low battery signal sounds when 200 cycles remain.  Four e901 models are available in configurations for horizontal, vertical, standard use or one time use requirements.

e902 cam locks by CCL contain a 10-button screen. A user defined code can be 1 to 15 digits. The turn knob contains a clutch to deter forced entry. A battery cell provides up to a one year battery life. An optional battery pack is available.  After four incorrect codes are entered, an audible alarm will sound. A low power alarm indicates when 300 cycles remain. Four e902 models are available in configurations for horizontal, vertical, standard use or one time use requirements.

e903 advanced electronic cam locks by CCL contains a 12-button keypad.  e903 locks include a mechanical, key-operated override. A magnetic plate covers the keyway during electronic usage. Easily programmable codes include one master code, one sub-master code and 30 user codes. User defined codes can be 4 to 6 digits. Two operation codes are available: standard use codes or single use codes (locker mode). 15,000 operations are provided using two AAA batteries (included).  The housing material is zinc diecast with a black powder coat and the lock is stainless steel.