Spring Into Padlock Sales

May 4, 2015
STRATTEC and CCL offer some new ideas for an age-old product line

Padlocks have had a similar lock body and shackle design since the Ming dynasty, so can 'new' and 'padlock'  ever be used in the same sentence?  Several companies have studied the padlock market and actually developed new ways to put that age-old padlock design to new uses.

STRATTEC Bolt Products

STRATTEC Security Corporation introduced a Bolt padlock a few years ago.  The Bolt lock system consists of tumblers which are factory-set in a neutral position.  The first time a vehicle owner’s key is inserted and turned in a STRATTEC Bolt lock product, the tumblers are permanently set into position to only operate with that owner’s key cuts.  Strattec says: "Insert key; turn it once; it learns your key."

Specific keyways for Bolt products include GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan and Toyota.  Initial Bolt products could be ordered with popular flat key keyways but STRATTEC now has Ford and GM sidecut keyways available using the same turn--earn Bolt keying system.  Bolt products are available with STRATTEC keyway grooves 75 (GM), 83(Ford), 85(Chrysler/Jeep) & 99(GM/Saturn).  

The primary goal of Bolt products is for truck applications. Pick-up trucks have had the largest total volume of sales for many years.  The mean age of pickup trucks is approximately 9 years. As a result there are millions of pickup trucks on the road and 88 percent of those trucks are covered by the STRATTEC Bolt keyway system.  To a lesser extent, many passenger cars have trailer hitches and can use the same keyways offered in the STRATTEC Bolt product lineup.

Bolt padlocks feature a 9/32 diameter and hardened steel shackle. Internal parts are zinc coated for long life durability.  The 2015 STRATTEC catalog shows an extensive Bolt product line including trailer receiver locks, coupler pin locks, six foot cable locks, tool box latch units, Jeep spare tire locks and a tailgate lock for GM pickup trucks. 

More Information: aftermarket.strattec.com

CCL 450 Padlocks

CCL has recently introduced an expanded variety of new security products. A few of their new products are featured here but consult your favorite locksmith distributor for the many other new CCL products.

Long known for popular Sesamee keyless padlocks, the CCL Sesamee brand name now includes key-operated padlocks. The 450 series weather covered padlocks have a laminated lock body covered by a quality PVC cover to protect the lock chassis against all weather conditions. A sliding plastic bottom plate covers the keyway to keep out moisture and dirt.

A 4-pin lock cylinder provides security. The CCL key blank number is 430-KB-4pin-M1.  The keyway is equal to an industry-standard M1 keyway.  According to CCL literature, the Sesamee 450 padlock pin tumbler construction contains anti-bumping, anti-picking and anti-drilling technology.  Dual steel balls provide heel and toe locking.

The stock PVC body cover color is black but other colors including silver, red, blue green, yellow and orange can be ordered.  This provides users with a way to either identify their padlocks when several padlocks are present and are keyed different or as a decorative addition.

CCL 450 series padlocks have a chrome plated, hardened steel shackle.  Padlocks can ordered with shackle clearances of 3/4", 1 1/2" and 2" lengths.     

420 Rekeyable Padlocks

CCL 420 padlocks have laminated construction and are rekeyable. A wide plastic band surrounds the padlock and protects adjacent surfaces from scratches during normal padlock usage.  The laminated body provides superior protection against drilling and prying.

Security features of the 420 padlock are similar to the 450 series. The 420 has a hardened shackle, dual locking balls to secure both heel and toe of the shackle.  Cylinders are operated by a 4-pin key with an M1 keyway. The cylinder is drilled for 5 pins for use in cases when the padlock requires rekeying to an existing 5-pin key blank. The cylinder cover plate can only be removed when the shackle is in the unlocked position.  Shackle lengths are available in 1", 1 1/2" and 2 1/2".

936/937 Round Body Padlocks

Solid steel construction is a hallmark of the CCL round body padlocks.  Steel bodies are designed to resist cutting, sawing and corrosion. Chrome plating provides long life and hardened boron alloy shackles are standard. Dual ball bearings provide heel and toe locking to deter pulling and prying.  High security, rekeyable 5-pin cylinders contain spool pins, which makes picking virtually impossible according to CCL.  936 padlocks have a 1" shackle clearance while the 937 has a longer 2" shackle clearance.

For more information, visit www.cclsecurity.com.