STRATTEC BOLT - One-Key Lock Technology

Feb. 3, 2014
If you drive a truck, haul gear or pull a trailer, then the BOLT Series of locks is for you. The BOLT Series of locks lets you set all your truck, trailer and equipment locks to work with one key – your ignition key

STRATTEC developed the "codeable lock" for the automotive industry in 2007 and is now sold under the BOLT Trademark. The patented BOLT Technology is a plate tumbler sidebar style lock mechanism that can be coded to a specific key bitting once it has been assembled. The plate tumbler sidebar lock mechanism by design resists picking and key bumping.

BOLT locks have spaces, depths and number of wafer tumblers compatible with each vehicle manufacturer and lock mechanism. Unlike a conventional lock, BOLT locks can be installed into a vehicle first, and then coded to the first key that operates the lock.

The bitting is coded by inserting the operating key into the lock’s keyway and rotated clockwise. Once the cylinder has been rotated approximately 180 degrees, the depths of cut are set to the plate tumblers.  Each tumbler is coded individually. The key is then rotated to one of the two positions where the sidebar aligns within a cutout in the lock case.  The key can then be removed.

This action codes the wafer tumblers against the sidebar, permanently setting the plate tumbler's depths of cut. Once the plate tumblers are configured, only keys have the same bitting can operate the lock. The tailpiece and the configuration of the lock case determine the rotation of the cylinder.

In 2009, STRATTEC added the ½" and 5/8" diameter receiver locks, cable lock, padlock, trailer spare tire lock and Jeep spare tire lock to the BOLT family of locking products. These BOLT products are designed, assembled and tested to the same automotive quality standards that STRATTEC uses on all of its lock and key products.  Noticeable enhancements like the rubberized cover and automotive grade shutter add to weather resistance and help protect the lock body. New products such as a coupler lock and toolbox latch continue to be introduced to the line.

The original BOLT products were only available for Chrysler, Ford and General Motors keyways. Over the years, STRATTEC has expanded the number of keyways available for the BOLT products. In fact, the Ford Side Cut keyway is under development and should be introduced during the last quarter of 2014. The code Series is 10,001-11,500.

Today, the STRATTEC Bolt line includes:

Chrysler 84 groove

 Code Series:



Note: This will include the Sterling Truck models using the M0001-M2618 code series.

Ford 82 groove

Code Series:


Note: This will include Mazda vehicles using the 0001X-1706X code series.

General Motors Double-sided 75 groove

Code Series:

0000-6999 using the 75 groove keyway only

AA00-ZT51 using the 75 groove keyway only

S000A-S711K using the 75 groove keyway only

O5000-O6999 using the 75 groove keyway only

H0001-H3988 using the 75 groove keyway only

Notes: The 2005-09 Saab 9-7X midsized SUV uses the GM O5000-O6999 code series. A number of divisions and models including Saturn and the full size Chevrolet vans used the early double-sided key code series with different groove keyways.

General Motors Double Sided 93 groove

Code Series: G0001-G3631

Note: Isuzu Ascender and Suzuki XL7 use the GM G0001-G3631 code series

General Motors High Security Center Cut 102 groove

Code Series:

Z0001-Z6000 Camaro

V0001-V5573 2014 GMC and Chevrolet pickups

Nissan DA34 Keyway

Code Series:


Toyota TR47 Keyway

Code Series:



Weatherproof BOLT Padlocks have a 2” chrome plated, 5/16″ diameter hardened steel shackle operated by a spring-loaded double ball bearing locking mechanism. Key can be removed with the shackle open.

Weatherproof BOLT Receiver Locks are available with a stainless steel ½" or 5/8" diameter shaft. The ½" diameter shaft receiver lock fits Class 1 and 2 trailer hitches that are equipped with a 1 to 1.5-inch square receiver. The stainless steel 5/8" diameter shaft receiver lock fits the Class 3, 4 And 5 trailer hitches with a 2.5-inch square receiver used by original equipment and aftermarket trailer hitch receivers. The lock body has an auto return spring that locks the double ball bearing locking mechanism when the operating key is removed.

BOLT Padlock and Receiver Locks feature the signature black and red rubberized covering. A stainless steel shutter protects the tumbler mechanism from dirt and moisture.

The six-foot weatherproof BOLT Cable Lock uses a ¼" diameter black vinyl coated coiled cable that has a secure loop on the other end. To secure a tool or object, unlock and remove the lock body from the cable. Slide the cable through the object, the rack (or secured base) and through the loop. Once the lock body has been removed from the cable, the key can be removed from the lock body. Slide the lock body onto the end and secure the object or tool. The BOLT Cable Lock incorporates a Double Ball Bearing Locking Mechanism. The BOLT Cable Lock features the signature black and red rubberized covering.

The Jeep Spare Tire Lock threads onto a ½"-20 thread lug. When locked, the BOLT spare tire lock resists removal of the spare tire. A stainless steel threaded lug nut pin provides strength and durability. The BOLT Jeep Spare Tire Lock features the signature black and red rubberized covering. The lock mechanism is designed for most original equipment and aftermarket alloy wheels. STRATTEC recommends use with alloy wheels with a 1"-″ – 1-1/8″ lug nut well.

The BOLT Trailer Spare Tire Lock features a six-plate tumbler sidebar lock mechanism. The spare tire is secured by a nickel plated carbon steel pin or shaft assembly and shield that provides strength and durability. The BOLT Trailer Spare Tire lock features the signature black and red rubberized covering.

The BOLT Coupler Pin Lock is designed to fit any trailer coupler from a 1/2" to 3-3/8" wide. The locking mechanism is adjustable at 1/8" increments for a secure fit.  The coupler pin lock incorporates a stainless steel housing that has been black powder coated. The housing slides onto the stainless steel pin, requiring the operating key to remove. The stainless steel lock shutter to keep out dirt and moisture. 

The BOLT Toolbox Latch Retrofit Kit fits DeeZee, UWS and other leading makers of truck bed mounted toolboxes. This retro-fit kit contains the stainless steel latch, BOLT cylinder and necessary hardware and fasteners for installation. The BOLT cylinder is protected by the stainless steel lock shutter that keeps out dirt and moisture. Installing the toolbox kit eliminates the dedicated key enabling the vehicle's operating key to lock and unlock the lock.

All Bolt locks have a limited lifetime warranty.  For more information contact your local locksmith distributor or STRATTEC Corporation, 3333 West Good Hope Road, Milwaukee, WI 53209. Telephone: 877-251-8789. Web Site: or