No Key Required: Lockey USA E-PRO Touch

April 2, 2014
Operate this touchscreen lock by entering a user code, pushing a button on the interior lever or tapping the optional remote. A backup key is also provided.

The new E-PRO Touch Electronic Lever Lock from Lockey USA provides homeowners and small offices with plenty of stylish options for locking/unlocking their doors without a key. With a sleek and contemporary design, accented by a stylish satin chrome finish, the E-PRO Touch electronic lever lock with touchscreen keypad is designed for doors of homes and offices with modern decor.

The E-PRO Touch offers all of the convenient features available on the existing line of E-Digital locks, including remote key-fob compatibility, an auto-locking function, and space for up to six unique user codes and a single-use disposable user code. Additionally, its random keypad activation code helps prevent lock tampering.

The E-PRO Touch Electronic Lever Lock can be locked or unlocked including a User Code, the lock/unlock button on the lever, the key and the optional remote, which can operate the lock from a distance of at least 40 feet, according to Lockey USA. With the remote capability, a homebound individual can unlock the door for a doctor, nurse, meal provider, etc., without having to go to the door. He or she can also lock the door. This is very beneficial for wheelchair-bound individuals or those who have limited mobility.

The Lockey USA E-PRO Touch Lock requires standard 161 door prep having a 2-1/8" cross bore with a one-inch edge bore at either 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset. The latch is adjustable to accommodate either backset. This lock will accommodate a 1-3/8" to 2" thick door.

Its 12-key LCD keypad contains the numbers 1-10, the confirmation (arrow) key and the lock/unlock key. The keypad is approximately 1-3/4" tall by 1-1/4" wide mounted above an entry lock. Touching the keypad activates the electronics. For nighttime access, LED illumination occurs for about five seconds when a person’s hand comes within about one inch of the keypad.

Default programming includes a Programming Code (0000) and a User Code (1234). Up to six  four- to 10-digit User Codes and one Disposable User Code can be stored at a given time. All programming is entered at the keypad using the programming code with the lock in the unlocked condition. This prevents unauthorized individuals from changing the programming if the door is locked. 

Programming functions include adding a new User Code, adding a Disposable User Code, deleting a User Code, temporarily disabling User Codes, deleting all User Codes, changing the Programming Code and restoring the factory defaults.

All programming is completed using the Programming Code with the lock in the unlocked condition. One Programming Code is used to set all functions. The Programming Code cannot unlock the lock. All programming functions begin with entering the Programming Code into an unlocked lock.

Additional features include:

Random Keypad Activation Code protects users from onlookers trying to observe the User Code being input. When someone touches the screen to gain access, two to five of the 12 keys will randomly illuminate. These keys can be pressed in any order to make the keypad illuminate. A Random Keypad Activation Code appears only when the lock is in the locked condition.

Automatic Lockup Function provides the end user the choice to have the door remain unlocked or automatically relock once the door has been electronically unlocked.  When the Automatic Lockup is activated, the unlock time ranges from 10 to 99 seconds, with a 30-second default time.

Auto-Latch Detection occurs every time the lock has been unlocked electronically. If the latch is not fully extended, three short beeps indicate that the lock remains unlocked. When one beep sounds, this is confirmation the latch has fully extended.

Code Protection activates after five incorrect User Codes have been entered. The system locks down and disables the keypad for 45 seconds.

Low Battery Indicator provides a flashing red light beneath the battery cover and 10 short beeps when the lock is electronically operated and the four AA batteries need to be replaced. Even with batteries that need replacing, the lock will electronically operate until the batteries are depleted. Note: When the batteries are depleted, the only way to gain access is to use the key. 

Under typical use of eight to ten operations a day, one set of four alkaline batteries should last at least one year. Alkaline batteries are recommended. Do not use lithium batteries as the current levels may affect operation.

Lock dimensions are 6" H x 3" W x 3/4" D for the exterior assembly and 7-5/8" H x 3" W x 1-1/4" D for the interior assembly.

Lockey USA recommends cleaning the touchscreen using a damp towel.

The E-PRO Touch Electronic Lever Lock's comes with a one year electrical warranty. For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Lockey USA at Web Site: