Codelocks CL 300 Series Brings Single-Code Keyless Entry To Any Swinging Door

Jan. 2, 2013
The CL300 is intended to provide control and convenience at an attractive price point and easy installation for the locksmith. This will help generate new profitable business for lock and security professionals.

CodeLocks’ new CL300 mechanical pushbutton lock series is available in deadbolt or deadlatch models, providing the control and convenience of single code keyless entry on any swinging door. No batteries or software are required to program or operate the lock.

Consumer feedback suggested the market has room for mechanical simplicity, and CL300 was designed to meet this demand. The CL300 will accommodate a wide range of applications including residential doors, office areas and or utility closets.

The CL300 Series is designed to retrofit the standard 161 door prep, covering a 2 1/8” hole without the use of trim plates. The deadbolt and dead-latch mechanism feature a unique and patented built-in hub assembly that accommodates either a 2 3/8” or 2 3/4” backset without adjustment. The deadbolt and dead-latch face plate is 1” x 2 1/4”. The deadbolt has a 1” throw and the dead-latch a 1/2” throw.

If retrofitting an existing lock, the only tools needed are a Phillips Screwdriver, pliers, 5/16” drill bit and drill.

The lock is equipped with two breakaway through-bolt fasteners and one tailpiece, allowing for installation on doors from 1 3/8” to 2 1/4” thick. Just two thrubolts are required for the installation, but a third is provided as a nice “touch” for the installer. A reinforcing strike plate is also included with the deadbolt, along with two #8 x 1” and two #8 x 3” screws for secure anchoring to the door frame, increasing strength against attack.

The CL300 is an all-metal construction product with the exception of two gaskets that provide a barrier against dirt, dust and moisture. The pushbutton locking mechanism is a tried and tested component, having been used by CodeLocks for more than 20 years.

Each CL300 lock comes from the factory with a unique code. The CL300 has 13 active buttons which provide 8,191 possible codes. Disassembly is required for changing the code through a familiar procedure explained in detail in the instructions included.

Four finishes are available. SG is a durable silver grey powder coat; BS is a brushed steel finish with a PVD coating to match stainless steel; PB is bright brass also with a PVD coating to match polished brass; and AB is antique brass.

CL300 also has a key over-ride function. The cylinder is a 6-pin screw-cap style key-in-knob with a Schlage “C” keyway and two 6-pin cut keys. The lock can easily accommodate other manufacturer’s cylinders as well.

The CL300 is intended to provide control and convenience at an attractive price point. This will help generate new profitable business for lock and security professionals.

 “For lock and security professionals instead of providing a routine rekey service call, the CL300 offers an opportunity to upgrade to a pushbutton lock at an affordable attractive price point and gives the consumer a product that would limit the risk of a lock-out, something many home owners are looking for,” said CodeLocks General Manager Sean De Forrest.

In addition, when a commercial customer has a patented key system and wants to add the office closet door to the system, the CL300 offers a much lower cost alternative.

Codelocks  Inc has a wide range of mechanical and electronic products in a variety of functions, finishes and feature sets. For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or CodeLocks, telephone 714-979-2900, e-mail [email protected] or web site