Keys To Success When Selling Pushbutton Locks

Jan. 3, 2012

So you are wondering how to sell pushbutton locks to your customers. Waiting is one choice. The other, better choice is to become proactive and seek the business.

You must anticipate what your target customer might be experiencing, (based on your knowledge) and then discuss the problem so you can provide the solution with options and make a sale. This is called pro-active selling. You initiate the conversation, outline existing or future problems, then provide a solution.

Pushbutton locks provide convenience and control. You are an expert at safety and security applications. You understand the flow of traffic in a building. You understand relevant codes. You typically recommend safety and security solutions.

You know the benefits and features and actual on-the-job performance of many mechanical and electronic products. Your skills and experience match the right customer with the right product. You can choose to recommend and sell pushbutton locks in many applications for controlling access.

When selling pushbutton locks, don’t get hung up on the technical aspects of the product early in the process. Understand the nature of the problem and the concerns of your customer before you spout off specifications and unwelcome information. Your customer might not care if there are 80 or 3000 possible users but perhaps he does want to know how often he may have to change batteries. Most likely, he will want to know how easy it is to change the code or add another user, and he might be very excited to learn how to audit who entered the building at what time and date. A good rule is to listen twice as much as you speak before making your recommendation.

Pushbutton locks typically save your customer money and can be very profitable for you. Push button locks have advantages and disadvantages to be sure, but the right lock in the right situation can provide great safety and security function with convenience and long term low operating costs.

There are many “keys to Success” pun intended when selling pushbutton locks.

Successfully demonstrating the ease of operating the push button lock is important. While “high tech” certainly exists within the category, it is often the “high touch” that makes the sale. You need mounted products that work. Selling a lock out of a box is not impossible, but it is much easier with a working demo. When you show the customer how to change the code, add a code or service the unit, you are training and building confidence.

Demonstrating the value of the product is critical too.

  • For the residential user, eliminating the anguish of getting locked out might be of high value.
  • For the apartment or condo association, eliminating keys in common areas eliminates the hassle of key management and reduces the security risk of having former tenants retaining copies of keys. This is likely a high value.
  • For the business owner, keeping the storeroom locked or the back door delivery entry locked with a pushbutton lock with timed or individual entry codes can eliminate lots of logistic issues and is typically of high value.
  • For the health club or spa owner, eliminating all keys could make life so much easier...Feel free to add to the list.

Now that you’ve properly demonstrated the operation of the product on a respectable mount and identified several situations and solutions as well as the value of the product solution, what can you do to get the customer closer to making a decision?

Your recommendation must be made with conviction. If you are personally using a pushbutton lock on a gate for instance, you will be believable as you speak about your application and how it works for you. If you know of other similar situations where push button locks are effective, this information will help your customer in developing belief for your solution.

Next, showing the product is affordable with a satisfactory return on investment will make it a lot easier to close the deal! For instance, if a homeowner was irritated at paying an after-hours fee for an emergency lock-out, the cost of a pushbutton lock on at least one door will eliminate future expense and hassle.

The cost of keys and key management may be information you use to show the apartment or condo association how quickly they can anticipate a return on their investment.

The restaurant owner that does not have to make a 4 a.m. trip to meet the produce guy may be very appreciative too.

Another important step is making sure your customer or prospect understands your offer. For instance, explain that you install, program, test and train for the price you are charging. This is important. There is a huge difference between buying a box of locks over the counter at a big box store or on the Internet and what you actually do. Pushbutton locks provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your value-added attributes and help get closer to the sale at the profits you desire.

The “close” includes your invitation for them to take action. Don’t demonstrate and educate, then fail to ask for the order. Ask for the order. Would you like to buy this now? Can we schedule that installation now? Will you be paying with Mastercard or Visa?

A few final comments. To proactively sell typically means higher margins and the opportunity to demonstrate higher value through personal interaction. Don’t wait for the call; initiate the action. You can sell pushbutton locks to existing customers. Another tip is to market pushbutton locks with a theme...Never Get Locked Out, Eliminate Keys Forever, Secure & Convenient.

Joey Dalessio is Director of Business Development at Codelocks, Inc. of Costa Mesa, CA. E-mail him your questions or comments at e [email protected] or visit to learn about CodeLocks' pushbutton locks.