Codelocks: New And Improved

July 12, 2011

Codelocks began in 1990 in the United Kingdom, rapidly gaining a reputation for integrity, innovation and design excellence. Expansion to other continents including North America is testimony to the popularity of push button locks and the product line itself.

After a successful launch in North America, an electronic technology in the product glitch developed. The company took some hits, but stayed the course, corrected the technology, improved the overall design then added to the product line and also changed the organization.

During the transition a commitment was reinforced to continuously improve the mechanical and electronic design to meet growing and changing market demand as well as developing the finest customer service possible.

Today Codelocks USA offers a wide range of mechanical and electronic push button products including BHMA/ANSI Certified/UL door hardware products and cabinet locks. Known as very attractive products, the quality and wide variety is also well documented. But even with these attributes and a competitive price strategy, there is more to the story.

When the company renewed its effort at its Costa Mesa, Calif., headquarters, Helen Williams, CPA, was selected as CEO by Managing Director Grant MacDonald of the parent company headquartered in the United Kingdom. Her background in finance was very beneficial in guiding the company during the transition period. She began investing in people resources in Customer Service and Technical Support and has successfully molded a cheerful, knowledgeable, committed customer oriented team to satisfy customer demands.

When you call the U.S. headquarters, a live person will pick up the telephone. You will speak to someone who is sincerely interested in helping you. The impersonal robotizing of people functions has not taken hold at Codelocks.

Recently the company added industry veteran Joey Dalessio to lead the business generation efforts in North America.

Managing Director and US President Grant MacDonald said, “We realize of course the North American Market has product and personality nuances of its own. While we remain steadfast in our commitment to maintain our product integrity and brand image, we decided to take on a more local personality-respecting the reality that it is the people in the different organizations that will accomplish company goals at the local level.

“Codelocks has stayed focused on push button code-only locks. Demand is high and is still growing not only in North America, but around the globe! We are very excited about the recent developments in our people and look to a promising future.”