Corbin Russwin Pyramid: High Security Lock Mechanism

June 15, 2004

The Corbin Russwin Pyramid is a patented, high security lock system incorporating unique pin tumbler specifications and the secondary Pyramid locking mechanism, operated by a spring loaded, control pin located on the bottom of the key blade. The Pyramid is ANSI/BHMA A156.5 Grade-1 mechanical locking system. A Utility Patent 6,125,674, provides the Pyramid patented protection against unauthorized key duplication through June 15, 2018. The high-security Pyramid lock system has the UL437 Listing for resistance to drilling and surreptitious entry. View graphic.

The high- security Corbin Russwin Pyramid seven-pin tumbler locking system uses hardened stainless steel pins, having pick-resistant grooves. The Pyramid's secondary locking pin mechanism in the cylinder engages a blocking plate on the plug and prevents the plug from rotating. An integrated spring-loaded control pin is built into every Pyramid key. This pin retracts into the blade as the key is inserted into the lock's keyway. Once a correctly bitted Pyramid key is fully inserted, the seven pin tumblers align and the spring-loaded pin extends into and depresses the locking pin mechanism, enabling the plug to rotate. This secondary locking mechanism resists unauthorized key duplication as these keys will not operate the locking pin mechanism.

The Pyramid high-security locks are available in more than 20 proprietary Corbin Russwin keyways. Pyramid keyway assignments are determined by Corbin Russwin. Keyway decisions are based on system requirements and geographic location. To maintain a high level of security, the Pyramid key sections cannot be integrated into existing Corbin Russwin systems.

The Pyramid keys are manufactured of nickel silver, having the Corbin Russwin KB28 large size bow. Keys can be duplicated or originated using standard key-cutting equipment.

The Pyramid lock mechanism is available as high security and security versions. Both versions incorporate the seven-pin tumbler lock mechanism and the locking pin mechanism. The Pyramid security cylinders are equipped with nickel silver bottom pins and brass top, master, and buildup pins. The Corbin Russwin Pyramid security and high-security cylinders can be combined into the same master key system. This enables high-security cylinders to be installed on sensitive openings and security cylinders to be installed for other applications.

Pyramid lock cylinders are available for conventional and interchangeable core applications including mortise, rim, interchangeable core, and key-in-lever/knob cylinders. The Pyramid mortise cylinder is available with a 1-1/4” length. The interchangeable core version of the Pyramid lock system contains seven pins and is designed to fit the Corbin Russwin 6-pin interchangeable core housings. Pyramid cylinders are available in all standard Corbin Russwin finishes.

Corbin Russwin offers the Pyramid locks keyed to a factory master-keyed system. Following the initial order, additional lock cylinders and/or keys can be purchased using the registration certificate that must accompany each order. Pyramid cylinders can be ordered uncombinated or keyed to existing master key systems for the specific facility . For uncombinated lock cylinders, Pyramid Pin Kits, PK-20-HS for high security or PK-20-PS for security cylinders, is required for re-keying Pyramid lock cylinders. Servicing Pyramid lock cylinders does not require any special servicing tools. To ensure key control, users must comply with the Corbin Russwin Security Policy.

Corbin Russwin Pyramid lock cylinders have a one-year limited warranty.
Pyramid keys have a five-year limited warranty.

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