SCHLAGE “L” SERIES MORTISE: It’s Not Just For Commercial Applications

May 1, 2008
Schlage “L” Series Mortise Locks are available in the residential configurations for entrance door, passage latch and bath/bedroom privacy lock.

Even with the slump, home prices are still expensive in many parts of these United States. It is becoming a rarity to find home prices below $100,000 to $200,000. When you consider the expensive homes selling into the millions of dollars, a cheap front door lock is ridiculous.

The front door is the first impression to every home. The look of a quality mortise lock set against a natural finished solid wood entry is beautiful to behold. When the owner and invited guests walk up to the door and grasp the handle, the feel of a quality mortise lock greatly adds to the perception of the home. The feel is solid, comforting and secure.

OK, let’s modify the scenario: same home, same natural finished solid wood entry. Change the mortise lock to an inexpensive cylindrical lockset. The outside knob or lever, doesn’t matter; it’s sloppy. When you grasp it, it slides up, down and around in your hand, not a lot, but just enough to recreate that feeling a tenant gets when he or she enters an apartment.

Schlage “L” Series Mortise Locks are available in the residential configurations for entrance door, passage latch and bath/bedroom privacy lock. These ANSI Grade 1 mortise locks are designed for installation on 1-3/8” to 2-1/2” thick doors. Deadbolt-equipped locks have a one-inch throw stainless steel bolt. The stainless steel latch has a 3/4” throw with an anti-friction tongue. The standard mortise cylinder is a six-pin tumbler Everest™. Schlage Everest keyways are equipped with the patented undercut groove. The groove operates a spring loaded check pin, which must be raised in order for the Everest lock cylinder to be operated.

To complete the appearance, Schlage® has introduced a variety of lever styles to the venerable “L” series mortise lockset ranging from the Danmark levers, a contemporary lever line manufactured of solid stainless steel, to solid wrought or forged levers and knobs that match those used in commercial and quality residential locksets. More than 50 lever designs are available. Trim options include roses and sectional escutcheons that are available in configurations that complement Schlage cylindrical leversets.

In addition, Schlage recently introduced to the F/FA series products, a variety of contemporary lever designs that allow the suiting of the 609 and 626 finishes to the “L lock. Suiting allows an “L” lock to be used on the exterior or main entrance and an F/FA product on the interior doors. The design and finish are the same for both exterior and interior hardware, maintaining the sleek, sophisticated design throughout the property.

To complete the appearance, Schlage “L” Series levers and trim are available in a variety of finishes including:
• 605 Bright Brass
• 606 Satin Brass        
• 609 Antique Brass
• 610 bright Brass, Blackened
• 611 Bright Bronze
• 612 Satin Bronze
• 613 Oil Rubbed Bronze
• 616 Antique Bronze
• 619 Satin Nickel
• 625 Bright Chromium Plated
• 626 Satin Chromium Plated
• 629 Bright Stainless Steel
• 630 Satin Stainless Steel
• 716 Aged Bronze

For the purpose of this article, I received a mounted sample of a Schlage entrance function “L” Series Mortise lock equipped with an available lever design that matches the Schlage residential cylindrical leverset.

As a final point to consider, Schlage mortise locksets use a mortise cylinder to provide the lock mechanism. Mortise lock cylinders are available with different keyways to be compatible with existing hardware. In addition, the level of security can be increased as just about every high security lock manufacturer’s products are available as a mortise cylinder.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Schlage, 111 Congressional Blvd., Carmel, IN 46032. Telephone: 800-847-1864. Fax: 800-452-0663. Web Site: