Falcon Makes "T" Series Lever Lock Tougher

July 1, 2008

‘New and improved’ is a phrase companies often use for their latest product. Many times the product turns out to have few improvements and is just a copy of similar products already on the market.

Falcon has just introduced a “tougher, more robust T Series Lock.”  These words are easy to say, but is it really true?  One look at their new T Series cylindrical lever locks will quickly make anyone a believer.

The first thing you will notice when taking a Falcon T Series lockset out of the box is the heavy weight and size of the lock. Spindle sections supporting the levers are made of one-piece machined steel. No stamped tubing in this lock. No tube seams to twist or split open.

Weight and strength are also factors in the levers, roses and internal chassis parts, all of which are castings. Roses are approximately 3 1/2” in diameter which forms a solid installation surface against the door. Inner levers are fastened with a large Allen head setscrew instead of less reliable spring-driven retainers.

Falcon has also addressed the lever return spring issue. Compared to knob locks, lever locks require added spring strength to return the levers to a horizontal position. Falcon furnishes stainless steel compression springs in place of old style torsion springs. ‘Ears’ on torsion springs often break off and cause lever sag or premature failure of the lock unit. Falcon claims that compression springs provide the most reliable method of supporting levers.

These locks are surely designed to take the harshest treatment such as high-use commercial applications. At the same time, there are three different designs and six finishes listed. The Falcon T Series Lever Lock could also serve well in any office, school or high-end residential application. 

T Series lever locks can be keyed into many existing key systems. Falcon locks can be ordered with popular competitor keyways using standard lock cylinders, small format (SFIC) cylinders or large format IC cylinders such as Assa, Medeco, Schlage, Corbin, Sargent or Yale.

Lever locks do provide an opportunity for someone to exert turning pressure on the lever even though the door is locked. Falcon T Series locks are designed to turn approximately 45 degrees when locked to deter forced entry. Solid stops in the lock and heavy duty construction of all operating parts are designed to prevent damage when subjected to excessive force.

T Series Lever Locks fit into a normal 2 1/8” cut-out; however two additional holes must be drilled in order to accept through bolts. These bolts solidify the lock installation and are designed to prevent the possibility of spinning the chassis in the opening.     

Options include electrified functions and tactile strips for installations involving handicapped persons. A full line of lock functions are available such as entry, classroom, passage, dormitory and even dummy trim.  
Falcon is part of Ingersoll Rand. Products formerly carrying the Monarch and Dor-O-Matic names will now all carry the Falcon name. For more information contact your local locksmith distributor or Falcon, telephone 800-266-4456, web site www.falcon.ingersollrand.com.