Aug. 1, 2008
The S200 Series Interconnected Locks are designed to provide the security of a one inch throw deadbolt having the convenience of a lever handle cylindrical lock.

Schlage Lock Company’s S200 Series Interconnected Entrance Locks are based on the S Series entry leverset interconnected to a B500-Series single-sided deadbolt. Both the cylindrical lock and the deadbolt are equipped with adjustable (2-3/8” and 2-3/4”) backset latches and bolts. Optional five-inch backset latches and bolts are available. The S200 Series locks are designed for light to medium use commercial applications and for single and multi-family dwellings and can be installed on 1-3/8” to 2” thick doors.

The B500 Series deadbolt component has a solid brass six-pin tumbler cylinder and a one- inch throw bolt. This upgraded S200 Series locks incorporate a zinc bolt equipped with a spinning hardened steel pin. The B500 Series bolt is 10 percent larger than the previous model. An anti-pry shield and a steel mounting plate provide extra protection against unauthorized entry.

The S Series cylindrical lock component is available as a passage or as a solid brass six pin tumbler keyed cylinder leverset. Keyed levers are equipped with a 1/2” throw universal dead latch that is left hand/right hand reversible. The square corner, latch face plate is not rigidly mounted and adjusts to fit beveled doors. Door handing is field changeable for both non-handed levers and reversible for handed keyed models.
The exterior and interior levers are independently supported by heavy duty torsion springs. Of the four lever designs, three are non-handed and two are 4-1/4” in length, having a return within 1/2” of the door face.
The Schlage S200 Series Interconnected Locks are designed to provide the security of a one inch throw deadbolt having the convenience of a lever handle cylindrical lock.

The interconnection between the deadbolt and the leverset is accomplished through the mounting plate mechanism on the interior side. Both of the locks connect to this mounting plate.

Important: The S200 Series locks are designed to provide panic- proof exiting. With a single turn of the interior lever, the deadbolt and latch bolt simultaneously retract, permitting egress.

For the purpose of this article, I was provided with a Schlage S251PD EV FLA 619 keyed cylindrical interconnected lock equipped with Everest lock mechanism and two patented keys. The S200 Series Interconnected Locks require two cross bore openings located 4” apart at their centerlines. The leverset requires a 2-1/8” diameter opening and the deadbolt requires a 1-1/2” diameter opening. For retrofits, a deadbolt adapter ring reduces an existing 2-1/8” diameter drilled opening to 1-1/2”.

Note: When installing the S200, Schlage recommends positioning the cylindrical lock at 40-5/16” above the finished floor.

The installation procedure is basically standard. There is a four-inch vertical spacing between the deadbolt and the cylindrical locks’ cross bore openings. This spacing is not adjustable.
When installing the S200 into a clad or hollow metal door, anchoring pins are at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the cylindrical lock’s exterior rose. Two openings on the exterior face of the door must be drilled to accept the anchoring pins.

When installing the S200 into a wood door, Schlage has included a metal strike box and three three-inch wood mounting screws. To accommodate the strike box, drill two 7/8” overlapping openings, both 1-1/8” deep. The two should overlap by approximately 3/8”.

The S200 Series Interconnected Locks are available in conventional lock cylinders, Full Size Interchangeable Core and the Everest Patented Small Format Interchangeable Core. Available cylinders include Classic, Classic Primus, Classic Primus XP, Everest, Everest Primus and Everest Primus XP Controlled Access cylinders, as well as U.L. 437 Listed High Security Series Primus and Primus XP cylinders.

The S200 Series locks are available with the cylindrical lock keyed or non-keyed. Servicing the single-sided deadbolt lock cylinder requires removal of the interior lever, interconnected linkage housing, interlocking chassis and linkage and the two mounting screws. Removing the lock cylinder from the lever handle requires the lock cylinder plug rotated between 45 and 90 degrees and the lever retainer depressed. The retainer is located at the base of the lever along the base of the keyway. Once the lever has been removed, the lock cylinder will slide out.

The four lever handle designs and the eight finishes are compatible with the heavy duty cylindrical and mortise lock lever handles. Finishes are Bright Chrome (625), Satin Chrome (626), Aged Bronze (716), Bright Brass (605), Antique Brass (609), Oil Rubbed Bronze (613), Satin Nickel (619), and Satin Bronze (612).

The available functions for these locks are classroom, storeroom, passage, and single or double locking entrance, as well as single dummy trim.

Schlage S200 Series locks meet ANSI A156.12, Grade 2 requirements; handicap codes and are U.L. Listed for A label doors on all functions for up to 3 hours. The S200 Series locks meet the requirements of the American Disabilities Act as well as local life/safety and fire code requirements. As an available option, the levers can be ordered in the tactile warning configuration.

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