Take Our Quiz: Servicing Yale Large Format Interchangeable Core Cylinders

Sept. 1, 2008

Take Our Quiz: Servicing Yale Large Format Interchanegable Core Cylinders

1. What two types of keys are used in Interchangeable core locks?
Answer: Operating keys and Control keys

2. What cut depth is used in Yale LFIC cores in the space nearest the tip of the key in order to operate the control lug?
Answer: A number one cut depth

3. What other lock housings will the Yale SFIC also fit into?
Answer: Medeco 31 series housings.

4. Do the Yale LFIC cores require a special pin kit?
Answer: No. SFIC cores use standard .115 diameter pins.

5. Where is the control lug located in a Yale SFIC core?
Answer: Towards the rear of the cylinder.

6. What is the difference in the blanks between any operating key and a control key for any specific key system?
Answer: The control key will be one space longer than any of the operating keys.

7. What key cuts are normally made on a Yale SFIC control key?
Answer: The same cuts as the highest level master key in all spaces, plus a "1" in the last space at the tip of the control key.

8. What is the current angle and flat dimension used by Yale?
Answer: The included cutter angle is 95 degrees and the flat surface is .054 inches.

9. What is the current depth increment used by Yale for commercial key systems?
Answer: Yale uses increments of .019 between each preceding depth number.

10. What is the allowable maximum adjacent cut for a Yale .019 increment key system?
Answer: The maximum adjacent cut (MAC) is 5.

11. What is the visual difference between an original Yale operating key and a control key?
Answer: Operating keys have a round shaped bow and control keys have a diamond-shaped bow.