PACLOCK So Many Options

Dec. 1, 2008
ven if you are using a Master Edge™ keyway, you now have the ability to move to PACLOCK and still maintain your key systems.

Did you know that you can simply insert a Master Lock 6-pin rekeyable cylinder directly into a PACLOCK solid-body padlock? Are you aware that you can use your American Lock pinning kit to rekey PACLOCKs? What about keying your 4-pin #1 style laminated padlock into a hockey-puck? Did you know you can do that with PACLOCK?

These are but a few of the simple, yet trick, advantages a locksmith can reap by switching to PACLOCK. This article, however, intends to provide some of the “basic” information about the innovative PACLOCK padlocks in the hopes that there is a baseline of understanding from which we can build.

If there is only one thing to take away from this article, please take away this: PACLOCK’s 5 & 6-pin cylinders are pinned just like an American Lock 5 & 6-pin cylinder which means you can key PACLOCK into any existing American Lock system. There’s no need to do a wholesale swap-out, just start buying PACLOCK today and key them into your existing American Lock systems.

One quick note - American Lock and PACLOCK cylinders are not exactly the same. Figure 1 shows that the tail-ends of the two cylinders are shaped differently. Why? This difference means that PACLOCK cannot be bypassed.

Knowing that PACLOCK’s pin spacing and depths match up to the American Lock brand, let’s talk about available keyways. The standard keyway from PACLOCK is the “P0” keyway. This keyway is the same as the American Lock “AM3” or the ILCO 1045. Where American Lock offers 5-pin as their standard security, PACLOCK offers the P0 keyway with 6-pin standard. PACLOCK, however, can be converted to a 5-pin so that you can key our locks into your American Lock systems.

Unless otherwise requested, an order from PACLOCK comes with the 6-pin “P0” (ILCO1045) keyway.

PACLOCK also has American Lock’s restricted AR1, AR2, and AR7 keyways available. These cylinders are sold zero bitted to allow you to pin them up and use your existing restricted key blanks.
Speaking of restricted keyways, PACLOCK manufactures two of its own locksmiths’ keyways ~ the “PR1” and “PR2” keyways. Both of these keyways are only available in 6-pin version. These keyways can be used with any of PACLOCK’s solid-body padlocks with the “PR2” keyway also available in our laminated padlocks.

Shifting the focus to laminated padlocks, PACLOCK’s “PL” Series of high security laminated locks have a variety of options. By default any “KD” padlock comes with the “P0” 5-pin keyway and cylinder. PACLOCK gives you a 5-pin at no extra cost on KD orders. Orders for keyed alike come with the “M1” keyway (ILCO #1092) and a four-pin cylinder. Since PACLOCK performs the pinning and final assembly of these padlocks in America, we can pin up your laminated lock orders to any M1 key number you need in a matter of days.

When you receive your “PL” laminated PACLOCK padlocks in an M1 KA, you’ll notice the keys are actually 5-pin in length. This was done intentionally to help PACLOCK cut down on stocking more blanks than necessary. This 5-pin key will work with your Master Locks.

About ten months ago PACLOCK got a unique customer request. “Can you build a grand master key system on a restricted keyway tying in hockey-pucks and #1 style laminated locks?” From that customer’s request, we developed our “Universal Cylinder System” (UCS).

Our “UCS” cylinders allow locksmiths to truly integrate high security solid-body padlocks with lower security laminated locks. Other manufacturers may not allow you to do KA (keyed alike) between these sorts of locks. What PACLOCK has done to make this possible is modify the spacings on the brass 6-pin drilled cylinders to exactly match those from the laminated 5-pin cylinders.

Seems simple enough, but it’s those fractions of an inch that prevent cylinders from being grand-master keyed. With PACLOCK’s UCS system, you can now completely cross-key your M1 keyway into solid-body padlocks. Even better, get your customers to move to our “PR2” locksmiths’ keyway with the UCS and finally feel that you’ve truly done something to stop your customers from going to the big box stores to buy other padlock products at a better price. So whether it’s the tried and true M1 keyway or the restricted PR2 keyway, ask about how the UCS system can help you to help your customer cut down the number of keys they carry.

Cylinders with the “U” stamping on the front are compliant with the UCS system and that “U” tells you, the locksmith, to treat this brass cylinder like a Master Lock laminated cylinder in terms of pin cuts and spacing.

Did you know that you can use a Master Lock 6-pin rekeyable cylinder in a PACLOCK lock body? Got a custom keyway from Master but want to leverage PACLOCK’s engraving capabilities? No problem, just buy the cylinders/keys from them and buy the locks from us.

While this works for the 5 & 6-pin rekeyable cylinders, what about the smaller sized 4-pin and 5-pin (drilled 4 and 5 pin) cylinders? For years people have asked us to develop a simple adapter so that they could drop in their 5-pin W27 cylinder or their W81 cylinder. In keeping with our ideals of supporting the locksmiths with unique innovations, we have done just that. We are officially introducing adapters that allow a drilled 4 or 5-pin cylinder to be inserted into a standard, solid-body rekeyable PACLOCK.

Model number “ADAPT-4P-MAS” works with your drilled 4-pin cylinders and the “ADAPT-5P-MAS” works with your 5-pin cylinders. They retail at $1.15 and are shown in Figure 8.

For the past three years PACLOCK has offered its “Your Logo, Your Locks” custom engraving program. Whether you are using an engraving service currently or are only thinking about it, read on for the details that you need to know.

First, keep in mind that the engraving process is performed by a high yield laser that literally etches into the lock. The etching, or engraving, that is left by the laser is permanent and cannot be rubbed off like silk-screening.

Brief highlights of PACLOCK’s program are:

•           No setup costs
•           No digitization fee
•           Our PACLOCK “P” logo is not on “your” locks
•           The ONLY company to custom engrave on hardened steel padlocks
•           No limitations on fonts ~ no “up-charge” for special fonts
•           Minimum orders of 6 padlocks
•           Lead times are generally 3 to 5 days
•           Pricing to the locksmith of around $1 a padlock

Unlimited types of fonts, types of logos, sizes of logos, or positioning are available. About the only limitation is literally the space available on the locks. PACLOCK is happy to work with you to develop something that will make both you and your customer proud.

Figure 9 gives a quick comparison between PACLOCK and American Lock’s custom engraving ordering process.

PACLOCK has developed a unique way of laser engraving hardened steel padlocks. We added an additional step to the manufacturing process for the hardened steel padlocks used for the engraving program. Prior to assembly, the padlock body gets a black powder coating ON TOP OF the standard nickel plating. By doing this, PACLOCK etches off the black powder coating while maintaining the integrity of the nickel plating. What you’re now left with is a beautiful black padlock that has a sharp contrast from the silver nickel plating now exposed from the laser engraving. See Figure 10 & 11 for some examples. Figure 12 is a small assortment of aluminum and brass body padlocks with custom engraving.

Custom engraved hardened steel padlocks, laminated padlocks with restricted keyways, adapters to fit your Master Lock cylinders… all of these options can be confusing. However, PACLOCK offers endless options and customizability. For more information, contact PACLOCK at 888-5625565 or Web site: