New Car Facts for 2009

Dec. 1, 2008
Almost every 2009 model year vehicle will continue with the same lock systems which were used in 2008. Here is a rundown on some of the new model introductions and their expected locking systems.

Due in part to the economy in general, the 2009 car model year appears to be a quiet one. Just as example, GM has announced that vehicle sales fell 45 percent in October compared to October, 2007. This does not put carmakers in the mood for introducing many new models or spending money to change lock systems on 2009 models.
Sources were telling us last spring that some 2009 domestic models would be changing to sidewinder locks for 2009. This has been put on ‘hold’ and almost every 2009 model will continue with the same lock systems which were used in 2008.

HONDA INSIGHT- Said to be very similar in looks to the Toyota Prius. No information on the key system since the vehicle does not arrive until next April, but Prius uses a proximity key system to take advantage of the electronic revolution and it would be assumed that Honda will do the same.

HYUNDAI GENESIS- This upscale car is designed to be direct competition against Mercedes and Lexus. The cars use a sidewinder key system.

KIA BORREGO- A typical SUV type just when gas prices and the economy are quickly slowing demand for them. Borrego is reported to use the same sidewinder key and code system used for Hyundai Azera.

LINCOLN MKZ- A full-size four door built on the same platform as the Ford Taurus. No word yet on the lock system being used.
SUZUKI EQUATOR- The Equator pickup is a re-badged Nissan Frontier. Rumor has it that Suzuki will be closing their U.S. operations this year, so you may not see too many Equator vehicles on the road.

VOLKSWAGEN ROUTAN- VW has tried several times to develop a mini-van for the U.S. market and never been very successful. This time they are using a re-badged Chrysler Town & Country.

DODGE JOURNEY- Another small mini-van from Chrysler. Chrysler is moving in the direction of keyless lock systems and the Journey is one more vehicle using the FOBIK system.

This list shows many of the more popular car manufacturer new offerings for 2009. Not discussed were the new Ford Flex, Infiniti FX50, Lexus RX350, Saab 9-1, Saab 8-4, Porsche Panamera and Volvo XC60. In the future we will present more keying information for these vehicles as it becomes available.

–Chevrolet Uplander
–Chrysler Crossfire
–Chrysler Pacifica
–Hyundai Tiburon
–Mazda B series Pickups
–Suzuki Forenza
–Suzuki Reno
–Dodge Magnum

We regret any error or omissions in this list. This is our best information at time of printing.