Utility Locks from FJM Security

Dec. 3, 2009
FJM Security offers a unique combination of special purpose keyless and keyed utility locks that will meet most any application.

The average company uses a variety of utility locks for securing cabinets, desks, drawers and other types of office furniture and equipment. Most of these locks are available as four or five pin or wafer tumbler and tubular style locks. Many customers want as few keys as possible to operate these locks. Most would like one key per cubicle, office or section. Some have even requested that these locks be master keyed in order to operate as yours, mine and ours to limit the number of keys.

To add an alternative option for cam locks, Frank J Martin (FJM) Security Products has introduced the Padlockable Cam that is a cam style utility lock that uses a padlock for the locking mechanism. From the rear, it looks just like a standard 1-1/8” long, threaded housing cam lock with removable cams. Like other cam locks, it fits into a standard cam lock cutout or a 3/4” diameter hole.

However, instead of having a built-in key operated locking mechanism in the front, the Padlockable Cam has fixed “L” shaped arm extending from the shell and a similar “L” shaped arm extending from the cylinder area. Rotating the cylinder arm causes the cam to rotate. To provide a locking mechanism, there are 0.400” diameter eyelets in the arms.

This is an interesting product for applications such as a locker lock, a factory cabinet lock or a trailer office lock. In addition to locking the paperwork, these Padlockable Cams can be locked with keyed alike padlocks, securing the gates and hasps installed throughout a facility. An entire padlock application provides the ability to reduce the number of keys required. All of the padlocks can be either master keyed, keyed alike or secured with combination style locks.

The Padlockable Cam is manufactured from solid die-cast zinc components and available in polished chrome, polished brass and black finishes.

In addition to the Padlockable Cam, FJM Security Products include the standard wafer and tubular cam locks, three and four dial Combi-CamTM, Combi-RatchetTM, and Combi-BoltTM. The “Combi-Locks” have been developed to replace common lock products anywhere keys are a hassle.

The Combi-Bolt is a barrel style bolt that is lockable using four 0-9 numbered dials. The solid metal Combi-Bolt is about five inches long (including the receiver) by two inches wide. The perpendicular handle extends approximately two inches. The 3/8-inch diameter steel bolt can be locked in both the extended and retracted positions. The four dials offer ten thousand changeable combinations from 0000 to 9999. The combination can only be changed when the lock is in the unlocked condition and the handle is retracted into change position.

The Combi-Ratchet ratchet style lock secures swinging glass doors or sliding doors used on display cabinets. The lock is designed to prevent releasing the mechanism. However, the mechanism can be slid closer when locked. Combi-Ratchet model 7860 is equipped with a “J” shaped ratchet bar designed for sliding doors. Model 7861 is designed for hinged doors. Each of the ratchet bars is equipped with one or two rubber tipped thumbscrews to safely secure the glass or wood, panel or door.

The Combi-Ratchet lock mechanism is a combination three dial/five wafer tumbler lock. The lock mechanism can be unlocked permitting extending or removing the ratchet bar from the lock mechanism using either the programmed combination or the key. If the combination is known, dial the combination and rotate the outer dial ring from the red dot aligning with the ratchet to the green dot. If the ratchet is locked and the combination is unknown, the key can be inserted and turned to release the ratchet.

The Combi-Cam lock comes in three- and four-dial versions. Each dial is numbered from zero to nine. The three-dial version has 1,000 possible combinations 000-999. The four dial version has 10,000 possible combinations 0000-9999. Both of these dial cam locks are designed to fit into a ¾” diameter or standard cam lock opening. Three cylinder lengths 5/8”, 7/8” & 11/8” are available. The locks are designed to accommodate most cam shapes. Combi-Cam locks are manufactured of metal and are available in black or chrome finishes.

To change a Combi-Cam lock combination, the operating combination must be known. When the operating combination is set, change the combination by depressing the pin in the poke hole along the edge of the dial housing. Keep the pin depressed while changing the combination to the new number. Once the combination has been changed, test with the compartment open at least three times to ensure proper operation.

Note: If the pin is released at anytime during the changing of the combination of any of the “Combi-“ locks, stop rotating the dials immediately. The combination will be set in the positions of the dials when released. To continue to change the combination to a known value, press the pin and keep it depressed until the combination has been changed to desired combination.

FJM Security offers a unique combination of special purpose keyless and keyed utility locks that will meet most any application. These products will sell more when a customer has the opportunity to operate them. A Combi-Cam display is available.

For more information and a local distributor, contact FJM Security, 18424 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98037. Telephone: 800-654-1786. Web Sitewww.fjmsecurity.com.