A-1 Mean Green Machine

July 14, 2017

October 2020 update: A-1 Security Manufacturing no longer seems to be in the security marketplace. However, LAB has introduced the LAB IC-Pro 150, designed for high-volume interchangeable core pinners. 


  • Designed for capping all SFIC 1.150-in. six- or seven-pin cores.
  • Factory adjusted and tested – easy to use with no field adjustment required.
  • Swivel design for easier access.
  • Location and depth of caps preset at factory.
  • Uses standard LAB brass capping strips (part numbers LBCSP50 or LBCSP250) and replacement punch assembly (part number LCP001-12).
  • Includes arbor press, capping die and 50 pieces of the LAB capping strips.

Dimensions: 17 in. high including ram, 12 in. wide, 13-1/2 in. deep including handle. Total weight is 32.5 pounds.

More info: www.labpins.com


The Mean Green Machine is fast, accurate and more versatile than the original Best combinator which was dearly loved by technicians everywhere. The Mean Green Machine features interchangeable vices allowing you to quickly change punching capability from standard SFIC keyways to specialty keyways. Its wide solid brass handle is comfortable yet provides more than adequate leverage for cutting nickel silver blanks. Because SFIC demands tighter tolerances, we’ve designed this product to produce accurate depths of cut and to repeat that accuracy time after time. You’ll love the way the side mounted depth knob requires far less rotation to achieve cuts 1-9 and the automatic key advance speeds up the cutting process without miscuts. Manufactured from tool steel, cast iron and brass, A1’s Mean Green Machine is built to last.

Models covering A2, A3, A4 systems for Arrow Flex & Coremax, Sargent A & B, KeyMark 7, 10 & 14 degree along with Best Premium keyways. Proprietary keyways can be accommodated.

More Info: www.demanda1.com

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