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Wedge Copicks

WedgeCo Four-Blade Picks & Turning Tool

Dec. 16, 2021
WedgeCo has introduced three tools aimed at locksmiths: The 2000 Tension Wrench/Lock Turning Tool is a heavy-duty 1mm stainless steel tension wrench that has a rubber grip. The...
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Pedestrian Door Lock opening tool

June 30, 2011
With the new Lockmasters’ Pedestrian Door Lock opening tool, Model LKM-PDLOT, minimal drilling is required. This tool is ideal for opening the LKM5100 and CDX09. For more information...

Automotive 2010 Supplement: What Makes A Vehicle Difficult To Unlock?

May 3, 2010
Even with all the tools, some jobs are harder than others.

Essential Tools For Today’s Locksmith

March 3, 2010
Steve Young shares his top 10 tools in three categories: automotive, residential/commercial and safe and vault servicing.

Lock Picks Overview

Jan. 8, 2010
When there is no key available, picking is a non-destructive method for providing access. Once a lock has been picked, the tumblers can be read in order to originate a key if ...
Door Hardware

New Product Spotlight

A & B Fire Safes A & B Safe Corporation is adding a new line of insulated fire safes to its product offering. These One & Two Hour fires safes are available in nine single-door...