Genuine Lishi Products: Tools of Choice for Automotive Locksmiths

May 2, 2012
Genuine Lishi Picks, Decoders and 2-in-1 Pick/Decoders will get the job done.

When it comes to decoding a car lock or gaining entry to a vehicle, it pays to have the genuine article. That’s why Genuine Lishi products are popular with autmotive locksmiths around the globe.

From Ford to Fiat, Chrysler to Chevrolet, the Lishi range of tools cover more vehicles than any other product on the market. They are designed to gently move each wafer in the lock one at a time, meaning they are completely non-destructive to locks, doors and frames. And they are precision engineered, using only the most durable materials on the market.

So who better to speak to ahead of JustCars 2012 (Orlando, FL, May 4-5, than world-renowned locksmith engineer Martin Pink, who works for UK specialists Tradelocks, the master distributor for 'Genuine Lishi' 2-in-1 picks/decoders worldwide.

Tradelocks is a main at JustCars 2012. What can we expect to see from Lishi at this year’s event?

We plan to have a large selection of locks and Lishi ‘2in1’ picks for demonstration. It’s a great chance for people to get some hands-on ‘play’ time with the products. The Tradelocks team and I will be available to provide hands-on tuition for all products in the range. I’m basically a locksmith anorak so I enjoy picking locks – it really excites me! We are there to give people as much help and advice as they need in regard to the tool range, and of course we’d love to hear what products they’d like us to develop going forwards.

What new products will you display?

We plan on releasing a number of new Lishi tools at the show. The main one is the universal GM37 2in1 pick, which will pick and decode all versions of the GM37 lock barring the new sidebar version (a new direct decoder is already under development for that). U.S. automotive locksmith and JustCars member Chris Law will be on hand to demonstrate as he helped to develop it. We will also have old favorites like the FO38 (Ford Killer) and some new toys like the Subaru DAT17, a new tool for the Toyota hybrid emergency locks, and a universal tool for the Renault card courtesy lock key.

We will also be releasing the strongest caterpillar-style Ford Tibbe Pick and Decoder ever made. Another I’m very happy to be launching is the new HU66 VAG 2in1 for 2012 models onwards, which will also still pick and decode all earlier versions of this lock.

How does the American market differ from the UK?

The U.S. market and trade is far better regulated than our own. Tool sales are better protected and this, along with the time-served knowledge most of the people I’ve met seem to have, makes the U.S. auto locksmith market the most professional I’ve experienced. In many states this is a licensed trade and I wish our own market was so well regulated.

As for the cars, the technology is not dissimilar but what is totally different is the lock terminology. At the end of the day, an auto locksmith is an auto locksmith the world over. We may use different terminology but when it comes to doing what we do, by sight and hand we understand each other. The laser or sidewinder locks we have had in the UK since 1995 are far newer to the US market, in particular the Ford high-security lock, and the new Camero lock. We’ve had those locks in the UK since 2003 and, via Lishi, we hope to help our American colleagues get used to these quickly and pain free. I envy the sheer range of different vehicles and models the US locksmiths get to work with. I would love to take a sabbatical and spend a couple of years working in this environment.

For more information on Genuine Lishi and Tradelocks products, visit Martin and the Tradelocks team at JustCars or go to