Jet Hardware to the Rescue

June 2, 2016
Harley Davidson has introduced new keyways but restricts key duplication to its dealers. Jet introduces aftermarket key blanks for the Harley Davidson Sportster and Street 750 models.

Like everything else in the realm of security, motorcycle locks are becoming more secure and therefore harder to work on when fitting keys. Not too many years ago cycle brands printed key codes right on the face of the ignition lock plug. Next, the code numbers were moved to the side of the lock housing making it more time consuming to find. Except for Honda, most cycle manufacturers stopped printing key codes on lock housings 20 years ago. Finally, more tumbler positions were added and the tumblers were moved deeper into the ignition lock plug.

Until recently, most manufacturers of motorcycle locks have been located in Europe or Japan. Key codes and aftermarket key blanks have been readily available so locksmiths have had very little trouble in furnishing keys for motorcycles.

A big change occurred when Harley Davidson began using tubular keys and the key codes were restricted. Apparently Harley Davidson either sees key origination as another profit center or believes that factory control of key origination adds a higher level of security. At least locksmiths have aftermarket key blank sources for duplication of keys.

In 2012 Harley Davidson added another new wrinkle. Harley Sportster cycles began using four new keyways. The only way cycle owners can obtain duplicate keys is by factory order from their Harley dealer. Uncut key blanks are not available from Harley Davidson. Harley Sportster keys have a rubber head. The rubber portion can be easily slid back to reveal the key code. There are four key codes beginning with A/B/C or D. These are double- sided, shoulder stop keys and all four keys use identical depth and spaces. It is believed that these locks are domestically made.

In 2015 Harley Davidson introduced another new double-sided key for Street 750 models. Original Sportster keys have been found with codes in the 2001-3000 range. Keyway and cutting dimensions are different than the four Sportster keyways. Locks contain the name Minda, which is a company based in India.

Within the last few weeks Jet Hardware has come to our rescue with five new key blanks to fit the four Sportster models plus the 2015+ Harley 750 Street cycle.

  • Jet blank HYD16-NP fits Sportster "A" series locks.
  • Jet blank HYD15-NP fits Sportster "B" series locks.
  • Jet blank HYD18-NP fits Sportster "C" series locks.
  • Jet blank HYD17-NP fits Sportster "D" series locks.
  • Jet blank HYD19-NP fits the Street 750 Minda locks from India.

Seven cuts are used in Sportster locks.

Spacing is: 217-311-406-500-594-689-783.

Depths are: 1.) 295, 2.) 264 and 3. )232.

There are eight cuts in the 750 Street locks.

Spacing is: 161-260-358-457-555-654-752-850.

Depths are: 1)303, 2)268, 3)232.

In addition, Honda introduced a new laser (sidewinder) key for some models in 2014 and increased usage in more cycle models in subsequent years. Depth and spaces are identical to Honda cars but the cycle blank has a small central groove milled on both sides of the reversible blank. Projections in the Honda cycle keyway prevents Honda car keys from being fully inserted into Honda cycle locks. Currently no transponder security is being used. Jet Hardware has also introduced their HD117-PH key blank designed duplication of Honda Cycle sidewinder keys.

Jet offers an MCA-34 assortment of motorcycle key blanks which includes 34 different popular key blanks including the new Harley and Honda key blanks mentioned in this article. For more information contact your local locksmith distributor or