Technology On The Move: Ford 80-Bit Key Blanks

April 4, 2011

Ford Motor Company is upgrading its transponder-based engine immobilizer systems to the 80 Bit Texas Instrument technology, beginning with 2011 model Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. The Ford 80 bit technology expands security features as well as operational capabilities for the equipped vehicles. The 80 Bit transponder-equipped keys are available as IPATS (non-remote) and Integrated Key Transponder (IKT).  PEPS (Passive Entry Passive Start) fobs for 2011 vehicles are continuing to use the 40 Bit technology.

Huf and STRATTEC are the only Ford authorized manufacturers of the Ford 80 Bit IKT Key blanks.   The STRATTEC key blanks have “SA” stamped above the milling on one side of the blade.  The Huf key blanks have “HA”.  STRATTEC is the only Ford authorized manufacturer of the Ford 80 Bit IPATS key blanks and they also have “SA” stamped on the blade.

The Ford 80 Bit transponder-equipped IPATS key blanks and IKT Key blanks are backwards-compatible with 40 Bit technology vehicles. As a general rule, all vehicles manufactured for the 2010 model year or earlier are equipped with 40 Bit technology. However, Ford 40 Bit transponder-equipped IPATS key blanks and IKT Key blanks are not compatible with vehicles equipped with 80 Bit technology.

The plastic head transponder-equipped IPATS key blanks having the 40 and 80 Bit technology transponder are available from STRATTEC with the Ford, Mercury and Lincoln logo coined into the plastic heads. They are also available as a Ford jewel key blank, the raised blue oval with the Ford name. The only way to identify the difference between a STRATTEC 40 Bit and an 80 Bit key blank Ford, Lincoln or Mercury key blank is if “S” or “SA” is stamped into the shank of the blade.

Note: The 40 Bit IPATS key blanks are still being manufactured.

As this point in time, 21 IKT key blanks are available for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. They are model specific. They are available in different vehicle specific configurations including 40 Bit or 80 Bit, three, four or five buttons, with or without remote start or power liftgate, the Ford 8-Cut blade or the Ford side mill blade and having the Ford, PONY, Lincoln, Mercury or “BOSS 302” logo.

Important: Before cutting or programming an IKT Key blank, make certain it will operate the vehicle.

For example, the Mercury logo 40 Bit IKT key blank (part number 692811) will operate the 2007-10 Mariner, 2006-10 Milan, 2007 Montego and 2008-10 Sable. These vehicles are equipped with 40 Bit technology. The Mercury logo 80 Bit IKT key blank (part number 5914460) will operate the 2011 Mariner and Milan. These vehicles are equipped with 80 Bit technology. The 5914460 IKT key blank will also operate the three vehicles equipped with 40 Bit technology.

Note: Ford has discontinued the production of some of the 40 bit IKT key blanks. They may still be available from locksmith distributors. The 80 bit IKT key blanks are their direct replacement.

Ford Fiesta & Transit Connect

The Ford Fiesta and Transit Connect are two unique vehicles in the Ford line. First introduced for the 2010 model year, the Transit Connect is equipped with the Tibbe lock mechanism. For the 2011 model year, Ford added the 80 Bit transponder-based engine immobilizer on the XLT models. For the non-RFID models of the Transit Connect, there is a plastic head Tibbe key blank. For the 2011 Transit Connect XLT models, there is a three-button remote two-piece key (STRATTEC part number 5913139) and a Tibbe fork/blade, part number 5914117.

The 2011 Fiesta is equipped with a two track sidewinder lock mechanism, also using the 80 Bit transponder. As an option, the Fiesta is also available with the PEPS fob.

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