Renting Your Showroom Space

July 1, 2005
Jet Hardware will pay rent for its display space in your locksmith shop.

The majority of locksmiths purchase displays of various merchandise to use in their customer areas. Jet Hardware goes one step further with their new program of paying locksmiths rent for display space of their products. The "Preferred Groovy Dealer" is a member of their "North American Groovy Key Club."

The "Preferred Groovy Dealer" club began last year with Jet's introduction of the Playboy Series Keys. Before shipment from the factory, a serial number on the back of each display was entered into a computer database. When the locksmiths received their shipments, they filled out a registration form and returned it to Jet along with the serial number. This automatically set up the locksmiths to be paid rent quarterly for the space occupied by the displays. The program is continuing with the latest releases of the Animal Kingdom and Zodiac Groovy Keys.

Members are informed of new product introductions before announcements to the general trade. Plus they are eligible to receive special offers and promotions such as reduced prices, free surprises and goods and in-store signs. Special offers are not only for Groovy keys, but include key machines, new standard and transponder key blanks, utility locks, etc.

All orders must be entered through your Jet distributor and drop-shipped directly from Jet to your place of business. Special dealer pricing appears on the order forms. The amount of the yearly rental depends on the total value of the dealer order. Your distributor will bill you for the goods ordered.

The Preferred Groovy Dealer's order form consists of the new product announcement, along with other existing products that qualify. If your distributor stocks these products (with serial numbers), you may purchase from them. Fill out the form and either fax or mail it to Jet.

As an added bonus, in the fourth quarter of your rental period, you will receive a special offer that you can purchase to keep this deal going for another year.

Membership is easy. To qualify, you must be a professional locksmith purchasing your supplies through your favorite Jet distributor.

Level 1 - Preferred Jet Groovy Dealer

  1. Purchase 1 or more new special Groovy Displays or qualifying existing Groovy Displays.
  2. Additional displays purchased will result in a higher rent return.
  3. Displays will also include a free, large 18" x 32" key sign that may be hung in the window or anywhere in the store.
  4. You will be notified ahead of release to the general trade of all new Groovy key blanks, displays, and other new products.
  5. Your distributor will bill you using the special discounted prices on your order form.
  6. Jet Hardware will pay you yearly rent for showroom space displays. Other products will be offered at a special reduced dealer introductory price.
  7. Renewal of your membership is easily obtained by ordering a specially priced line of products based on a dollar value.
  8. Members only will receive order forms, specials of the moment, etc., as directed by members via e-mail or standard Post Office delivery.

Level 2 - The Jet "E" Dealer (E-mail addresses required)

  1. Via "E-mail" only, you will be notified of all new product releases at the same time that a general announcement is being made to Jet's distribution network.
  2. Via "e-mail" only, new literature, new product releases, auto key guides, etc., will be sent.

For more information, visit Jet's Web Site:, E-mail: [email protected] or write to: Jet Hardware Mfg. Corp., 800 Hinsdale Street, Brooklyn, NY 11207.