2023 National Average Price Survey

July 3, 2023
In 2023, the average service call is $90, while the average hourly rate is $95

The last 12 months have been challenging, with the annual inflation rate expected to hover between 3.5% and 4% this year and higher interest rates meaning that financing new equipment is more costly. The products that locksmiths install have become more expensive, too, with most distributors passing price increases down the line to their customers. One positive is that the average cost of a gallon of gas is $3.46 for March 2023, down from $4.22 a year ago.

In this uneasy economic environment, we hope Locksmith Ledger’s 2023 National Average Price Survey, will be a tool for commercial locksmiths to use when setting their prices. We are interested in seeing if locksmiths held the line or passed on their rising costs to their customers.

While calculating results, the only trend we could identify is that every locksmith business charges a little differently. Many folks noted in the comments that our categories are vague and that their pricing models depend on mileage, parts and other factors. Still, we had a great response and we hope this general pricing information is helpful.

This year, we added the general category of service calls, based on some reader requests, because some locksmiths charge hourly; some charge a flat rate and many charge a combination of the two, often with mileage/travel charges calculated as well. Most pricing in our survey does not include the cost of parts. The average service call was $90.

Readers Explain Their Pricing

We appreciate the readers who offered the following explanations of their pricing strategies, as listed here.

Prices to rekey locks are prices we charge when locks are brought to us at the shop. We charge $20 labor to remove and replace, in addition to service call and rekey charges, when we go to their location. We charge service call plus labor and materials, unless it is a very minor fix, then we only charge for the service call.

Our local charge is $89 Canadian, taxes extra, which includes first half hour within 20 kilometers of the shop. We add $1 per 5/8 of a mile. We operate in a small city. We frequent Toronto which is 90 miles away. We have a flat rate charge of $159 plus a $15 fuel surcharge. We try to set up two or more jobs on those days.

Most service events are by the hour. It depends on frames (concrete vs wood) etc.

Our hourly rates start at $165/hour, $185/hour for electronic and safe work Minimum charge is $89 trip charge plus two-hour minimum ($165 or $185) so minimum is $419 to $459. Hourly charges are doubled when it’s a 2 man job like safe moving/installation or door replacement.

All my labor is based port to port on $165 minimum one hour and $115.00 per hour after billed (including partial) 1/4 hour increments.  Safe labor is the only thing that deviates from this rate.  I am working on increasing our labor rates this year.

Honestly, the idea that many of these categories have a generic price is absolutely ridiculous. The only rational way to operate is a service call charge to arrive at the job location and a price for each service performed, such as: Service call to your home, $129, Schlage B60 deadbolt,  approximately $75, installation $160, rekey two other cylinders while I’m there, $39-$49.

 Lockout call is not a thing, for us; it’s in the more useful category of ‘Emergency Service Call.’ The cost of the procedure needed stays the same; the cost of ‘the ‘first drop on the meter’ will be more if we are squeezing you in before dinner than if you scheduled a week in advance.

Key Duplication

Single Cut  3.80

Double Cut  6.30

High Security  23

Key from Broken Sample  15

Fit Key or Rekey Cylinder

Key-In-Knob  21

Rim/Mortise  21

Set to Masterkey System  28

High Security Cylinder  35

Safe Deposit Lock  54

Tubular Lock  45

Fitting 1st Key: Impressioning  30

Fitting 1st Key: Reading  30


Fit Standard Key  75

Fit Transponder Key  140

Fit Sidewinder Key  176

Fit Motorcycle Key  115

Program Transponder Key  82

All Keys Lost  240

Rekey Ignition Lock  100


Install Electric Strike  175

Install Exit Alarm  175

Install Electromagnetic Lock  240

Install Electronic Lock, Wired  230

Install Electronic Lock, Wireless   200

Program Electronic Lock  59

Install Keypad/Reader  172

Electrify Lock/Exit Device  400

Upgrade to Touchless Actuator  300

Install Integrated System  502

Lock / Door Hardware Installations

Install Cylindrical Deadbolt  75

Install Cylindrical Lever Lock  70

Install Mortise Deadbolt  148

Install Door Closer  132

Install Rim Exit Device  158

Install Vertical Rod Exit Device  372

Install Automatic Door Opener  410

Install Continuous Hinge  270

Safe Work

Open Safe by Drilling  380

Open Safe by Manipulation  325

Change Combination  80

Convert Lock to Electronic  180

Safe Moving / Installation  305

Results by Sector

This year’s results were very similar to last year’s results. Some prices increased slightly, while a few others decreased by a small amount.  The average lockout call charge was $110, compared to $85 in 2022, possibly as a result of uncertain fuel costs. Average hourly rates were $95 for 2023, compared to $92 a year ago.

In the automotive sector, the average cost for transponder key programming was $140, with prices quoted from $20 to $250. The most expensive auto jobs involve an all keys lost situation, which can cost up to $500 and averaged $240

Electronics jobs were especially hard to price, since they depend on the cost of the hardware and the installation site conditions, as well as the hourly rates of the technicians. Many locksmiths were charging approximately the same amount for wired and wireless lock installations. A wired electronic lock install averaged $230, only$30 more than a wireless lock installation at $200. The cost of electrifying locks and exit devices jumped sharply in 2023 to $400.

Other high-ticket jobs included vertical rod exit device installations at $372 and automatic door installations at $410.

In the safe servicing niche, four out of five categories were up slightly, while combination changes fell from an average of $94 in 2022 to $80 in 2023.

As expected, prices are generally higher in large metropolitan areas and resort areas and lower in smaller cities and rural areas.