2016 Auto Lock Guide from STRATTEC

May 2, 2016
Our list shows a brief description of Strattec key blanks for 2016 vehicle models. Unless otherwise specified, all car models are using high security, laser type keys.

Each year Locksmith Ledger confers with representatives from Strattec Security Corp. to obtain the latest information on keys and locks for new car models. This reporter has participated in these meetings for more than a decade.

Topics for discussions with Strattec have varied widely over the course of the years. In earlier times laser (sidewinder) type keys were never mentioned. At that time the complete line of locks manufactured by Strattec consisted of flat type, edge cut keys. Every domestic car model contained mechanical ignition locks plus key-operated locks on left and right front passenger doors plus a lock on the trunk lid. The first domestic vehicle to introduce the word 'transponder' was the 1996 Ford Mustang.

A list of lock and key blanks for 2016 vehicle models offered by Strattec tells a completely different story. Keys for an overwhelming majority of 2016 vehicles in the Strattec 2016 catalog are laser type keys. Most passenger doors and trunk lids no longer contain key-operated locks. Mechanical ignition lock systems on a large percentage of 2016 vehicle models have either one remaining mechanical vehicle lock designed to be only used in an emergency in cases of electronic failure.

Changeover to electronic vehicle security is not a new phenomenon. It has been occurring slowly for the last decade. As vintage vehicles are scrapped, locksmiths will be asked to work more and more on vehicles which have keyless operating systems.

Strattec offers factory original transponder keys and fobs for past and present car models. The following list shows a brief description of Strattec key blanks for 2016 vehicle models. Some 2016 models will be listed as Passive Entry, Passive Start (PEPS). Unless otherwise specified, all of the following car models are using high security, laser type keys.

General Motors Vehicles

2016 Buick Encore models use Strattec flip keys: 5912555 (4 button) and 5912556 (5 button).

2016 Buick LaCrosse, Regal and Verano models may either use the same flip key blanks or may have PEPS as an option and require flip keys : 5912558 (4 button) or 5912559 (5 button). 2016 Buick Enclave continues with the 'Z' keyway: 693126

2016 Cadillac ATS, CTS, ELR, Escalade & Escalade ESV models all have PEPS security. Fobs are dealer only but the emergency key blade is Strattec 5922070.

2016 Cadillac SRX & XTS models also have PEPS security but a different emergency key blank is used. Fobs are dealer only but the emergency key blade is Strattec 5912534.

2016 Chevrolet Sonic models use flip keys: 5913598 (3 button), 5912543 (4 button) and 5912545 (5 button).

2016 Chevrolet Camaros are available with non-PEPS keys: 7013237 or 5928090. 2016 Camaro may also have optional PEPS security: 5912543 (4 button) or 5912545 (5 button).

2016 Chevrolet Cruze models are available with a non-PEPS flip key:  7013237 or can have optional PEPS security: 5912543 (4 button) or 5912545 (5 button).

2016 Chevrolet Impala consumer models use PEPS security: 5912543 (4 button) or 5912545 (5 button). 2016 Chevrolet Impala fleet models continue with the 'Z' keyway: 5903089.

2016 Chevrolet SS models have PEP security: 5921873 (5 button).

2016 Chevrolet Volt uses PEPS flip key: 5920167 (5 button).

Chevrolet Trax models use a flip key: 5913597.

2016 Chevrolet Captiva uses a flat key: 7011685.

2016 Chevrolet & GMC high security laser keys are used on Tahoe/Yukon , Suburban, Express/Savana, Colorado/Canyon, Silverado/Sierra & Equinox/Terrain . 2016 Express/Savanna models use: 4225455. Silverado, Tahoe & Suburban use: 5924205 (sml hole). Sierra & Yukon use: 5924206 (sml hole). 2016 Equinox/Terrain models use either non-PEPS: 7013237 or PEPS security: 5912543 (4 button) or 5912545 (5 button). 2016 Chevrolet City Express Vans are rebadged Nissan vans using flat keys: 7003526. 2016 Traverse/Acadia continue with 'Z' keyway:

Ford Vehicles

Ford has a technology called Embrace. Basically as an owner approaches the vehicle, Embrace adds lighting which illuminates the door handle plus interior and exterior areas near the door. Fobs are also available as one-way or two-way transmitters. Two-way fobs can receive messages back from the vehicle to indicate whether remote engine starting or stopping has been successful.

2016 Ford Focus models use 4212475. Non-PEPS Focus models use: 5921709 (IKT). 2016 Ford Focus BEV models use a PEP fob: 5921286 with an emergency blade: 5923267.

2016 C-Max models continue to use PEPS fob: 5919918 and emergency blade: 4212475. 2016 C-Max Energi models use: 5923790 and an emergency blade of  : 5923267.

2016 Ford Fusion models use either a mechanical key: 5923293 or a PEPS system: 5926060 (4 button). A wallet emergency key is: 4223891.

2016 Ford Mustang wallet key: 4223891.

2016 Ford Taurus uses either a keyless IKT system:  5924326 , 5912512 (4 button) , 5921467 (5 button) or a PEPS system: 5921285 (4 button), 5921286 (5 button) .

2016 Ford F150 models use optional PEPS security with: 5923667 (3 button), 5926057 (3 button/1 way) or 5926054 (5 button/2-way). The F150 emergency key blade is 4223891. 2016 F150 models may also use a non-PEPS static key system: 5923293 or flip keys: 5923667 (3 button) or 5923694 (4 button/2 way).

2016 Ford F250/350/450/550/650 models continue with the 8-cut flat key system: 5912560 (IKT) and 5913441 (IPATS).

2016 Ford Explorer and Taurus police vehicles (PPV) use: 597638 (flat key).

2016 Ford Flex uses either IKT fobs 5912560 (3 button), 5912512 (4 button), 5921467 (5 button) keys or PEPS fob: 5923896.

2016 Ford Edge models use PEPS only: 5926060 (4 button), 5923896 (5 button).

2016 Ford Escape uses either an IKT system: 5922964 (4 button) or a PEPS system: 5923790 (5 button) and emergency key: 5923267.

2016 Ford Explorer uses PEPS security: 5926060 (4 button), 5923896 (5 button), 4223891 (emergency wallet key).

2016 Ford Transit Vans use non transponder key: 5925988 or optional IKT system: 5925981 (3 button). 2016 Transit Connect vans use IKT laser keys: 5921707 (3 button), 5921709 (4 button)

2016 Lincoln MKC models use PEPS security: 5925315 (4 button), 5925313 (5 button) and a wallet emergency key: 4223891.

2016 Lincoln MKS and MKT models use PEPS security: 5921288 (5 button) and emergency key 5912345 (flat type).

2016 Lincoln MKX models use PEPS security: 5925315 (4 button), 5925213 (5 button).

For further information on key blanks and fobs which may be available for models not mentioned in this article contact your local Strattec locksmith distributor or source: www.aftermarket.strattec.com