ABLOY Keyless Access Controller

June 30, 2022

Abloy Oy and ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions announced their jointly developed ABLOY Keyless Access Controller. With the controller, businesses can upgrade their doors to be keyless by making most electric locks and other electronic door locking devices work with a digital key on a mobile app instead of a physical credential. The controller works with ABLOY products and with hardware of any brand that uses compatible wiring.

The controller is an ideal solution that conceals the locking mechanism. Relying on continuous power, this small device is installed optimally inside a cabinet or behind a door and is therefore difficult to manipulate from the outside.

“By developing and applying new technologies, we can enable a smoother, safer and a more connected world. We see a future where any door or hatch can be opened, locked and monitored from anywhere, in real time. Our Keyless Access Controller is a major leap,” says Jussi Ahvalo, vice president, Abloy International.

“Keyless access management not only prevents downtime and reduces operational costs, but also minimizes energy-consuming travel, making daily processes work smoothly. We want to help organizations move toward a keyless future and take secure, controlled steps forward,” says Simo Pikkarainen, product and software director, ABLOY Critical Infrastructure, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions.

The controller is operated through the ABLOY mobile app on the user’s mobile phone over a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. The device is compatible with numerous electric lock types, such as electromechanical, electric, magnetic motor and cabinet locks but also with alarm systems, door strikes, latches and actuators, as well as automatic or manual garage, sliding and roll-up doors, gates and lifts.

The controller expands the solution range of two product families, tailored to the different demands of critical infrastructure on the one hand and more conventional business on the other:

  • The ABLOY BEAT controller is ideal in critical infrastructure protection in sectors such as water, energy, telecom, transportation and logistics.
  • The ABLOY CUMULUS controller is designed for commercial real estate and public spaces. These include parcel deliveries, cash-in-transit, office spaces and construction, for example.

The controller can be managed with ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions’ CIPE Manager, ABLOY OS INCEDO or by integrating with a third-party system. The solution has well-documented application programming interfaces (APIs) and mobile software development kits (SDKs) for easy integration and partner solutions. The controller tracks use and records opening and locking events automatically. The records can be accessed in the management system used by the organization.

Both controller versions will become available in stages in selected markets globally by regional ABLOY Critical Infrastructure and ABLOY sales units, respectively

For more information, go to ABLOY’s BEAT page.

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