ABLOY USA Adds CLIQ Plugin for Genetec Security Center

Dec. 9, 2020
Abloy Protec2 Cliq Key

ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure announced the recent integration of the CLIQ Plugin within Security Center from Genetec Inc., a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions.

“Genetec is recognized as the global industry leader in IP-based security solutions,” says Jerry Burhans, managing director of ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure, a division of Global Solutions ASSA ABLOY. “Great partnerships create better solutions which allow clients to do more. With that in mind, we look forward to working with Genetec and its channel partners in the critical-infrastructure space to provide best-in-class solutions for customers around the globe.”

Integration of the CLIQ Plugin allows operators using Genetec Security Center 5.7 and up to have more control. They can assign access rules of cardholders granting access to CLIQ locks, in addition to allowing programming of CLIQ intelligent keys with proper access rules. The CLIQ system itself removes the expense of physically rekeying locks and replacing keys, because rekeying is done electronically.

CLIQ is an award-winning, security locking system featuring high-end microelectronics, programmable keys, cylinders and padlocks. It provides a variety of mechanical and electronic system combinations to match different security and flexible access demands. Intuitive software simplifies the ability to manage access rights, enable and disable keys, and customize access schedules, on site or remotely. A wire-free system, which each key can be programmed and updated individually, grants access to specific areas, all with audit trail capability. A long-term battery inside the programmable CLIQ key serves as its power source.

For more information about CLIQ systems, visit www.abloyusa.com.