Paxton Releases COVID-19 Action Plan

April 3, 2020
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Paxton has put together an action plan to work through the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Paxton is open for business and confirms that it will remain fully functional to support installers to help their businesses continue to prosper. Steps have been taken to facilitate remote working and social distancing to minimize the impact of the virus on the business and maintain a high level of customer service.

Sales and Technical Support are available either online or by phone with no disruption in normal service. Paxton also would like to reassure installers that the company’s supply chain reamins strong and mostly unaffected by the virus. At this stage there is no significant delay for installers placing orders for Paxton products.

To further support installers and keep employees safe, many Paxton staff now work from home. The company has invested in remote technology and equipment to reduce the effect and maintain productivity.

For customers who require training for specific upcoming installations, all face-to-face training has been postponed until the end of April, and Paxton will provide free online training sessions in the interim.

“Rolling out additional training resources has been a key priority for the team, and we have seen a huge demand in the number of installers getting in touch to arrange customized training sessions,” Global Training Manager Steven Woodbridge says. “We are keen to support those who need tailored training sessions and encourage them to make contact, so we can help them plan accordingly and offer a virtual classroom experience with a dedicated teacher.”

The Paxton team developed an online resource of all their materials in one place, making it simple for their customers to get access to their knowledge base, tutorial videos, case studies and promotional content. (For resources, follow this link)