Best of 2019: Electronic Access Control

Dec. 3, 2019
Leading products utilize the Cloud, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and other wireless technologies, with a tie in to the growing IoT universe

As 2020 quickly approaches, Locksmith Ledger takes a look back at the best new technologies and products for 2019. Some items are brand new, while others are enhancements to pre-existing products.

SDC Selectric Pro 7800 Series

The Z7870/7880 Selectric Electrified Mortise Lockset Hybrid with Manual Deadbolt for Privacy feature is SDC’s best new product for 2019. Selectric® Electrified Mortise Locksets are designed for the access control of openings in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities where code compliance, dependable operation and resistance to physical abuse is required.

Selectric® locksets ensure that the door stays latched even when unlocked, maintaining fire door integrity. SELECTRICTM locksets comply with all national building and fire life safety code requirements for use on fire rated doors, including high rise stairwell and elevator lobby doors where the use of electric strikes and magnetic locks is prohibited.


• SDC fully featured lockset with complete application flexibility for new construction or retrofit of major brand mechanical locks

• New or retrofit application, replaces most mechanical locks

• Field selectable handing

• Order with SDC Trim or Less Trim. Compatible with Schlage trim provided by others

• Key Latch Retraction

• Field Selectable Mode (Failsafe/Failsecure) (7830/7832/7850/7852 only)

• Field Selectable Function (7830/7832/7850/7852 only)

• Field Selectable Voltage (7830/7832/7850/7852 only)

Full Monitoring Capability (Optional)

• Request-to-Exit, SPDT

• Door Position Status, SPDT (7830/7832/7850/7852/7835 only)

• Latched & Locked Status, SPDT (7830/7832/7850/7852/7835 only)

• Deadbolt Status (7870/7872/7880/7882 only)

• Latch Status (7870/7872/7880/7882 only)

WPT Wireless Power Transfer Device

The SDC Wireless Power Transfer Device (WPT) also made our list of best new access control products.

The WPT uses a radio frequency (RF) transmitter to send energy wirelessly across the door gap to a RF receiver that converts the energy to DC voltage – to power electrified locks and latches. Retrofitting electrified locks into openings with existing wood doors is simpler and less time consuming. Core drilling the door is not required. It works well with steel doors, too.

Unlike competitive wireless power transfer devices that use magnetic induction for the power transfer, the WPT’s RF technology* also allows for transfer of latchbolt monitoring, REX or data signals.

The WPT eliminates unsightly, exposed wires across the door gap that are susceptible to vandalism or breakage thru use and includes a timed trigger to allow for up to 90 seconds of sustained voltage, if required. The WPT transfers power wirelessly across door gaps up to 7mm (a little over 1/4”), and provides more tolerance in lining up the transmitter and receiver vertically and horizontally than inductive power transfer devices.

• No door core drilling required

• Transfer of latchbolt monitoring, REX or data signals

• Door Status Output

• No more broken wires, no moving parts

• Dual voltage output 12VDC or 24VDC field selectable

• For failsecure electrified locks, latches or other door hardware requiring up to 600mA @ 12VDC or 300mA@ 24VDC

• For intermittent duty, but can provide up to 90 seconds of sustained voltage

• Flexible installation - can be mounted on top of frame, latch side or hinge side with up to 1/4” door gap

• UL 1034 and UL 10C 3 hrs fire-rated, FCC Part 15 Compliant

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Yale Z-Wave Technology

Yale’s new  Pro Series product line is designed for professional installers. The Yale Pro SL is a key-free smart lock with built-in Z-Wave Plus (500 Series) technology.

The lock offers seamless integration with popular Z-Wave Plus smart home and alarm systems, such as ADT, Resideo by Honeywell,, Qolsys, AT&T, Ring Alarm, and more.

The introduction of the Yale Pro SL and its product line signals the company’s commitment to build more tailored offerings for the Pro community.

Created with intuitive control in mind, the Yale Pro SL’s keypad wakes by simply touching the Yale logo, and locks with another quick touch of the logo. To unlock, homeowners enter their custom entry code or provide trusted guests and visitors with unique codes, and then rescind access by deleting the code. If the lock is integrated into a smart home or alarm system, users are also able to remotely lock/unlock and manage access from their smart home or alarm system’s mobile app.

In addition to providing convenient access, high-level security is built into the smart lock. Unlike standard deadbolts, there is no cylinder to pick, and the keypad design eliminates the need to worry about physical keys being lost or stolen. Homeowners don’t need to worry about getting locked out due to dead batteries because the lock features a 9V battery back-up charger, located below the keypad, which can be used to temporarily power the lock. Installation takes just a few minutes with a screwdriver, and Pros can easily integrate it with compatible smart home devices and alarm systems through a one-touch Z-Wave enrollment process.

The Yale Pro SL comes in three finishes designed to match popular door hardware: bronze, brass and satin nickel. It is available for purchase now at popular security wholesale centers, including ADI, Anixter and other regional wholesalers.

The Yale Pro SL (YRD156) is a key-free touchscreen deadbolt with Z-Wave Plus built-in.

It replaces a standard deadbolt in minutes using just a screwdriver and can be added to dozens of Z-Wave smart home and alarm systems with one-touch enrollment.

The lock is 100% key free so it can't be picked and there's no keys to lose.

To prevent lockouts due to dead batteries, there is a 9V battery terminal located below the keypad.

The lock has a backlit, touchscreen keypad that wakes with a touch and has numbers that won't wear off.  It's backed by a lifetime limited warranty on finish and mechanics, and a one-year warranty for electronics.


  • Replaces your existing deadbolt on doors that are 1-3/8" to 2-1/4" thick with just a screwdriver
  • Works with dozens of Z-Wave Plus smart home and alarm systems including ADT, Honeywell,, Vera, Qolsys, 2Gig and more.
  • Keypad wakes by just touching the Yale logo - lock the door behind you by touching the logo.
  • Create unique entry codes for people you trust and delete codes when you need to.
  • You won't get locked out if the batteries die. Simply hold a 9V battery to the terminals below the keypad for a temporary charge.
  • BHMA Grade 2 Certified and backed by Yale with a lifetime warranty on finish and mechanical and one year for electronics.

If the Pro SL is integrated into a user's smart home or alarm system, users can manage access (lock/unlock) through that system's mobile app. Otherwise, users can set a custom entry code and set unique codes for guests/visitors if they'd prefer to establish credentials that way.

The Pro SL is Z-Wave Plus only, meaning it does not work with Aperio. Since Yale’s NexTouch comes with Z-Wave Plus, you could have both locks in one environment and connect them to the same Z-Wave system.

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Aperio® Technology

Designed for easy integration into existing access control systems, ASSA ABLOY’s wide range of Aperio-enabled devices allows facilities to add access control to more applications than ever before.

Aperio®  technology is a global wireless platform that reduces the cost and inconvenience of traditional access control, with the flexibility to address any application. Aperio utilizes local wireless communication between the lock and a communications hub to connect to an electronic access control system.

You can easily expand the reach of existing access control systems and secure openings that would otherwise go unprotected.

With the global range of Aperio-enabled locks from ASSA ABLOY, online access control can be easy and cost-effective at any opening, with standardization across locations worldwide.

  • No complex site surveys
  • Minimal field configuration
  • Simplified installation at the opening
  • Fully encrypted AES 128 wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Real-time authentication and alarms
  • Easily expand the reach of your existing access control system

The following are some of the ever-increasing Aperio products.

G100 DIGITAL GLASSDOOR DEADLOCK: The sophisticated styling of the Adams Rite G100 lends itself to beautiful all-glass doors. Compared to traditional options such as electromagnetic locks or cutting and drilling patch fittings, the G100 offers superior styling and convenience with the added security of dual-factor authentication and fully encrypted wireless communication to the host access control system.

R100 CARD READER: The Securitron R100 surface mounted wireless card reader offers a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing way to extend access control to glass, metal or stone surfaces without the need for cutting or drilling. It provides flexible, robust retrofit options for entryways.

Both these readers work with swinging single or double all-glass door applications with a fixed leaf and accommodate 7/16" to 1/2" (11.1 mm to 12.7 mm) glass door thicknesses.

Installation: Surface mounted trim, no cutting or drilling required Surface mounted, no drilling required for easy installation

Special Features: Real time REX, DPS, tamper and battery health monitoring Real time tamper and battery health monitoring

Design: Non-handed with Lever knob Tamper and weather resistant protected by integrated monitoring

Options: Adhesive aluminum dress cover plate (R100-DPK)

Credential Support: High Frequency (13.56 MHz): HID iCLASS®, HID iCLASS SE® (SIO-enabled), HID iCLASS® Seos™, HID MIFARE®SE, HID DESFire® EV1 SE, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire EV1, NFC-enabled mobile phones

A100 NARROW STILE TRIM: The Adams Rite A100 provides safety, security and convenience at a cost-effective price for retrofitting aluminum and hollow metal entrances with electronic access control. Ideal for both interior and exterior door applications, the A100 offers an easy-to-install electronic access control trim for openings with existing Adams Rite deadlocks, deadlatches and exit devices.

Credential Support:  High Frequency (13.56 MHz): HID 13.56 MHz iCLASS®  (ISO 15693) and Low Frequency (25 kHz): HID Prox®

IP Hubs: The IP Aperio AH40 hub uses standard Ethernet cabling to connect to IP-based access control systems and supports up to 16 devices per hub. The Mercury-Powered and standard RS-485 versions of the Aperio hub (AH30-R12/RN1) offer the flexibility and scalability to support up to eight devices per hub*. The Industry standard Wiegand output hub offers easy integration with many popular access control systems.

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dormakaba Saffire LX

Turn standard keyed locks into smart digital locksets with dormakaba’s Switch Tech.

A highly durable, digitally enabled replacement for small format interchangeable cores. The Switch Core works where SFICs do, including cylindrical, mortise, case locks, padlocks, cabinet locks and other locks. It operates using secure, low-energy Bluetooth® technology (BLE). Users access the core using their smartphones or BLE fobs, instead of a mechanical key

The Saffire LX Series features the latest RFID technology in a contemporary design. Multihousing properties have the option of issuing mobile, fob, wristband or card credentials. Saffire LX Series offers a suite of smart solutions that combines high performance with aesthetics to harmonize with progressive building technology and amenities. 

The Saffire LX comes out of the box with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) included. Using the dormakaba Mobile Access Solution, residents can conveniently use their mobile device to access their residence, perimeter and common areas.

  • Maximizes security and reliability with sealed, built-in contactless RFID reader
  • Mobile access enabled lock
  • Scalable for future growth with mortise, cylindrical latch, deadbolt
  • Compatible with Community access management software for easy property management from anywhere
  • Integrates with third-party systems and solution developers for energy management, IOT, Resident communication, and more
  • Available in deadbolt, mortise, cylindrical, exit device and interconnect

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Kinetic by Camden™

This advanced 900 Mhz. ‘power harvesting’ wireless system uses the energy created by the operation of the switch to power the wireless transmitter. There are no batteries to maintain or replace and

no hazardous waste entering landfill.

Kinetic by Camden™ is the only ‘power harvesting’ wireless system to feature an ultra-compact receiver (easily installed in automatic door operator cabinets), with field selectable momentary, delayed or latching relay operation.

The Kinetic by Camden™ system is compatible with all brands of automatic door operators.

Suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, it delivers reliable door activation in any commercial, industrial and institutional application.

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Locinox Mammoth Gate Closer

The Loocinox Mammoth is a stylish hydraulic gate closer for heavy gates.

The Mammoth is a real muscleman, perfectly fit for heavy gates up to 330 poundss. It is equipped with a double bearing for an extremely comfortable functionality. The Active Thermal System guarantees a constant closing speed, unaffected by weather conditions. The Dino hinge is included.

  • Self-closing 180° hinge with patented hydraulic damping
  • Discreet and aesthetic look
  • Powder-coated aluminum housing
  • Constant closing speed in hot or cold weather
  • Low opening resistance: max. 15 Nm (3-5 lbs)
  • Vandal-proof
  • For left- or right-turning gates
  • Firmly fixed with the patented Quick-Fix mountings

The accompanying chain link bracket for Mammoth closers features:

  • Aluminum anodized assembly brackets for Mammoth on chain link fences
  • Diameter post: 1-7/8" to 4"
  • Diameter gate profile: 1-3/8" to 1-7/8"
  • Drilling jig for easy installation

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