Meet the 2019 SIA New Product Showcase Award Winners

June 3, 2019

The Security Industry Association (SIA) announced the 2019 winners of the SIA New Product Showcase Awards on April 10 at ISC West in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since its inception in 1979, the SIA New Product Showcase has been the security industry’s premier awards-based marketing program. In 2019, the 30 judges reviewed over 95 entries from more than 80 companies, presenting awards for technologies covering more than 30 product and service categories.

Best New Product

IPVideo Corporation received the Best New Product honor for its HALO IOT Smart Sensor, submitted in the Environmental Monitoring Systems category.

IPVideo’s HALO IoT Smart Sensor alerts security personnel to environmental changes caused by vape and smoking in normally unsupervised areas such as bathrooms, classrooms, locker rooms and hallways.  In addition, HALO can detect fluctuations in noise levels to help identify and alert security personnel about aggressive behavior such as gun shots, glass breaking or yelling; making it the perfect tool for alerting students, staff and security to an active shooter incident taking place on school grounds. 

 “A security device for privacy areas, HALO IOT Smart Sensor was introduced to help schools combat the vaping epidemic, bullying and active shooter threats.  The addition of environmental sensors including air quality, advanced smoke detection, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and audio analytics such as glass break, gun shot and aggression detection, HALO has now expanded across verticals.  Facilities can now secure privacy concern areas including bathrooms, locker rooms, hotels, patient and dorm rooms and signal alerts to security,” said IPVideo.

Judges’ Choice Award

The prestigious Judges’ Choice Award was presented to Alcatraz AI for the Alcatraz AI product, submitted in the Access Control Devices & Peripherals category.

Alcatraz helps customers “replace badging as an access point identification method by leveraging facial recognition, 3D sensing and artificial intelligence to enable highly secure and frictionless entry into physical locations.”

Merit Award

Axis Communications received the New Product Showcase Merit Award, which recognizes an individual or company who, through their support of the New Product Showcase, demonstrates a commitment to the vision and mission of the program, contributes to its success and promotes the advancement of SIA and the security industry overall.

 “It is always a privilege to attend ISC West, and this year we look forward to showcasing a number of exciting new products and solutions,” said Fredrik Nilsson, VP, Americas, Axis Communications, Inc. “Building a smarter, more secure world--by providing all of our stakeholders with the solutions that they need to succeed--is our primary goal. We are eager for another opportunity to reach more people face-to-face while demonstrating some of the new security innovations that we’ll be releasing soon.”

The multidirectional, four-channel AXIS P3719-PLE Network Camera features Quad HD resolution and a 30 FPS framerate and is capable of providing 24/7, 360-degree coverage. This easy-to-install outdoor camera can be either recessed or corner mounted and comes with an integrated IP66/IP67-rated weather shield. Axis Lightfinder technology, WDR, and 360-degree IR illumination ensure that AXIS P3719-PLE is able to capture images with exceptional sharpness and clarity regardless of lighting conditions. AXIS P3719-PLE incorporates four varifocal camera heads, allowing the camera to easily monitor four different directions, and is able to provide high-quality 360-degree overviews or a combination of overviews and detailed close-ups. The AXIS P3719-PLE is highly cost effective, essentially providing the benefits of four cameras in one. 

AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier makes migration from traditional to network audio systems smart and easy by enabling any passive speaker to benefit from the same feature set as Axis network speakers. By pairing the AXIS C8210 with AXIS Audio Management Software, users can enjoy benefits that include flexible zoning, managing and monitoring all audio devices from a single interface and easy integration to systems like SIP, VoIP, and camera systems. Additional product benefits include an amplifier with built-in equalizer, 15W power output for up to eight speakers, support for health monitoring, and an I/O and SD-card slot. Network audio has extensive applications, and is widely used for functions including security, announcements, and background music.

In response to demand for more heavy-duty PTZ cameras with built-in IR illumination, Axis is launching the new AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera. The camera comes with a half-inch sensor and combines high-quality imaging with fast pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities. AXIS Q6215-LE features long-range OptimizedIR technology alongside IR LEDs capable of adjusting to the camera’s zoom, enabling superior video quality at up to 1,300 ft., even in low light or complete darkness. AXIS Q6215-LE features a robust design capable of withstanding difficult weather conditions, including wind speeds of up to 150 MPH, making it ideal for open-area surveillance such as airports, harbors, and highways.

AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station represents the evolution of the traditional door station, combining access control, two-way audio capabilities, and a 6 MP security camera in a single device. The station also includes an integrated RFID reader for easy employee access and enables remote entrance control using a computer, phone or mobile device. AXIS A8207-VE reduces the number of devices needed at the door while supporting analytics including motion and sound-based detection, which can be used to trigger events including verbal greetings or recordings. Additional benefits include a built-in keypad for dialing and PIN verification, acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction, and SIP, VAPIX, and ONVIF compatibility. AXIS A8207-VE easily integrates with other systems and solutions, including video management, access control, and VoIP communications.

Category Awards

Access Control Devices & Peripherals: Winner – Adams Rite: G100 Digital Glass Door Lock 

The Adams Rite G100 wireless digital lock makes extending access control to all-glass doors easy and affordable while maintaining aesthetics. This surface-mounted digital glass door locking solution provides greater flexiblity and control for interior office space areas without the need to make costly modifications. 

The surface-mounted lock features two options for credential actuation on the secure side of the door: either by entering a user code using the touch-screen or by using a compatible high frequency credential which provides added security of dual factor authentication and fully encrypted wireless communication to the host access control system. The lock features two modes of unlock from the inside of the door: either with the accessibility lever or by using the override button.

Access Control Devices & Peripherals Wireless: Winner – Nexkey, Inc.: Nexkey Core 

Introduced at ISC West 2019, The Nexkey smart access platform is managed through the cloud using a smartphone as the main credential, and needs just one wired or battery-powered hardware device installed right at the door. Any business can authorize and track access with one easy-to-use app. Nexkey can make any lock in existence smart. Secure main entries, private offices, meeting rooms, garages, back gates - anything.

More Info:

Access Control Software & Controllers: Winner – ReconaSense: ReconAccess

ReconAccess manages and monitors every potential entry point using the industry’s first artificial neural network (ANN) to assess activity on both sides of the door, allowing only authorized users access to your enterprise operations.

Anti-Terrorism/Force Prevention: Winner – IPVideo Corporation: ViewScan

 IPVideo’s ViewScan is the safest and least invasive concealed weapons detection system out there.  The ViewScan does not emit any radiation and is perfectly safe  for children, pregnant women and all medical devices including pacemakers. Its easy-to-use PC-based software displays and tracks those who are carrying threat objects such as knives, guns, and razor blades.  It can also detect and locate threat objects which have been covered or masked with materials such as aluminum foil, lead and plastic; creating a safer environment for schools by preventing an active shooter situation. The device is portable and can be moved and set up in under 15 minutes. The device works so fast it keeps delays to a minimum and parents and school boards really appreciate that the technology eliminates the need for pat-down searches.  

Honorable Mention – Ameristar Perimeter Security: Stalwart Optima

Stalwart Optima is an anti-ram fiber rope system that redefines and sets the standard in vehicle crash protection for the 21st century. The inherently flexible and innovative design allows for multiple changes of direction over long distance runs. The longer the run, the more affordable Optima becomes. Additionally, Optima features an innovative shallow footer design that only requires a 15” bury depth. This creates a simplified installation that saves time and additional labor costs.

Cloud Solutions: Winner – Arcules: Arcules Integrated Video Cloud Service

Commercial Monitoring Solutions: Winner – CHeKT: CHeKT Bridge

Communications Solutions: Winner – Honeywell: Bi-Directional Amplifier/ERCES

Convergence and Integrated Software and Solutions: Winner – Johnson Controls: Tyco Visual Intelligence

Honorable Mention – PnewSoft, LLC: fireNspec  )

Cybersecurity: Winner – Razberi Technologies: Razberi EndpointDefender

Honorable Mention – Gallagher: Gallagher Security Health Check

Design, Diagnostic and Installation Tools: Winner – AEM: TestPro CV100 Multifunction Cable Tester

Emergency Communication Systems: Winner – Neosen Energy: SafeKard

Environmental Monitoring Systems: Winner – IPVideo Corporation: HALO IOT Smart Sensor (Best New Product Winner)

Fire/Life Safety:  Winner – DITEK Surge Protection: 120VAC Smart Surge Protector With Rapid-Replacement Module

DITEK's Deflector DTK-DF120S1 Series’ patented design provides maximum critical load protection by minimizing AC supply voltage spikes and isolating incoming surges that originate from lightning or other sources. It features audible alarm sounds when protection is compromised, separate LED indicators for power, ground and protection status, rapid replacement modules for ease of installation and dry contacts for remote notification when service is required.

Hosted Solutions/Managed Services: Winner – Viakoo: Video Assurance Service

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions: Winner – HSI Sensing: Sentinel Retro – PRX+12215

Lock Systems and Secure Storage Containers:  Winner – Securitech Group, Inc.: SAFEBOLT

Code-complaint Safebolt is the fastest way to barricade a classroom door. It retrofits to existing cylindrical lever locks, is affordable and easy-to-install. No scrambling to find the key in an emergency situation; one simple push of the red button allows anyone in the room to lockdown the classroom in an instant. Pressing Safebolt's red button instantly projects a 1” locking bolt to secure the room. No power, batteries or wiring is required. Safebolt™ retrofits to existing cylindrical lever locks, allowing schools to keep their locks, cylinders and keying systems. The large indicator switches from white to red when the bolt is projected.

Safebolt can be unlocked by a key from the exterior, meeting all NFPA and IBC codes, which require classroom doors to allow entry by key, not by use of a special tool.  The unique quick marking template brings installation time to under 20 minutes per door. Safebolt can also be used as an after-hours security lock, but it never prevents anyone within the room from exiting.

Mobile Apps: Winner – Nirovision: Niro Aware

Network Support Solutions: Winner – Southco, Inc.: Modular H3-EM Electromechanical Swing Handle

Southco’s Modular H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle consists of an efficient, microprocessor controlled handle module along with a selection of single factor and dual- factor authentication access control reader modules. Options include PIN pad or multi-frequency RFID card reader as well dual-factor authentication options of PIN pad/RFID and Fingerprint/RFID.

Utilizing a standard Wiegand output, the H3-EM Swinghandle can easily integrate into third party Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). Integrated sensors and LEDs provide feedback for real-time status monitoring of the electronic lock, handleand access control reader, while its flexible assembly allows for easy installation into most existing cabinets without cutting or drilling.

“The cabinet locking solutions available on the market today have limited options for user authentication and don’t offer an upgrade path when security requirements change,” said Mike Fahy, Commercial Product Manager, Electronic Access Solutions, Southco, Inc. “Southco’s Modular H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle enables various single and multifactor access control reader modules to meet different security requirements, and provides real-time data monitoring of electronic lock status, handle status and the access control reader module itself.”

Outdoor Perimeter Protection: Winner – FLIR Systems Inc.: FLIR Saros DH-390 Dome Camera

Residential and Monitoring Solutions: Winner – Alula: BAT-Connect Communicator

Threat/Risk Management Systems: Winner – Athena Security: Athena A.I. Threat Detection & Safety Platform

Unmanned: Winner – Cobalt Robotics: Cobalt Robot With Door Integration

User Authentication, Identification, Credentialing and Management: Winner – HID Global: iCLASS SE RG25F Fingerprint Reader/Controller

This new fingerprint reader that merges credential excellence with HID’s multispectral imaging technology to fuel broad adoption of biometrics at the door. 

 “This is a major validation of our fingerprint reader from the industry’s leading trade association for global security solution providers,” said Harm Radstaak, Vice President and Managing Director of Physical Access Control Solutions with HID Global. “Our new reader has been singled out from a very large group of hardware and software products that use biometric and other authentication technologies along with credential management solutions across a wide variety of use cases. It is uniquely positioned to help bring biometrics to a wide range of real-life physical access control applications and environments.”

Honorable Mention – CrucialTrak Inc.: BACS Fleet Glance

Video Analytics: Winner – Vintra: FulcrumAI

Honorable Mention – ZeroEyes: ZeroEyes

Video Surveillance Cameras HD (Megapixel): Winner – Hanwha Techwin: PNM-9000VQ

Honorable Mention – Bosch Security and Safety Systems: FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i

Video Surveillance Cameras IP: Winner – Speco Technologies: Ultra Intensifier

Video Surveillance Data Storage: Winner – ProActive Data Storage and Monitoring & IronYun: ProActive AI Powered by IronYun

Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories: Winner – Dotworkz Systems: STXL Long-Lens Camera Enclosure

Video Surveillance Management Systems: Winner – Milestone Systems: XProtect Corporate 2019 R1

Video Surveillance Mobile Solutions: Winner – Vosker: V-200 Solar Cellular Camera

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