Electronic Access Control Add-Ons Bring Added Value

Oct. 2, 2018
The right accessory or part to meet your customer’s needs is key to profitability and repeat business

The broader your knowledge of the devices and techniques, the more effective you will be at selling designing and installing electronic access controls.

Sometimes a situation will arise during a service call where a particular device will need to be replaced because it has failed in service or added to provide the client with the desired feature.

The particular product you select will be determined by familiarity (you used it before, you know it, and you liked it); convenience (you had one in your inventory, or your distributor had them and could ship right away); by spec (your client or the work order names the part that is expected); or because the application requires an item that is unique (and therefore you don’t have a choice).

By keeping using items from a particular vendor who you know and trust, you are more assured the parts to your puzzle will work together, and the time lost learning the product will be kept to a minimum. You can also cut down on inventory and simplify reordering.

Alarm Controls RT-1/RT-3

Ideal for remotely controlling doors, the Alarm Controls RT-1 and RT-3 Remote Wireless Transmitters allow administrators to initiate the operation of doors and control traffic without having to go to the opening to manually open a door or go to a fixed station control location.

The RT-1 Kit controls a single door and includes one channel receiver and two transmitters, while the RT-3 Kit controls up to three separate doors and includes three channel receivers and one transmitter. These systems can be used with maglocks, electric strikes, keypads, and other access control components to complement a new or existing access control or panic system.

More Info: www.alarmcontrols.com

Locknetics RS Series Strike

Locknetics provides electromechanical hardware access control solutions to fit the challenges encountered daily when deploying electronic access control.

The first electromagnetic locks I encountered were Locknetics. For several years they were the only game in town. Many of the features and innovations to electromagnetic locks were from Locksnetics. Early on Locknetics acquired other electromagnetic lock manufacturers and combined features to develop a product line to suit a wide range of deployments.

Locknetics was marketed through locksmith marketing channels and sold to primarily to locksmiths. The product line includes electric strikes, electro-magnetic locks and access control accessories.

The UL certified RS Series of surface mounted electric rim strikes with field selectable 12/24 VDC and fail-safe/fail-secure are designed with endurance and flexibility. Options are available to accommodate rim exit devices with a 1⁄2 or 3⁄4 throw pullman latchbolt. Multiple spacers are included for superior installation. The RS300 series includes fire rated options. There are four attachment points to the frame to provide for extra durability.

MG Series Maglocks

The Locknetics UL certified MG Series of surface mount electromagnetic locks with field selectable 12/24 VDC and removable PCB provides a cost competitive, slim profile and dependable solution for a variety of applications. Locknetics was a pioneer in integrating features into its electromagnetic locks.

The base model features bi-colored LED for easy lock status identification, and other options are also available. These are designed for up to 600 lb. or 1200 lb. holding strength.

 TS-100 Series Touch Sense cap sense style switch is highly reliable because it doesn’t have any mechanical moving parts. There is no movable action in the switch, but instead only a touch is required to operate it. The illuminated bi-color LED provides easy status indication and includes an integral programmable timer. A narrow stile version is also available.

IPB-100 Series Push-To-Exit button series combines the most popular buttons in one box. It’s packaged with a large square pushbutton as well as multiple lenses and switches for maximum flexibility.

DC Series Door Cords offer a protective conduit for running wires from the frame to the door installed with electrical devices such as electrified locks. The cords are available in various lengths and finishes.

TBR-100 Timer Buzzer Rectifier (TBR) is a multi-functional device made to serve as an added layer of security or convenience for your access control system. The most common issues with electromagnetic lock deployments are that the electromagnet is silent so pedestrians do not know when it is unlocked, and the electromagnetic lock timing is critical so that there is enough time for individuals to transit the opening . The TBR offers a delay timer, buzzer and AC to DC rectifier all in one package.

More Info: www.locknetics.com

HES SmartPac® III

ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware’s HES SmartPac® III In-line power controller is able to receive input voltages from 12- 32V AC or DC and includes a built-in bridge rectifier.

The module reduces initial voltage by 25 percent to extend the life of the electric strike and includes built-in resettable fuse, MOV, voltage regulation and input voltage level indicating and unit status. (For use with 1006, input voltage must be DC)

An interesting and valuable feature of this product is that the addition of SmartPac III to any ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware electric strike, i(HES, Securitron and Folger Adam) extends the SecuriCare five-year no-fault, no questions asked warranty to the SecuriCare 10-year no-fault, no questions asked warranty. Telling the client this information can seal the deal.

The warranty covers the strike but not the labor, so be sure you tell the client they will not have to buy another electric lock for 10 years but you will have to charge them for the service calls.

HESCUT-MTK Metal Template Kits

HESCUT-MTK Metal Template Kit saves time by making it easier to install the HES 1006, 1500, 1600, 4500, 5000, 5200, 7000 and 7501 electric strikes (4-7/8; ANSI jamb preparation only.)

The 9000-MTK Metal Template Kit makes it even easier to install HES 9000 Series surface mounted electric strikes (HES 9400, 9500, 9600, and 9700). The magnetic installation template adheres onto the frame to help you align the latchbolt of the rim exit device with the electric strike and determine where to drill the mounting holes.

The 9000-MTK accommodates all four HES surface mounted electric strikes by using the interchangeable keeper block that is manually rotated on the metal template plate.

More Info: www.assaabloyesh.com

Camden All-In-One Strike

Designed for mortise and cylindrical locksets (offset and centerline latch entry), Camden Door Controls’ CX-ED1579L Grade 1 fire rated electric strike offers the added value of built-in latch monitoring, four stainless steel faceplates and ‘Universal’ performance, including field selectable voltage and fail safe/fail secure operation.

With a three hour fire rating in fail secure mode, the CX-ED1579L is non-handed and compatible with most mortise and cylindrical locksets. It features an easy deadbolt keeper and latch monitor placement, easy fit wiring connectors for power and monitoring, and is 12/24V, AC/DC selectable.

The stainless steel strike body has a 3/4” (19MM) Latch Projection (Throw).

The CX-ED1579L is fully backed by Camden’s no hassle five-year warranty.

More Info: http://www.camdencontrols.com/

Altronix Dual Voltage Access Power Controller Kit

The Altronix Dual Voltage Access Power Controller Kit ACMS8K1 distributes 12VDC and 24VDC simultaneously over eight individually selectable outputs,

Altronix products save space in the electrical closet and also enhance the reliability of your systems by isolating the different elements of each door’s control electronics. They also make troubleshooting faster and safer.

Altronix ACMS8K1 allows you to deploy up to eight devices with different power requirements simultaneously. The ACMS8 Dual-Voltage Access Power Controller, stacks together with Altronix’s VR6 Voltage Regulator to distribute 12VDC or 24VDC from a single 24VDC power source over each of the unit’s individually selectable eight outputs, reducing the cost of multiple power supplies at access locations with multiple devices. The ACMS8 can also be used standalone with two individual power supplies when more power per output is required.

Altronix ACMS8K1 Kit, which includes both the ACMS8 and VR6, simplifies installation and conserves valuable enclosure space, ideal for use in Altronix Trove Access and Power Integration Series.

This solution can provide power to a variety of access control devices, including magnetic locks, electric strikes and magnetic door holders.

The unit’s emergency input trigger enables egress and alarm monitoring.

The disconnect feature is individually selectable for any or all of the eight outputs. Spade connectors allow installers to daisy chain multiple ACMS8 modules for larger system applications.

All outputs on the ACMS8 are fused protected and also available with PTC protected outputs, model ACMS8CB.

The ACMS8K1 Kit is manufactured in the U.S.A., and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

More Info: www.altronix.com

Altronix Trove ™

The Trove Series of Access and Power Integration Solutions now supports larger systems and more leading access brands. Trove easily combines Altronix power with access controllers from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Altronix Trove now supports over 40 brands, including: AMAG, Bosch, CDVI, DMP, Genetec, HID, Honeywell, Kantech, Keyscan, Lenel, Mercury, ProdataKey (PDK), Sielox, Software House and ZKTeco USA with more to come.

Trove is engineered to help system designers easily layout power supplies, access controllers and accessories in an organized streamlined manner, to save time, reduce costs and conserve valuable space.

Trove reduces a lot of the “field” engineering associated with electronic access control which is performed more efficiently when done before the technician arrives on site.

Removable backplats designed for specific access control brands allow installers to easily configure and test system configurations prior to on-site installation, reducing time and labor – and increasing profitability.

In addition to the Trove1 and Trove2 Series, Altronix introduced Trove3 for the largest access control deployments.

Trove enclosures include a cam lock, tamper switch, mounting hardware, and provide ample room to accommodate back-up batteries.

Altronix also offers a free Trove System Design Tool https://www.altronix.com/system_design_tools/trove) to further simplify the product selection and design process.

Detex Tailgate Detection System

The Detex AT-5200 Series Tailgate Detection System assures that only one individual enters a secured doorway for each authorized card read. It is compatible with most card reader technologies, making the AT-5200 an easy retrofit.

This unique and cost effective optical security system, which uses unique algorithms and infrared sensor beams to detect tailgating, is suited for areas requiring tighter security. Typical applications include employee entrances, computer rooms, bank vaults, dorm entrances, and areas with restricted access. Its subtle design does not distract from interior aesthetics and it mounts easily on standard door frames.

• Adds additional security to a restricted area where unauthorized entry must be controlled

• Integrated door prop alarm for additional security

• Local control/annunciator; unauthorized access/egress is annunciated locally and with the access control system

• Key switch for local alarm shunt/override

• Alarm can be reset through an on-board timer

• Mounts on standard width door frame or wall

• Spacer mounting kit standard, can be used as a raceway for wiring

• Alarm can be reset by a remote contact

• Remote annunciator plates fit in a single gang box

• Status indicator lights (Wait or Proceed)

• Field configurable for card in/card out or card in/free exit operation

• Adjustable access period

• Alarm status relays for remote annunciation

• Tamper Switch

My last encounter with this product was while setting up access and video surveillance for one of those members-only 24 hour gyms.

DETEX offers training videos:

AT-5200: https://www.youtube.com/embed/UyG-HVMIeQY

AT-5600: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oohN09XUMpE&t=4s

More Info: http://www.detex.com/

Cansec Kindoo

With the Cansec KINDOO smartphone app and the KIN D module, your customers can have the benefits of a full-featured access control system without the associated cost or complexity.
The KINDOO app, available for iOS® and Android™ phones, allows you to easily add and delete users, modify access schedules and view audit reports. In addition, it allows you to use your phone as your access credential, allowing doors to be unlocked manually or automatically from up to 65 feet.

No network connection is required for the KIN D, making installation and setup extremely simple. No IT networking expertise required.

Each KIN D environment includes two free users, and additional users can be purchased through the app for a low monthly fee or a one-time charge. If the locksmith chooses to become a KINDOO Partner, he/she shares in the user revenues and has access to the online portal which allows them to track their earned credential revenue in real time.

For example, you could have one KIN D on the front door, one KIN D on the back door and one KIN D on the records storage room.  Users are selectively granted access to these areas based on time of day, day of the week, etc., just like a traditional access control system.  

The server knows who was granted access, at which KIN D and when, this information is stored in an audit files on the server for retrieval, totally or partially, just like on a traditional access control system.

The App does not contain any of the access control logic.  All the access control checks are done in the cloud.   The smartphone must have Internet access in order to communicate with the KINDOO Server.

Features and benefits:

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 20 m (65 ft) range
  • Industry leading 256 bit encryption
  • KINDOO app available for iOS® and Android™ phones*
  • Directly power low current 12 VDC electric strikes
  • Simple integration with power door operators, gates and turnstiles with optional relay
  • All functions controlled from the KINDOO smartphone app
  • Add/delete users and control access rights
  • Manage access schedules
  • Review audit trail logs
  • Grant access remotely
  • Turn ON/OFF access events notifications
  • Customize transaction messages
  • Changes you make are effective immediately

More Info: www.cansec.com

Dortronics Custom Switchplates

I used to welcome the projects which involved custom work because it made the work more interesting, I was probably dealing with a client who had specific tastes and requirements and because I could justifiably charge more for those projects.

Systems would require a special control function, display feature, or aesthetic detail. So especially for those projects, I would turn to Dortronics.Dortronics Systems, Inc. is a U.S. based manufacturer of standard and customized access control products and locking hardware devices including electric strikes, maglocks, panic bars, key switches, pushbutton controls, delayed egress systems, door prop alarms, and mantrap interlock controllers that can be supplied with alarm annunciators and security consoles. Products are available in a variety of colors and finishes from stock with most products available for shipment the next day. Custom colors, finishes and features are also available upon specification with fast turn-around.

This switchplate was a special order for a job I did for a university. The application was a delayed egress door. We needed a custom finish, very bright visual signals, a strident audible signal, and a protected keyway. Dortonics came through with just what we wanted.

More Info: www.dortronics.com.

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