Alarm Lock's Advanced Tools For School Security

July 4, 2016
The new Trilogy DL2700LD enables immediate lockdown of a classroom or area with a fob that fits in a teacher's pocket. Each keyfob can control up to four locks within a 100-foot range.

Alarm Lock has been in the forefront of standalone access controls with its legacy Trilogy T2, continually redefining the product category and expanding the functionalities and features of the standalone Trilogy to new levels for a battery operated self-contained access control.

Alarm Lock has pushed the technology to meet the growing demands for security, including the dangerous conditions in our schools and universities. Alarm Lock’s SAVI project provides a platform for dealers and integrators to better service their education channel clients, and incorporates the resources of Alarm Lock’s sister companies: Napco; Continental Instruments and MarksUSA.

Alarm Lock’s newest product is the Model DL2700LD Trilogy® T2 Digital Lock with LocDown™ Indicator and compact lockdown keyfob. At the first sign of trouble, faculty  and staff can remotely press their pocket-sized keyfob’s button to lock out unauthorized access, instantly locking-down a classroom or area, while remaining safely within the room.

Keyfob activation up to 100’ away, depending on building construction.  For multi-classroom users, up to 50 keyfobs can be supported on each lock and each keyfob can control up to four locks.

With Trilogy’s lockdown function, only users with a security level of Master or Manager are allowed access and can unlock the lock. All other basic user codes are denied access during emergency lockdown.

However, an instant return to normal command  can be sent from a keyfob, re-enabling authorized teachers/staff and first responders outside the classroom, thus disabling emergency lockdown at any time.

DL2700LD Features include:

  • Lockdown up to four locks with one compact remote keyfob  (one included with DL2700LD)
  • Bright visual lockdown indicator bar on inner door confirms security activation to occupants. Outside, a small indicator light flashes and/or optionally beeps when in lockdown
  • Grade 1 Lockset, rugged all metal keypad
  • Up to 100 user codes (3-5 digits). Master, manager and emergency, plus three service codes
  • 100 percent fingertip programmable
  • Easy installation in less than an hour. Modified ANSI 115 Prep simply retrofits standard locksets. Non-handed for easy installation and versatility.
  • Individual, group or total user code enable/disable. Passage mode, too
  • Long-life battery operated; uses 5 standard AA batteries
  • “W” Weatherproof Models available for exterior use, -31°F to +151°F (-35°C to +66°C )

The 4-button remote key fob measures 2 3/8” x 1 1/4” x 1/2”, controls up to four locks and uses a replaceable battery. One included with DL2700LD Lock; up to 50 can be supported on each lock. For additional keyfobs, order part no. RR-4KEYFOB.

Activating LocDown mode via keyfob illuminates a large, red super-bright indicator bar on lock back and red indicator light on front. Additional, audible lock-down indicator tone is a programmable option. Routine momentary green visual/audible entry indicator activated with authorized lock usage; visual indicator warns of low battery condition.

Clutch mechanism permits turning lever without retracting latch and reduces stress on lock bodies and spindle. Outside lever free turning in locked position. Entering access code, key bypass, or remote bypass will allow lever to retract latch, Inside lever always instant egress.

The lock accommodates door thicknesses of  1- 5/8” to 1-7/8.” For other thicknesses, consult Alarm Lock.

Standard backset is 2-3/4” 2-3/8” backsetis also available.

The metal, 12-button programmable keypad allows multi-level access functions including group or individual user codes, master and management codes, passage and emergency or service codes, lockout and remote override capability and allowable entry time from 5 to 20 seconds. 4 Different keypad tones and keypad may be silenced.

STANDARD KEY OVERRIDE CYLINDERS: Solid brass 6 pin tumbler cylinder pinned 5, SC1 keyway, furnished in all locks.

Additional tailpieces included: HW580 fits Schlage®, Corbin/Russwin® CL, Sargent® 480 Series, ASSA®65-611. Model HW620 fits Ilco® and Lori® cylinders.


Cylinders from: Best®, Arrow®, KSP®, Medeco Keymark®; Kaba Peaks®. Also available IC Core models for Yale®, Medeco®, Sargent, Corbin/ Russwin CL and Schlage. Alarm Lock Tailpiece is supplied; IC Core is not included.

LATCHBOLT: UL Listed, fire rated, 3 hours, 1/2” throw, solid brass, deadlocking. Reversible. Adjustable front for flat or beveled doors.

STRIKE: 1 1/8” x 2 3/4” T strike; 1 1/4” x 4 7/8” ASA strike included. With screws for wood or metal jambs.

LATCH FRONT: 1 1/8” x 2 1/4” wrought brass or stainless steel.

HANDING: Non-handed.

FINISHES: US3 polished brass, US26D satin chrome, 10B duronodic.

POWER: 5 AA alkaline batteries (supplied), provide up to 5 years long battery life or approximately 75,000 cycles. Audible low battery alert.

COMPLIANCES: Grade 1, heavy duty cylindrical lockset, UL listed and FCC certified. ADA compliant leversets.


We contacted Alarm Lock’s VP of Sales Bob Swoope for details about the DL2700LD product, and the SAVI project. Following are Ledger’s questions and Swoope’s answers.

What is the SAVI Project?  

SAVI stands for School Access Control Vulnerability Index and provides the school a quantitative measurement of their current security and how to improve against an active shooter or intruder.  This takes a holistic spproach without bias or listing any manufactures and can be used by anyone.

Is the SAVI suitable for clients other than schools?  

Yes, while focused on schools other end users will find the Holistic approach helpful in their facility

Who conducts the survey? 

Anyone, dealer, distributor, integrator, manufacturer, school, etc.

When conducting on laptop/tablet, the SAVI Form self-scores and totals as survey is being taken, 75% is a passing grade

What is Alarm Lock’s participation? 

Simply support as there are no manufacturers listed on the SAVI form, only solutions, each with a weighted score for each solution helping the school get a quantitative measurement of their current security and how to improve.

Does Alarm Lock supply to school districts direct? 

NO, we sell to distribution

Does a dealer have to be registered or certified with Alarm Lock in order to use SAVI?  

No, anyone including our competitors can use SAVI

What is the best way for a dealer interested in participating in the SAVI Project to get started? 

We have a School Security website,, with all the information.  You can also contact our sales team or independent reps for training and help at   We conduct SAVI seminars all across the U.S.  

DL2700LD Q&A

Can the lockdown feature be retrofitted into older Trilogy models? 

No, the LD signifies a special model of the DL2700 or T2 that has an integrated radio and keyfob to lockdown the lock. 

The keyfob can lock down up to 4 LD locks with range for those large classrooms.  Note: We offer Remote Release kits that retro-fit existing Trilogys to momentarily release a Trilogy lock and can be used for lockdown

Is this a standalone device or intended for a networked environment? 

Standalone, the intent is for those facilities that want a teacher-controlled environment using a keyfob and not a mechanical key.

How can a lockdown can be initiated? 

Using the 4 button keyfob, pressing buttons 3  and 4 together will lock down up to four DL2700LDs.

Do they all require NETWORX? 

No, this is not a Networx product.  This is a unique  product that was created with an integrated radio and keyfob to provide a school or facility a standalone lockdown solution using a keyfob and not a mechanical key.  The uniqueness of this product allows for programming the radio to release momentarily (buzz-in), toggle passage (unlock/lock) and lock down.  Programming is the same as our popular DL2700 (T2)

The literature indicates the lockdown function locks down a door or an area from unauthorized access.

Who is authorized to initiate a lockdown and who is not? 

The person using the keyfob is authorized and can lock down up to four doors from a single four-button keyfob. Basic users are locked out, but master/manager codes still work.

A return to normal command can be sent from a keyfob, re-enabling authorized teachers/staff and first responders outside the classroom, thus disabling emergency lockdown at any time. There is a 30-second delay after a lockdown is activated before the lock can be returned to normal.

Does the lockdown shut off the Trilogy’s REX input?

The radio is connected to the lock’s two white wires, and there has been code changes to the PCB to provide these functional changes. There is no REX.

Can you explain Alarm Lock’s other lockdown options, for exterior protection and interior protection?

Networx is a great wireless solution for locking exterior, interior perimeter  doors at the lock, using a keyfob and/or from the PC.  Easy to install in cylindrical, mortise, exit device and keypad panels, all controlled by easy to use FREE DL Windows software.

Networx and ArchiTech Locks are a global solution using a customer’s IT network, our gateways (radio transmitter) to send radio signals to Networx locks

Alarm Lock has multiple products to lock down 1-4 doors: 4100/4500 series uses a push button or T Turn from the inside allowing anyone, student, parent staff, faculty, to lock down a single door from the inside. 

CIC Enterprise from sister division Continental Instruments is an Enterprise Access Control front end that can manage both traditional wires access and wireless Networx/ArchiTech locks.

Marks USA  has classroom intruder locks with directional arrows pointing the way to lock an individual classroom from the inside without opening the door.