AlarmLock ArchiTech™: Designer Access Control

July 1, 2014
Alarm Lock ArchiTech locks have customizable architectural style on the outside and proven wireless Trilogy Networx Keyless access control components on the inside

ArchiTech™ ?Networx advanced wireless locks from Alarm Lock are available in ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Certified mortise and cylindrical versions and 300+ architectural trims/finishes. Utilizing Alarm Lock’s advanced proven, keyless access-control locking platform, they are scalable from standalone to wirelessly networked to real-time enterprise integration.

Satisfy your customers’ designer and architectural tastes with hundreds of choices of architectural trims and finishes and choice of prox ID readers, future-proof and ready to adapt to multi-credential technologies including HID Prox, Magstripe, Smart Cards and PIV.

And although these locks look great on the door, you don't have to go door-to-door for ID updates, programming/ schedule changes or audit queries. All can be securely made over the wireless network, on-demand or schedule.

In this day and age of electronic security and access control, the products that security professions choose to offer and install are determined by several interrelated and interactive factors. ArchiTech meets these requirements.

Scalability: Describes the ability of a device to accommodate a growing number of users or system to handle a growing number of openings. An example would be how many cardholders a particular device can accommodate, the number of transactions the device can archive, and how many doors the security management system can support.

Site conditions: Refers to the location and conditions associated with each opening, as well as available infrastructure and resources on a site, and the location of the site relative to the rest of the enterprise or security management center for the entity. Site conditions also involve the security level requirements of the facility. Some sites may require a more robust design to withstand vandalism or rough handling. If the opening is subject to wet or harsh environmental conditions, that is also a factor to consider.

Communications: What data and control functions are part of the door device’s functionality? Adding or removing credentials, reporting door alarms or invalid entry attempts or imposing emergency lockdowns would be examples of data and control functions. How this data and control functions are transmitted and received is another element. On some systems, system maintenance and control functions must be performed manually at the opening, while on more advanced and powerful systems, maintenance, control and reporting functions can be performed remotely and in real-time. 

Aesthetics: Aesthetics of the equipment often involves more than appearance alone. Where security is concerned, the appearance and physical design of the equipment may act as a deterrent to criminal behavior and instill respect and recognition of the measures in place.

Where life safety is concerned, the appearance and physical design of the equipment may make it more apparent to end-users to recognize and use.  Design factors also play a part in conformance to Accessibility standards set forth by Codes such as the ADA or IBC.

In some institutional and healthcare scenarios, anti-ligature hardware helps prevent individuals from causing themselves injury or death. Anti-ligature hardware’s design is intended to minimize the possibilities.

At the high-end of the market are the scenarios where consistency with other architectural features matters, and may be an important basis for specification and selection of products.

For enterprise level installations, open architecture is mandatory to assure seamless integration with other manufacturers’ electronic access control software.

“Before ArchiTech, access locks fell into one of two camps, either they were very smart and functional but utilitarian looking or they were aesthetically pleasing, designed to blend into an architect's vision for a building, explains AlarmLock’s Bob Swoope. “Networx ArchiTech™ Access Lock Series blends architecturally-pleasing designer aesthetics with Alarm Lock’s advanced proven, keyless access-control locking platform, scalable from standalone to wirelessly networked, to real-time enterprise integration.”

Networx ArchiTech™ Access Lock Series is ideal for discriminating applications from high-rise residences or offices to universities. Unlimited combinations of 300-plus architectural trims and finishes are all ANSI/BHMA Grade 1.

Networx ArchiTech™ Access Lock Series also features surface mounting or recessed (within the door) for still more options. It is low maintenance with long battery-life, providing years of use in even high-traffic areas, using off-the-shelf AA batteries.

ArchiTech's attractive Prox ID reader module adapts to different credential technologies, including Prox, Magstripe, Smart Cards, etc. and will be compatible with future technologies. It also works across the continuum of access control requirements, from standalone, to real-time enterprise integrated, making it far more flexible and easy to standardize on and manage.

Architech Wireless Platform

All Applications and Doors - Cylindrical and Mortise models for wood and metal doors, for new and existing applications, with wireless surface mount or mortised-in electronics and batteries.

Customize To Match Any Aesthetic Look, For Every Décor - Durable ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 hard­ware in over 300 locks, levers, roses and finishes

Future-Proof Multi-Technology Access ID Cre­dentials Replace Cumbersome Keys – HID® Prox, Mag Stripe, Smart Cards, PIV, keyfobs and remote buttons

Emergency Lock-Down / Unlock option via lock, button, keyfob or server (where networked).

Flexible System Programming Locally using a USB-Style Software Key or remotely across a wireless network (using free Alarm Lock DL-WIN­DOWS Windows-based software) or integrated on an enterprise class IT environment, in real-time, using either ContinentalAccess® CA3000 v2.9+ or Lenel® OnGuard ®v6.6 and 6.5+

Networking Choices – Choose 802.11 or Ethernet network with wireless encrypted bi-directional gateways, in which many locks communicate to a single gateway, or use a wireless RF USB key equivalent. For entry door applications and the like, used in conjunction with strikes and mags, use with Networx NetPanels. Or, use as a single-door control, as part of the IT-Network environment, with CA3000 or OnGuard®, as above.

Architech Standalone Keyless Platform


  • 5000 Users, 500 Scheduled Events,40,000-event audit trail
  • Surface-mount or mortised-in electronics and battery pack
  • Lock available in mortise and vylindrical versions
  • Real Time Clock
  • Uses 4 AA Batteries – 3 to 4 year battery life
  • Operated via access card, fob, key fob etc
  • DL-Windows Software for programming
  • USB Radio Key Programming Method or Via Networx Gateways (Ethernet, 802.11 or POE)
  • Manual card enrollment option for quick installation
  • Wireless programming range: up to 20 feet from lock


  • ANSI / BHMA Grade 1 Certified, UL Listed 3 Hours
  • Includes standard lever rose hardware design
  • Compatible with all 300+ optional architectural trim / lever or knob designs
  • Stainless steel latch, 2-3/4” backset
  • Auto-Reverse lock body tested to 6 million cycles
  • Lock Body - Self cleaning long life motor
  • Door closure monitor / electronic deadbolt monitor
  • Key override standard or high-security
  • Optional integrated door position indicator switch

Architech Networx

  • Supports up to 5000 key-free users
  • Multiple access credential technologies, prox, mag stripe, smart cards, fobs, or stationary button (adapts to future technologies)
  • Global Lock-Down/Unlock in emergency activated from lock, fobs, panic button or server
  • 500 Scheduled Events, lock, unlock, queries, etc.
  • 40,000-event audit trail, with time-and date-stamp of access by user
  • Recessed and surface-mount models
  • Mortise and cylindrical cersions
  • Real-time clock
  • Uses 4 standard AA Batteries – 3 to 4 year battery life, credential dependent
  • Compatible with infinite selection of architectural trims and 300+ lever designs
  • Built-in wireless capability


  • Administrative DL-Windows Software for programming (For Real-time Access Options, also see Enterprise Platform options with Lenel OnGuard or Continental Access CA3000)
  • PC Radio USB Key Programming Method or Via Networx Gateways (in Ethernet, 802.11 or POE models)
  • Manual Card Enrollment Option for Quick Installation
  • Wireless programming range: up to 100 feet
  • Grade 1 locking hardware for added durability
  • Electro-mechanical button for ANSI F20 Apartment Entry Function
  • Integrated Door position switch
  • Seamlessly Integrates with Networx Net­Panel Wireless Access Panel for use with electric strikes, mag locks and/or remote keypads

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