CyberLock Solutions For Schools & Airports

Jan. 4, 2016
Customized, retrofit access control for your facility or remote site with electronic cylinders

The CyberLock solution is an innovative high security system that combines wired access control and wireless electronic lock cylinders under one management software package. CyberLock high security electronic lock cylinders retrofit into existing hardware and require no wiring, making remote or mobile assets easy to secure. They can be easily installed on gates, trucks, shipping containers, doors, cabinets, padlocks, safes, equipment and more.

CyberLock smart keys are designed with highly durable fiberglass-reinforced casings and are programmed with access permissions for each individual user. If a key is lost, it can easily be deactivated in the system, eliminating the need to re-key. Administrators may set expirations to minimize risk due to lost or stolen keys. Scheduling capabilities can range from master key operations to one time use and keys can never be duplicated. 

CyberLock high security electronic lock cylinders and smart keys keep a record of all access events, including access granted and access denied attempts. Administrators can view the downloaded audit report of all lock and key activity via the management software. System administrators can create and view custom audit reports on access activity and create automatic email notifications on specific events.

To make access control solutions even more customizable, CyberLock now offers a Flex System comprised of a variety of modules such as RFID readers and keypad displays that can be mixed and matched to create a custom access control system. The modules are plugged into a Hub, which is directly connected to CyberAudit management software. The software is accessed securely over a network or the Internet on desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Weather resistant key vault modules can be installed in the field to securely store CyberKey smart keys for convenient remote employee access.

The Door & I/O Module expands the capabilities of the Flex System even further. As a door controller, it provides power to an electric door strike and unlocks it when an approved key card is presented. It has additional inputs and outputs that can control relay devices such as alarms, speakers, cameras or sensors. Finally, it can connect to compatible third party Wiegand devices such as HID readers and biometric scanners.

School Solutions

Many school districts experience key control issues and need to be more proactive about security. Large districts that serve thousands of students also have thousands of faculty, volunteers and parents coming through their doors on a daily basis. Over the years, keys with access to school facilities can end up all over the community due to lost, stolen or copied keys. They can eventually lose control of their system and have trouble identifying who has access to school grounds. With the mechanical lock and key system, they have no effective way to control and audit access to the facilities. School districts need accountability to investigate when incidents occur and to increase safety and security for students and faculty.

Many schools choose to implement the CyberLock system because it is affordable and no wiring is needed for installation so daily operations aren’t interrupted. CyberLock cylinders can be installed throughout the district in exterior doors, as well as at high-risk areas including data rooms, gymnasiums and gates around recreation fields. In order to keep staff accountable, keys can be set to expire weekly, requiring staff to re-authorize and download the audit trail stored in the keys. This allows the access control manager to distribute information to different department heads. For example, one can be sent to an athletic director detailing who accessed the gym and recreation fields and another can go out to maintenance supervisors to ensure the janitorial staff is punctual. CyberLock can be expanded at any given time based on schools specific operational needs. CyberLock helps to insure the safety and security of students and gives administrators and teachers peace of mind.

Airport Applications

There aren’t many industries that have seen a greater need for increased security in recent years than the air transportation industry. Security at airports is notoriously challenging for a variety of reasons. Airport properties are expansive and contain numerous different facilities. Between expansion and maintenance projects, they are seemingly in a constant state of construction. All these factors plus the thousands of crew members and general public coming through on a daily basis, leads to difficulty managing access to different types of restricted zones. With revised federal security mandates, securing access to such high profile targets is more challenging than ever.

The vast amount of different access points that require a high security solution at airports makes CyberLock the most effective choice. Locks can easily and quickly be retrofitted with the electronic lock cylinders, so as to not interrupt daily operations, which is extremely advantageous to maintain timely air transportation. From inside security needs such as airline and TSA offices, storage closets, cargo spaces, evidence lockers and employee records to outside access points like perimeter fences, cargo movers, baggage transporters, gates, radar installations and motor pools – CyberLock has a high security electronic access solution that can customized to fit specific airport security needs.

Next up from the innovative CyberLock team is the introduction of a brand new residential product called FlashLock, bringing peace of mind and high security access control to homeowners and hand held devices.

CyberLock, Inc. is the leading supplier of key-centric access control systems. It is part of the Videx family of companies with roots dating back to 2000 when the first CyberLock branded electronic locks and smart keys were introduced to the market.

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